VIDEO: Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore Booed in Brazil

January 31st, 2011 // 105 Comments

While arriving at Sao Paolo Fashion Week in Brazil, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were booed after being typical Hollywood assholes and holding up the show for three hours, according to ITN. What’s amazing is how they’re still able to smile for the cameras and make playful chit-chat with each other while the crowd refuses to stop booing and I stare directly at Demi’s chest an entire day later. You’d just assume my intense, laser-like focus would throw them off, but to their credit, they keep on acting like they’re awesome and everyone wants them to be there. It’s almost like watching “Your Moment of Zen” on The Daily Show, except it lasts 90 seconds and you’re pro-gun by the end. On that note, doesn’t anyone walk around firing six-shooters in the air while drinking tequila in Brazil? My general ignorance informs me South America is basically a giant Mexico, so there’s no way that shouldn’t be the case.

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  1. Leticia

    You are an asshole! Brazil its not that shit called Mexico! While the USA its in recession, our PIB its growing more than 7,5% per year! We are laughing at you all! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    • Hmm…didn’t I read that Brazil leads the entire fucking world in murders and kidnappings? oh, and wasn’t there something about drug dealers overthrowing local governments and shooting police helicopters out of the sky with rocket launchers?

      Brazil is Mexico’s asshole. Wipe yourself before you laugh.

      • alberto

        Your dumbass illiterate: someday you will step at the level of a kindergarten brazilian kid in therms of culture and inteligence.

        A typical moron who imahine Brazil like a poor mixed nation. I can’t waste my time with didots like you.

    • GravyLeg

      Christ Almighty…. Brazil is so fucking poor you bastards cannot even afford a sense of humor….

      • alberto

        Everything is most expensive her than in USA. A Ferrari cost more than 1 milllion dollars. An iPad cost more than 1,600 dollars and is out of stock in every store. Even online.

        Thousand middle class public employees have wages of 100,000 dollars/year.

        Research more.

      • Ninne

        I’m a Brazilian, Alberto, and you are an idiot. Brazil is not as bad as Mexico but there’s no need to pull this bullshit about civil servants making over $100K/year. You should be ashamed of that, that’s what. Government jobs in Brazil are nothing but the holy grail to many people who have no ambition and otherwise, would not survive in the private sector with real accountability.
        And hey, many ppl in my family and friends do exactly that, so I know what I’m talking about. I see it.

        So you are trying to feel better (or making the Americans feel bad for their recession) but you know very well that the poverty in Brazil is way more pronounced. What is the fucking point of being rich if you have to live in houses surrounded by electric fencing and bars on the windows?? How about all the favelas?

        So are u supposed to be proud because you pay a premium for a fucking iPad in Brasil? Really, does EVERYONE have an ipad there? And aren’t you a moron for being proud of being ripped off for an iPad. And how many people REALLY buy ferraris???
        Honestly, Brazil is not an awful place but you have very weak arguments my friend, they do not make sense at all. People like you make me embarrassed of being Brazilian. Loser.

      • Leticia

        USA its totally fucked! I will keep laughing! You are a dambass, read more newspaper, search more on internet, before you split more shit! Ina short time China will have the biggest PIB in the world and I will laught even more!!

    • Alberto


      You are ridicule. Just another ridicule brazilian with diploma and dreaming about work in USA as bathroom cleaner. You will not get your job pleasing these morons who read yourr bullshit.

      Toma vergonha na cara e pare de desmoralizar o prórpio país enquanto puxa o saco para um país que o tenta nos ridicularizar.

      • Johnny Cage

        Just to set the record straight, as an American myself, I long knew;

        I realize that nations south of our border are NOT all brown colored hispanics. The Argentines and Uruguay folks tend to have a lot of White-hispanics who appeared to have some sort of German descent. The Peruvians had a lot of asian/Japanese backgrounds along with Spanish (The Nipos). The Mexicans have a big mixture of both Spaniard and Indian culture (with some Mulattos of course). Dominicans are a mixture of White/black/and indian.

        The Brazilians, even though they speak a romance language, are Portuguese. Not originally colonized by the Spaniards but the Portuguese instead. They have a large Mulatto population but over half are White (Tanned) Portuguese people. Brazil had slavery like us at one time, however they never had segregation.

        Also guys, let’s give the Brazilians some leeway here. I’ve seen Canadians act even worse when we plugged a joke of them (however deserved it was) and they tended to fly off the handle. But since they were Canadians we gave them slack for some reason.

        The joke itself made by the Fish was a play on how Mexico frequently boos celebrities (those asshats even chanted Bin Laden during a soccer game with America). So he was trying to compare other nations that boo celebs with Mexico.

      • André

        First of all, congrats Ninne for your comment on public servants. I AM A PUBLIC SERVANT, and I feel ashamed the way our government rips everyone through taxes to afford, for instance, a judge in Rio de Janeiro to earn the BIGGEST WAGE for a judge IN THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD and work two days in a week.

        That being said, Alberto: take our president’s Dilma cock out of your mouth and take a deep breath. Now go fuck yourself.

        How many times our own TV shows made fun of countries such as Portugal, Argentina or the US. This is a comedy website, for fuck’s sake.

        And BTW, now the Fish stands as a spokesperson for the ENTIRE US? Wow.

        The Superficial itself is the first one to make fun of one of America’s greatest institutions in a day-by-day basis.


      • Johnny Cage

        Actually Scientology is not a prized institution of the U.S. at all. It’s more of a parasite to us here. America would gladly boot out Scientology into the sea. Along with Rose Odonnel, Michael Moore, every Justin Bieber CD, and Obama’s stimulus plan.

      • Juanse

        I’m pretty sure “ridicule” Brazilians with diplomas don’t have to worry about ever having to scrub anyone’s bathroom, Albertinho. A slack-jawed, mouth-breathing, saliva-dripping corrupt government’s employee, on the other hand…

      • Leticia

        Some people might go, if weren’t so hard to find jobs in USA right now! You are so screwed up that has no jobs even for Americans. You MAY know, that right now the unemployment rate in the USA its very high! In Brazil its TOTALY the opposite, the unemployment rate has never been so low! You should read more newspaper and stop watching with stupid tv programs. You are damn stupid!
        Ninne se vc for brasileiro vc é um retardado! Acorda!

    • André

      Haha, see what I did there Johnny Cage, I Superfish’d you, causing you to do an Alberto.

      I’m well aware Scientology is far from being a most beloved institution for you guys.

      That spot belong to the Kadarshians, of course.


      But at the end if the day, it’s only Brazil. Don’t laugh too hard Brazil cow-tows to the U.S. like other nations, watching our every move! You women follow behind our image of beauty and become anorexiac and spend your last dirty coins on breast implants. You’re a joke, but on a much much poorer level. And don’t mention Mexico because at least they are hard workers, and you all? Well…booming careers for teen and young adult men—straight, TRANS, and gay porn! Oh and prostitution. Sweetie some of us travel and have a passport! You’re not fooling anyone. Wake up, love!

      • Johnny Cage

        lol you got me there. But there’s some truth in Kim Kardashian’s ass in being a prized treasure. It’s what I call pirate booty.

    • Johnny

      You’re right Leticia.

  2. GravyLeg

    Demi is a FemBot now. That is the only explanation that makes sense.

  3. IbePiglet

    They didn’t know they were being booed because they don’t speak Spanish. Duh!

  4. “My general ignorance informs me South America is basically a giant Mexico, so there’s no way that shouldn’t be the case.”


    Mexicans are hispanic. Brazilians are Italians, portuguese, german, russian, jewish, lebanese, asian and blacks among other ethnic groups.

    Brazilians don’t speak spannish but PORTUGUESE and don’t dink the damn tequila!. Our culture has nothing to do with mexican culture. Research more.

    Start researching on my channel:

    • GravyLeg

      Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ.
      The writer is knowingly making a JOKE.

      What is up with all you whiny assed sub-equatorial beaners’ today?

      I can hear your Internet cries now….
      “We’re not Mexicans! We’re not Mexicans”

      Sure you are Poncho… You just have better wax jobs….
      Now STFU and go mow a lawn.

      PEACE!! *Thumps Chest

      • alberto

        A joke? Sure? Your countrymen believes in anything enough bad upon any other nation. Mainly, Brazil, viewd as exotic, poor and undeveloped. You believe in all because you like it. It doesn’t seems like a joke for me.

        PS. What’s a “Poncho”?

      • GravyLeg

        Hey GravyLeg!! Wow you are one dumb ignorant fucker, is fuckers like you that makes us Americans look like dumb idiots…pick a book a read it! educate yourself

    • GravyLeg

      Poncho… As in Poncho Villa the most famous Mexican of all after Salma Hayek.
      I have it on good authority they were the same cup size though Salma has been the death of more men….

      • browny

        BTW, it’s Pancho not Poncho. The education system in the US, along with every other thing, seems to be letting the Yanks down.

        Better start brushing up on your Chinese an Hindi, you’re going to need it!!

      • Carla

        Loved it! Very funny, Browny!!!

      • Johnny Cage

        By the time the Chinese and Hindi take over, there’ll already be a 3rd world war. Enjoy learning foreign languages from inside a trench.

    • GravyLeg

      Fuck that, Browny.
      I live by a simple creedo.

      “Death before Simplified Chinese”

      PS. Pancho or Poncho, makes not difference to me. Just be sure to get the leaves out of the pool filter this time…

  5. André

    In behalf of the people from Brazil, let me apologize for the humourless douchebagary of mrs. Leticia and mr. Antonio.

    Oh no, wait, Brazilians ARE usually humourless douchebags when the joke is on us, although apparently there’s no problem at all making fun out of the whole goddamn world (USA included) in our crappy “comedy” shows. Hypocrite fucks.

    BTW, Leticia, our growth last year was an impressive zero. Get your fucking facts right.

    • GravyLeg

      Thank you Andre… That is refreshing… To you I say “well played” and humblest apologies for what is OBVIOUSLY an over the top comment on my part intended to incite some form of Brazilian “we are not Mexican’s” unrest. Who knew THAT was a sensitive topic?

      However, Antonio and Leticia can take my comment and shove it up their well groomed nether regions. Because we know you guys all wax down there… in Brazil I mean… No wait. Both meanings. Down THERE.

    • alberto

      Shut up idiot.and research before saying a foolish. Brazil grew up 7.5% las t year and I’m tired of ignorants making “jokes” and puxa-sacos brasileiros

    • André

      Shit I mean Mr. Alberto.

      • André

        I stand myself corrected, My numbers were from the last quarter and a half of 2010, after our economy entered a halt.

        You and Leticia are right about our overall growth and I apologize.

        Nonetheless, you’re both still humourless douches.

      • alberto


  6. Wait...huh?

    Watch out brazil, your boo’s may force yet another American celebrity couple to steal your babies.

    • André

      Good luck on that. They’re all Hitler clones, suckers!

    • Leticia

      We are sooo POOR that we contract Paris Hilton, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ashton, Demi and many other TOP AMERICAN celebrities to advertise Beer, Shopping malls, food, low cost stuff, for modeling and so on ! We are sooooooo poor, Im starving……… for more caviar, baby! Many brazilian celebs charges more to advisertise a product than a american celeb! We are damn poor!

  7. Lady Blah Blah

    It’s evolutionary psychology 101 that men are naturally attracted to women of child bearing years who have certain physical features (and whose facial features are symmetrical). There’s something off about a young man like Kutcher wanting to be with a woman Demi Moore’s age.

    One of John Travolta’s early flames was Patricia Hyland, who was 18 years his senior. Their relationship ended when Hyland died of breast cancer in 1977. If rumors are true, Travolta’s a closet pillow biter, and maybe back in the 70′s he didn’t realize this about himself (or Hyland was a kind of beard and their relationship wasn’t sexual). So I wonder what’s up with Kutcher. He doesn’t seem to be gay (he looks like he could be, but based on rumors of his extracurricular activities with women other than Moore I assume he’s not), but something’s weird about the fact that he’s with Moore.

    • browny

      and you’d be a psychologist, would you? get a clue and stop trotting out pop psychology nonsense.

      ‘evolutionary psychology’ is theoretical NOT scientific.

      • Lady Blah Blah

        Whether EP is scientific or not is a matter of opinion, but has nothing to do with what I wrote (I didn’t say it was scientific). As for EP being theoretical, so what? Darwin’s theory of evolution is, um, a theory, as is Einstein’s special theory of relativity. Saying that something is “theoretical NOT scientific” is meaningless.

        Aside from that, go fuck yourself.

    • Johnny Cage

      Honey, men who love older or younger women aren’t suddenly deep seated closet homosexuals. They’re what’s known as Normal or Straight.

      The aggravating fact is, is that the gay alliance is doing their damndest to search for anything that can remotely pass as “queer” in straight people. This is why they’re getting so annoying.

      Homosexuality is more of a confusion or abnormality not “evolution”. Men will always love members of the opposite sex. Get over it. That’s how the human race continues on.

      • Lady Blah Blah

        Johnny Cage, of course men who love YOUNGER women aren’t closet homosexuals. It’s normal for men to be attracted to younger women. And of course men who are attracted to older women aren’t necessarily closet homosexuals. I didn’t suggest that they are. I simply said that there’s something off about young men like Kutcher and Travolta when Travolta was young being into older women. It may have nothing to do with homosexuality and I didn’t suggest otherwise.

        You say, “Homosexuality is more of a confusion or abnormality, not ‘evolution.’” I agree and I did not suggest that homosexuality was “evolution,” though maybe your comment wasn’t intended to refer to anything I said. You say, “Men will always love members of the opposite sex. Get over it.” Who are you saying needs to get over this? Surely not me, for I said nothing that would lead anyone with a modicum of reading comprehension skills to think I question that men will always love members of the opposite sex.

      • Johnny Cage

        For the most part Lady Blah, there’s nothing off about Younger Men loving Older Women. From personal experience, I frequently fell in love with women up to 10 years older than me. Mainly this sort of behavior starts from a young age. While all the other kids were watching kid programming, I was watching Jayne Mansfield. So it was no surprise that when I was 18 I was googly eyed at big boobed southern milfs.

        Another thing that makes Older brides so attractive to younger men is comfort. Around older women I’m less afraid to screw up. Also the sex drive in older women is higher than that of younger women. So imagine a 20 year old dude getting married to a 30 year old gal. He’s going to get humped so hard on the honeymoon, he’ll never look at another picture of the Olsen twins again.

  8. major

    brazil is good for two exports to america: the soccer team once a year, and joana prado clones looking to dance onstage at our many fine gentlemens’ clubs in the southwestern USA. !VAI POPOZUDA POR NEGROS!

  9. Citylove

    WTF !!!???? Ashton is a nice guy ! Why doing that, it’s totally rude !

  10. qur812

    And unless grubby slacker t-shirts and baseball caps are now haute couture, what the hell do they have to do with fashion in Brazil… or anywhere for that matter?

  11. Maria

    Why did they hold the show for three hours? Just because they were late to attend? If that’s the case, they should have just had the show without them.

  12. See Alice

    Then why do they break into this country , break our laws , live off our welfare and Western Union untaxed wages home ?

  13. Luciana

    Mexico is not even is South America… :P

  14. Dr. Man

    He looks like he’s giving them (the Brazilians) the Nazi salute.

  15. um

    among fish’s worst commentary. wuts he talking about.

    • RasputinsLiver

      Hmm…I’ll have to reread the thing but in the first passing I got it.

      Bqasically, to boil it down, Assholton Kuntcher and DuhMEE are total felchers.

  16. Disko

    Holy.Shit. You people let all this nationality thing get way over your heads.

    • RasputinsLiver


      Yep. Those burro fuckers’re really gettin’ their My Little Músculo Del Agujero De La Mierda thongs inn bunch, ain’t they.

      Kinda cool watchin’ ‘em all go at each other like the third world rabble they are, ‘eh!

  17. bitingontinfoil

    i LOVE it!! Wish this would happen *everywhere* they show up! Say what you want about Brazilians but they obviously aren’t afraid to let their feelings be known unlike Americans who’ll wait for three hours and then cream their panties when they finally show.

    • Laura


    • Rough City, U.S.A.

      “unlike Americans who’ll wait for three hours and then cream their panties when they finally show”.

      It’s called civilized and educated.

      • Carla

        No, Rough City, it’s called lack of self-respect and something better to do. You probably love to wait hours in a doctor’s office as well, even though you set an appointment in advance. Good for you you have time to spare. But usually people’s time are as important as the people they want to see.

  18. RasputinsLiver

    *** ..!.,


    That’s so fuckin’ cool. I hate these two goddamn twatheads and their twattering bullshit.

    *** ..!.,

  19. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    I would boooooo toooooo

  20. Anya

    I love the way the crowd is booing them but these two douchebags are smiling and throwing out peace signs. She’s a has been, and he, well what the hell has he done since “Dude wheres my Car”???? Can’t believe idiots would actually pay these two for any kind of appearance.

  21. Fernando1958

    if they were so angry with them (and we don’t know the reasons why they were late. maybe somebody else hold them for no reason) why did the photographers took 10,000 pictures in that minute they were walking?

  22. wim

    she is just a tikkin time bomb.

  23. Chico

    Well, I guess they are all booing because they’ve all made the unfortunate mistake of buying a ticket to an Ashton Kutcher movie in the past. Those are precious minutes of your life you can’t have back. Also, he is one of the biggest douche bags in the entire world, let alone the entertainment industry.

  24. Mitch

    Wonder what it’s like banging a senior citizen?

  25. seabee

    Cannot believe this is the same woman who starred in “About Last Night.” Complete face and body transformation. It is bizarre. Time for another knee lift, Dems. Bearding is a bitch.

  26. Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore
    Commented on this photo:

    quel beau mec.

  27. Jean

    what? a big Mexico? BITCH
    don’t compare us to Mexico.

  28. Leoj

    Well, they deserved the “boos”… I can’t even have the guts to say sorry if I’ll be late for just a minute… And then, “THREE HOURS”??? Come on, you guys!!! Did you just arrived from ALASKA???

  29. Carla

    Brazil is not Mexico. To say that you must be very ignorant. Read about Brazil and what they have in terms of natural resources and achieved in the science field and then die of shame for your ignorance. About them being booed, that was great. Brazil don’t put up with stars BS, respect for the audience is a must or else… you get booed.

  30. Rough City, U.S.A.

    You sure Carla? How about 6 hours of wait,creamed panties,no autograph? It that’s not civilized enough for you, you’re a lost cause.

  31. Candy

    Yes, big ignorance. Maybe you should schedule a trip to Brazil during the WC or the Olympics, just to guarantee that you will be safe. You might get laid just for instance and learn that cachaca is better than tequila.

  32. P

    Yes, you are ignorant. Brazil is much safer than Arizona, Detroit or Newark for that matter.

  33. P

    Brazil is hostin 2014 Wolrd Cup, 2016 Olympics, 5th largest economy in the planet and America at best gives us Sarah Palin. Hahaha

    • Johnny Cage

      We also gave Lincoln, Kennedy, Reagan, FDR, Truman, Martin Luther King, Clara Barton, Susan B Anthony, Garfield, Buzz Aldrin, Benjamin Franklin, John Wayne, The Wright Brothers, Bill Gates, Chuck Yeager, Civil War generals who inspired unique tactics the rest of the world used later in WWI and WWII, The modern Space Shuttle, Thomas Jefferson, and Elvis Presley.

      I personally always supported Brazil because I’m a Mulatto and Brazil appears to be the strongest country where Mulattos have strong representation. But you my friend come off sounding as silly and juvenile as some of the more childish Canadian posters I’ve heard bash the US. Please grow up. If you have a comment of anger, then direct it at the Superficial, not America. Andre’s post said it best:

      “How many times our own TV shows made fun of countries such as Portugal, Argentina or the US. This is a comedy website, for fuck’s sake.

      And BTW, now the Fish stands as a spokesperson for the ENTIRE US? Wow.”

  34. Ruby

    That really didn’t sound like “Boo” to me. It sounded like “Wooo”. Hell, they do that on Conan O’Brien’s show. I guess I heard some disdain there, but it seemed like they were just sorta making noise. Now we AH-MUR-KINS, we know how to boo!

  35. rafael

    how stupit and racist
    say that Brasil everyone have a six shoter
    we don’t even drink tequila
    and killers here don’t get in the police station
    shoting in the cops
    the cops here do they job
    don’t compare Brasil with Mexico
    learn about the country before you say shit that you see on tv

  36. Saulo

    Come on, guys! They’ve been booed by PHOTOGRAPHERS! The ordinary Brazilian citizen didnt give a s**t about their appearance! Yes, we don’t care!
    Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are NOT Barack and Michelle Obama! [We'll absolutely show some love for the Obamas when they visit Latin America (next March)].

    This incident is as silly as the last movie Ashton was in.

  37. Robert Obooey

    To whomever wrote this report. You are completely ignorant. No one in Brazil walk around drinking Tequila and shooting.
    Also, get yourself a bit more educated. Brazil is not a giant Mexico.
    You are nothing but a big arse hole for writing such ignorant and racist remarks about other countries and cultures.
    It ain’t no pic nic here in the USA, just to let you know. Are offended for Demi and her boy toy been booed outside their country, well boo hoo. They should’ve been to the event on time. Three hours late, is too much,
    In other words : SCREW OFF.

  38. Raffaele Zuccaro

    Thats about what they deserve no matter where these TWITS go– They are a useless couple anyway!!!!

  39. Marcus

    American guys are so stupid. They don´t even know where Brazil is. For your information, Brazil is the richest country in Latin American, the 5th economy in the World. We have a health system that makes american heallth system looks like shit. And the problem with the drug dealers is just something that happens in some poor communities in Rio de Janeiro. Actually, this “fight over drugs” only appears in the news because we actually fighting it. In United States I can buy cocaine in front of a nightclub in Los Angeles (and actually this happen to me and my friends, some guy offering). Plus we are not fat and we actually pretty. That´s why our models is all over the world. That´s because we care about our health and we live a lot better than you stupid americans, slaves of the fat food industry. In march your president Barack Obama will come to Brazil to lick our asses. That´s because you americans need money and still thing that United States is the center of the world. And yes, I feel safe here. Actually, Brazil is more safe than a lot of places in United States and Europe, specially in São Paulo (the economic center of Brazil) and south states. Research more. Don´t be so stupid.

    • André

      Hahaha, Marcus, you cracked me up man…

      Especially that part when you wrote that Brazil has a good public healthcare and drug lords operate only in Rio.

      After all, it would take a huge level of idiocy for one to make such statements serioulsy and ignore things like Crackolandia and the fact a gang called PCC shut São Paulo down for a whole day and killing dozens of cops only a few years ago.

      Oh, and the only way “Brazil is more safe than a lot of places in United States and Europe” is if you’re comparing a hotel room at Costa do Sauípe with South Central LA or war-torn Kosovo.

      If you’re talking about metropolitan areas in general, that statement, as with many of your other statements, is plain stupid.

      • Marcus

        You have to pay for everything in american health system. The drugs industry slaves americans.

        About the drug dealers still we actually fighting it. So, if you feel safer in United States, well, you can see my point here.

        Only in United States stupid children raised by the stupid american way of life shoots people in schools.

        Homicide is now the second most common cause of deaths in the United States. Approximately 7,000 work-related homicides occur each year in the United States – a lot more than Brazil and other Latin America countries.

        One reason why the government has deployed the army so extensively is that it feels the police cannot be trusted. Drug cartels with massive resources at their disposal have repeatedly managed to infiltrate the underpaid police, from the grassroots level to the very top. And that happens in United States not in Brazil.

        And yes, your president want to lick our asses for our money and Yes we are pretty and fit. So fuck United States. The asshole of the entire world.

        Fat and ugly people.

        Thank you very much for your time.
        Bye bye

  40. Nanda

    While we are fighting about who knows more about Brazil, the writer plays dead…

  41. Gwen

    Whoa, people!!!! This is why everyone has war, issues, and angerballs…I have to say, some comments left me cold, others warm and smiling, but overall, most of you make our nations BOTH look like moronic idiots alright? The bottom line is, WHY DO WE CARE ABOUT MOVIES AND CELEBS WHEN WHAT MATTERS is so overlooked…seriously, the couple got a half mil for ‘showing up late’??? Honestly, the money you people spend on ipods and the latest gagets, is affecting our world-wake up people….we have BIGGER FISH TO FRY….this IS NOT NEWS, it’s PATHETIC.

  42. GravyLeg

    Look at all the responses from cranky Brazilians… EGADS!

    You would think a people whose claim to fame is perfecting the method for removing hair from your belly button to your butt hole would have a better sense of humor. Geez. Put down the Nad’s and have a laugh for once.

  43. frombrasil

    They were not in “Brazil”! They were in Sao Paulo, Brasil is a little different! HAHAHAHAHAHA! PAULISTA BOO!
    And by the way, anybody drink tequila here, we drink “caipirinha”, and we are one people happier than the Hispanics, because we got to Africa here, OKAY!

  44. Maximilian

    so jury,who won the fight between the brazilians?why can’t these irrelevant human beings just dissapear..blake lively,ashley greene now there is some valuable export for americans…

  45. bb

    ASSton Kutcher and Demi WHORE

    Btw, in Brazil we have caipirinha! :D

  46. Julia from Brasil

    Sorry man, Brasil and Mexico are nothing alike. Its stuped and ignorant to say that. Anyways, Demi and Ashton were here for a a runaway show and were very nice to everyone.

    • GravyLeg

      So I hear everything below the equator is reversed. Water in the toilet flows backwards and you Brazilian fuckers think sarcasm is seriousness. Who knew the Coriolis effect was so broad reaching.

  47. sarah

    its sao paulo not paolo boo that

  48. fap

    This guy is such a handbag.

  49. Tereza

    LOl I´m laughing about what people say about Brazil. I born in Brazil and I´ve never seen a monkey or a snake or a drug dealer or a gun. And yes I feel safe. Don´t believe in everything that you guys read in the news, specially when United States is passing through a difficult time and needs Brazil´s money (that´s why president Obama is coming to Brazil in march). And yes, we grown a lot more than any european country or United States. About the drug dealers and stuff, that happens in specific regions and poor communities, specially in Rio de Janeiro (wich is a small town. I don´t thing you guys know that). And Rio for sure is not unsafe like you guys thing. Besides we are not slaves of the pharm industry or the food industry like fat americans are. We are actually pretty, soft and gentle with each other. ervery stupid american that came to Brazil that I meet actually loved it. So don´t talk without knowing okay losers? Thank you very much for your time.

  50. Datou

    HAHAHAHAHA this makes my day! F**k these two utterly worthless assholes. WTF do they know about fashion (or acting for that matter) anyway? AHAHAHAH eat it bitches!

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