VIDEO: Kacey Jordan’s Aborted Baby Was ‘Spiritually Adopted’

Presumably still salty over the Bentley she was promised mid-coitus, Kacey Jordan can’t seem to stop talking about her three-day coke-fest with Charlie Sheen. You know, the one she went on while pregnant with somebody’s baby she can’t remember. Not that it matters, of course, because she had it vacuumed out this week which apparently costs $50,000 now, so there went all her hooker money. Anyway, after leaving a club the very next day, she chatted up the paparazzi (video after the jump) and blessed all us with these gems:

“You know I’m not trying to get any money or anything like that.”
(What is the title of your book?) “Not For Free.”

“There was this one guy that said that he adopted my baby spiritually and he named it after my first and last name and everything like that…it was crazy.”

“Charlie is missing a room, its called the OD room, where girls, you know, they’re all living in this house, if they OD they press a little button on the wall and have an in-house doctor you know, and so that noone has to get rushed to the emergency room… (Is that a normal thing to have in a house?) In a house like Charlie’s, yeah.”

Kacey then went on to complain that she can’t have sex for a week which seems pretty strange coming from a woman who locked herself in a room full of Charlie Sheen and coke. Personal safety doesn’t really seem like her bag because considering I’ve seen more responsible women on Teen Mom, and one of them was holding a 40. “This here’s mah baby’s juice. Gets it all strong in mah belly once this siggerette does its trick locking that ol’ juice in. Aw, sumamabitch, these filtered? I’m pregnant!”

Photos: INFdaily