VIDEO: Kacey Jordan’s Aborted Baby Was ‘Spiritually Adopted’

February 24th, 2011 // 63 Comments

Presumably still salty over the Bentley she was promised mid-coitus, Kacey Jordan can’t seem to stop talking about her three-day coke-fest with Charlie Sheen. You know, the one she went on while pregnant with somebody’s baby she can’t remember. Not that it matters, of course, because she had it vacuumed out this week which apparently costs $50,000 now, so there went all her hooker money. Anyway, after leaving a club the very next day, she chatted up the paparazzi (video after the jump) and blessed all us with these gems:

“You know I’m not trying to get any money or anything like that.”
(What is the title of your book?) “Not For Free.”

“There was this one guy that said that he adopted my baby spiritually and he named it after my first and last name and everything like that…it was crazy.”

“Charlie is missing a room, its called the OD room, where girls, you know, they’re all living in this house, if they OD they press a little button on the wall and have an in-house doctor you know, and so that noone has to get rushed to the emergency room… (Is that a normal thing to have in a house?) In a house like Charlie’s, yeah.”

Kacey then went on to complain that she can’t have sex for a week which seems pretty strange coming from a woman who locked herself in a room full of Charlie Sheen and coke. Personal safety doesn’t really seem like her bag because considering I’ve seen more responsible women on Teen Mom, and one of them was holding a 40. “This here’s mah baby’s juice. Gets it all strong in mah belly once this siggerette does its trick locking that ol’ juice in. Aw, sumamabitch, these filtered? I’m pregnant!”

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  1. SometimesElla

    That is a painfully unattractive individual. Ew.

  2. Righteous Trash, although I do like her choice of footwear.

    Would fuck.

  3. Kacey Jordan
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh my god…. they’ve weaponized sluttyness.

  4. I would rather Oregon be known for their hipsters than for this piece of trash.

    • urine nation

      I thought Oregon was already known for it’s massive underbelly of poverty?

    • babooda

      Note to idiots: There is a reason why she is Hollyweird and not in Oregon! California is where really Oregonians send their trash for disposal! The Califonia State Motto: “Califonia: America’s Dumping Grounds!”

      • Using the term ‘Hollyweird’ makes me think you’re one of those sheltered assholes that never gets out of the house.

        20 bucks says I’m right.


        And that’s coming from someone that doesn’t particularly like California.

    • Oregon ranks right up there with Canada in the list of uppity places nobody gives a shit about.

      • stinky, in about 15 ywears when the U.S. runs out of water in their underground aquifers, guess whose going to become very relevant? You gonna love you some Canadian.

        Okay so when does a Porn star garner any kind of legit attention? She’s a whore. She fucks for money. BTW, a 50 grand abortion? What do they do remove the fetus with a diamond studded tube while Gospil Singers sing “Swing Low Sweet Chariot” in teh backround??? That’s INSANE!!! Paying 50 grand for an abortion? FAIL. Expecting Charlie Sheen to give a shit about you after he’s paid you and tossed you aside? Double Fail. Expecting your 15 minutes of fame to last 15 minutes and one second after you have the baby and your money maker is left looking like the exhaust of a Space Shuttle rocket? Triple Fail!

      • Dante didn’t actually READ the link and hence missed the $50 grand joke.

      • babooda

        And you rank right up there with Lady GaGa as the biggest moron on the internet! So who really gives a shit……certainly not me, about you, Oregon, Canada or CaCa!
        And socialcomment….donate the $20 to the charity of your choice because the only loser on that bet is you!
        Now get the fuck back in your tunnel beneath the border and start hauling those drugs!

  5. Gotta love a pornstar who has “never been on birth control”.

  6. peter o'tool

    Silly whore, that in-house doctor has harvested your organs and sold them to china. Now bend over for your cortisone speedball.

  7. Kacey Jordan
    urine nation
    Commented on this photo:

    This disease-bag has some cute feet!

  8. Cock Dr

    Because nothing will stop this fugly little moron from flapping her jaws to anyone who holds up a microphone.

  9. Jammy

    Well I agree with whoever said that it was white trash Thursday, is that even a woman?

  10. Rough part the internet

    Its like suing Bruce Wayne for thinking ahead of the villains. They would’ve laugh me out the court room…

  11. Wishbone

    Stop giving this useless tramp attention. She is fugly, uneducated, and the only reason she is known AT ALL is because of who she was sold to for an evening. She should have used Sheen’s money for a nose job.

  12. Kacey Jordan
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    There must be so many dumb girls like this out in LaLa land, fresh meat for the adult entertainment industry.

  13. dumbass

    And somewhere, Charlie Sheen is reading this and saying ‘OD Room? GENIUS’. I can almost hear the contractors nailing that red ‘OD’ button to the walls of the hooker rooms in his mansions. Either that, or he’s thinking ‘OD Room, wtf for, I already have that big hole in the back yard to dump the dead hookers in’.

  14. Deandra


  15. babooda

    Less see: Porn actress and whore, who can’t have sex for several weeks!
    OMF’ingG, she has joined the ranks of the unemployed, just when “The Obamination” thought he was make progress with the jobless rate!

  16. Kacey Jordan
    Double D
    Commented on this photo:

    Apparently it IS possible to fuck someone’s brains out.

  17. not only you aborted your baby but your brains as well.

  18. wow

    Wow, meth has not been kind to her.

    • she’s a *coke* whore.

      and now i get why charlie walks around with a briefcase like the exorcist. you pretty much need that much coke before you’d play russian roulette with your dick like that

  19. Lydia

    Leave it to a dumb ass republican whiner to bring the fucking president into a discussion about a pornstar whore…

  20. I bet this chick is at the clinic so much she has a punch card to get her the 10th abortion for free.

  21. I would offer to tie her tubes for free, but I think I would try to tie them around her neck.

  22. Clarence Beeks

    This girl is disgusting. the fact that she uses abortion as birth control makes me want to kick her in the face.

    • What else would one use abortion for?

      • urine nation

        Good question, MS.

      • Johnny Cage

        No Mcfeely, that’s what condoms, diaphragms and spermicide are for. That’s birth control. See people put that out there to use before they end up having a baby they can’t support.

        Abortion is more on the grounds of population control. You know, the kind Eichmann spoke of in regards to the non-aryans. However abortion does conserve 9mm bullets and gestapo man hours.

      • you sound a bit squeamish. abortion IS birth control by definition. I don’t know where you got the idea that Kasey Jordan wasn’t using any other kind of birth control, but if you’re betting on condoms, you’re betting on a method that fails up to 35% of the time in the real world (as in actual use…not some mythical “when used properly).

        Abortion is the gift that keeps on giving.

      • Johnny Cage

        Your troll-fu skills need a little work there young padawan. Come…my master shall teach you.

  23. nonminti

    there are people and there is Kacey Jordan…

  24. Turd Ferguson

    Holy smokes. She isn’t attractive at all, in any way.
    I thought porn stars were supposed to be mildly attractive, but they swallow?

  25. Marley

    Is she making the sign of the shocker on purpose? Or do her hands just naturally go that way, being that she’s a whore and all.

  26. Ana

    Aside from all the idiotic crap this whore spewed, apparantly she didn’t listen to the abortion doc. i just had an abortion one month ago, and they told me to wait a minimum of 2 weeks before sexual activity, preferably 2-4 weeks. And during first trimester the abortion only sosts $1,300. Second trimester is $2,600 depending upon how many weeks you are.

  27. NattyB

    Her odoriferous emanation is a potent combination of onion, belly button juice, and anchovy. I can smell her. Through my computer.

  28. Kacey Jordan
    Commented on this photo:

    Sorry Kacey, but if anyone is going to make abortion the new adopted black child of Hollywood it’s Lady Gaga.

  29. Whoa, whoa, whoa… she’s saying she can’t have sex for a week? I never read that anything happened to her mouth and her ass…

  30. areyoukiddingme


    Why don’t women who get repeat abortions just get their tubes tied instead…SERIOUSLY? I want to know.

    • Johnny Cage

      Because that would involve logical brain usage, something of which most feminazis, pro-abortionists, and extreme liberals don’t have.

  31. me

    there are more sickmaking women around hollywood?

  32. Kacey Jordan
    Commented on this photo:

    looks like she smells like a hooker.

  33. Melissa

    Oh ha ha I just murdered my un born child. What a worthless human being. This women makes me physically ill! How sad that anyone would give her the time of day. What is this world coming to?

  34. Poor thing. I mean look at the regret and remorse written all over that face for having been FORCED into such a hard decision by something that was completely unpreventable and over which she had no control and… and…. LMAO

    Yeah, I can’t do it either…. What a dirty little whore….. LOL

  35. jcrsby

    Right on, Kacey

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