Vida Guerra parking ticket scandal investigated

August 20th, 2007 // 50 Comments

  1. ex

    So what? First?

  2. teral goe


    Who is Vidal Guerra?

  3. Malffy Hernandes


  4. Malffy Hernandes

    Wait, isn’t that Uma THurman?

  5. That’s funny, #4. I second that.
    Oh, and who the fuck is this chick?????

  6. ex

    All this excitment is giving me a boner.

  7. ToTellTheTruth

    Who the fuck is she?

  8. No idea who she is.

  9. See???? NOBODY fucking knows who the fuck she is.
    Deleting post now!!!

  10. KTG

    This story is retarded. Who the fuck is Vida Guerra and why is Uma Thurman showing off a parking ticket? You people need to brush up on your journalistic skills.

  11. Bigger question: Why when I scroll across the picture does it say Hayden Pantierre or however the fuck you spell that?

  12. I still have no idea whole she is:

    Guerra’s first national exposure came when she appeared in a lingerie spread for FHM in December 2002. The magazine later reported that following its publication, almost one-third of their mail was from readers demanding more photos of her. She was called back for more photo shoots and became “FHM’s Model of the Year” in 2004.[2] Since then, she has been featured in many magazines, including DUB, Smooth, Escape, and Open Your Eyes, often as the “cover girl”. Guerra has made multiple appearances on several Spanish language television programs such as El Gordo y la Flaca (The Fat Man and the Thin Woman). She has also become a staple in music videos, appearing in “Shake Ya Tailfeather” (Nelly, P. Diddy and Murphy Lee, from the Bad Boys II soundtrack, 2003) and “The New Workout Plan” (Kanye West, 2004), in “Obsession (No Es Amor)” (Frankie J featuring Baby Bash, 2005) among others. In addition, Guerra has appeared in a commercial for Burger King’s TenderCrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch, a couple of sketches on Chappelle’s Show (including “R. Kelly’s ‘(I Wanna) Piss on You’ Music Video”, which spoofed the R. Kelly sex tape), and the film National Lampoon’s Dorm Daze 2. She lent her voice to the video game Scarface: The World Is Yours.

  13. Ok I fuckin googled her. Apparently she is some model and has a record out or something, it’s on wikipedia, but I fell asleep reading it.

  14. My mistake, I meant to type: I still have no idea who** she is.

  15. Oh, yeah, just read #13. There ya go.

  16. Luna

    who cares she is ugly

  17. That’s ok Madea, I didn’t even notice the typo. Thanks to the 7 White Russians.

  18. Wait Luna, who is ugly? The girl in the pic or the real Guerra?

  19. Or did you mean me, cause I can be pretty ugly sometimes.

  20. Splooge

    Nuff said

  21. Crap Tonight

    Those two girls look very similar, is there a hollywood clone machine in use do you think?

  22. Thanks Frist. I always feel stupid if I misspell online or on paper. I therefore feel the need to go back and correct myself. A touch of OCD, perhaps? lol

  23. lambman

    Damn Hayden is lookin fine!!!

  24. first


  25. Don’t worry Madea, I have OCD BAD!!!!!!

  26. Lambman, you still there?

  27. @26:

    OCD runs in the family. As I get older, it will probably get worse. Or, maybe it will get better? I hope so. Lol


    Every one knows she’s a lying bitch – wanna bet she made the whole thing up?

  29. @29:

    Who are you talking about?

  30. Binky

    Unfortunately …I know who Vida is….

    (But I’m not sure how to tell my mom)

  31. j

    vida guerra is hot

  32. Chicken pot chicken whatever bye

  33. tonycatman

    Nice. Got any nude pictures ?

  34. Please tell me that the idiots who issued the tickets didn’t BRAG to the paparazzi about what they did?!?

    What maroons!

  35. Robert

    They messin with Hayden ? Take the bitches out ! DAMMIT !

  36. oh know who she is shes a music video trick

  37. Stupid ass security guard had a freebie…

    “Excuse me, can I see your green card?”

  38. Nat

    that is CLEARLY not a white range rover she is driving.

  39. Hello

    Can they be charged for soliciting child pornography as Hayden Panettiere is not yet 18? FPMITAP

  40. Actually 40, She turns 18 today.

  41. Kerny


  42. Kate

    Maroon is a color. Moron is an idiot.

    Please get it right.

    thanks in advance.


    Men this girl is real ugly :P how can be she famous? How mgnificients blowjobs she must do ;)

  44. Ummmmm

    How the hell do you have a Vida Guerra post and not put up a single pic of her ass? Instead we get a pedophile’s dream? You drool and slobber over Kim Kardishan’s behind you can’t dig up a single picture of Vida’s when that’s what she’s famous (umm . . . scratch that, let’s say somewhat popular in certain circles) for? What was the point of this post?

  45. Vida was the flavor of the month pre-Kardashian era. Ass conoisseurs love this woman…

    Trading pics to get out of a ticket? I’ve heard of girls giving cleavage shots (no camera) to get out of tickets, but on cam? ummm, yeahhh. Buy this guy some KFC and call it even!

  46. Texas Chattem

    Hey fuck head – they didn’t say give me pictures of Hayden, they said give them pictures of Vida. Idiot.

  47. yup

    Why is she famous?

    Because people shoot pics of her and then photoedit her ass to look HUGE.

  48. Idiot

    This is not Vida Guerra you IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!

  49. steena

    vida guerra is a video vixen.
    She stars in shitty hip hop videos because she has a huge ass. That is all.

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