Video: Alexis Ren Working Out in Underwear

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that these LOVE Advent calendars are getting a little out of hand. In years past, these things had a little bit of artistry behind them. Barbara Palvin’s Basic Instinct spoof was kind of cool, but it seems like this director just gave up on interesting concepts and opted more for a “just show me them boobies” approach.

Enter Alexis Ren. Today we have her lifting weights in see-through underwear while the camera relentlessly keeps coming back to her grundle like guacamole dip at a backyard BBQ. They also covered her ass in some sort of chocolate spray that doesn’t fold well when she lifts her leg. Doesn’t matter though, because this is for female empowerment. If ladies want to go to the gym dressed as a high-class stripper and make orgasm faces while they do deadlifts, hey… it’s their prerogative. Thanks for keeping feminism classy, LOVE Magazine.


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