VIDEO: Ashlee Simpson gets drunk at McDonalds

November 4th, 2005 // 5 Comments

ashlee_simpson_drunk.jpgSometimes when I think I can’t hate Ashlee Simpson any more than I already do, she shows up drunk at a Canadian McDonalds and starts climbing on the counters like a stupid monkey. And if that wasn’t enough, she refuses to take a picture with a fan because he won’t kiss her feet. I don’t know anything about celebrity etiquette, but requiring fans to kiss your feet before you give them a picture seems a little on the rude side. But that’s just me. I don’t think regular people are my slaves.

Video clip of everybody’s favorite punching bag after the jump.

*Update: The video has been removed. You can catch a mirror here.


  1. Zanathon

    According to her Dad/manager/pimp, Ashley was NOT drunk at McDonalds, when this footage was filmed. He said that his daughter suffers from a common disease millions of Americans suffer from each and everyday. The affliction she struggles with is better known as Blonditus, or as it is more commonly referred to as, Bimboism.

  2. whitetrash_333

    wow. the star, now that’s a celebrity gossip magazine worth reading. your website sounds like it’s regulated by a group of 13 year old girls. the star never goes as far as to personally bash someone. fashion sense on the other hand they do. no problem tho. calling ashlee simpson a “stupid monkey” or “rude” for her behavior, which i happen to find hillarious, is very childish and reflects a jealous tone from the author. where do you get that she thinks ‘regular’ people are her slaves? she’s young and having fun and obviously you can’t stand it. that’s sad for you. people need to stop being so uptight and less judgemental. who made you miss right? i’m sure deep down you just resent the poor little girl because she has something you never will….fun….go ahead and delete this post because you’re scared someone might read it and actually see what i’m talking about instead of being brain washed by your snooty opinions. freedom of speech indeed, this is just my view.

  3. assholic

    uptight?! who’s bloody uptight here, mate? you could see your post here right? freedom of speech?! lordy me, honey, your sentences are tied together pretty good but what i didn’t get though how could you give the message like what most 12 years olds would give?

    before you give another comment though, pls do us all a favour by go and give yourself a good fu(k up first, will ya coz am just hoping here that it will give you a bit (actually a hell lot) of loosening up.

    i meant to say, yeah, i like ashlee, not a lot, but, well, i like her. did i get offended by this article? you answer that yourself. now pls do tell me again who’s being the uptight air head here.

  4. beetlejuicerules

    When you can’t lip-synch, whatch ‘ya gonna do?

  5. Jon

    Lol…What I find funny and inexcusable is that she wanted someone to kiss her feet….kinda like britney dont cha think?

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