Vida Guerra in lingerie and other news

December 2nd, 2009 // 70 Comments

- Britney Spears turns 28. Has it really been 10 years since her face was edited into pornos by the geeks in my freshman dorm? I really need to quit blacking out so much. Starting tomorrow. *thump* [Lainey Gossip]

- Katie Price was human once. Maybe. [Drunken Stepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Rachel Bilson’s deleted sex scene. [Just Jared]

- Susan Boyle has the biggest debut album since Snoop Dogg’s “Doggystyle.” Coincidentally, both include a song about rear-entry intercourse. True story. [PopEater]

- Martha Stewart and Sarah Palin bring their feud to a delicious simmer. Carrots to be added later. [Celebslam]

- John Mayer reunited Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson? This was sponsored by Twitter wasn’t it? [PopSugar]

- Meredith Baxter Birney is suddenly relevant today. [The Blemish]

- Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are on-board to make Breaking Dawn two movies. [Socialite Life]

- Jessica Alba was almost named after Farrah Fawcett. Then she popped out Mexican. [Wonderwall]

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  1. kingofbeer

    Now that is an great ass!

  2. wow


  3. Dar




  4. Olpol

    What is the fascination that black guys have with nasty big fast arses? Maybe they’re gay.

  5. Yes, because people who like butts are all gay. It all makes so much sense, now.

  6. ken ortega

    #5 you are an idiot.

    Vida’s ass is fantastic.

  7. Brandon

    I’m 100% white and I LOVE that ass.

  8. Rupert

    I’d have my tongue cut out if I could rub it against her butthole first.

  9. Brandon

    I’m 100% white and I LOVE that ass.

  10. the assman obviously approves

  11. asdfa

    @5: you probably like little boys. or women that look like little boys. fuckin sicko. round asses are something you cant find on children, thats why real men like them. because they like real women.

  12. M

    If that ass was just a littttle smaller, it’d be hot. Looks great in lingerie, not so much with clothing.

  13. adaa

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  14. Lazarus "Bubba" Tubbs

    Yo, #3…

    What’s with the “NOM-NOM-NOM-NOM” bullshit? That hackneyed, retarded terminology died a horriblly painful death some time ago along with “fap”, “fail”, and “I’d hit that.”

    Grow the fuck up and give it up. You sound like an 11-year-old Idiot Savant, without the Savant part.

  15. who dat

    She has the most fantastic ass in hollywood, or the entertainment industry. However, she has F’d so many low life rappers and hoodrats that no serious actor/ rich guy wants anything to do with her. She screwed her own pussy value up.

  16. whatever

    stretch marks.

  17. grazie mille~mi piace questo articolo!

  18. PooPants


  19. God… I am so sick and tired of ugly horseface girls who are younger thinking they have it over me. I may be older now but I am beautiful & would never tolerate the guy you married, then or NOW!

  20. Fumus

    comments like that are what keep me reading…damn that’s hilarious.

  21. Ugly Horse-Faced Girl

    She looks like she had a serious case of impacted-ugly in her pooper.

    Fat ass, no talent horseface.

  22. kimk

    whats with men and sticking there tongue in womens assholes

    do you realize how many microbes linger ??

    “i wanna rub her turd on my face” and then take a bite of it” <

  23. kimk

    whats with men and sticking there tongue in womens assholes

    do you realize how many microbes linger ??

    “i wanna rub her turd on my face” and then take a bite of it” <

  24. Zac Efron


  25. PHug

    #5 and guys like him are afraid of fat asses because their tricks are to short to hit that from the back.

  26. fer

    Vida guerra is the sexiest woman on earth, She has a class and most of all a beautiful face. I hope she keeps doing more photo shoots because she is the sexiest model and woman in the world ever 10 out of 10 ….

  27. 7L

    GOD DAMN!!!
    I swear im gonna start a forest fire in my pants
    That look on her face-that ass!!!!!!!!

  28. Asstastic

    She’s got nothing on my ass.

  29. lettusaurus

    @29: probably got nothing on your stomach either you fat lard

  30. French Girl

    Fake ass.
    It’s obvious.
    Soon every woman will have the same ass : Beyoncé, Coco…
    But one day, it will falling apart.

  31. Tiger Woods

    I hit that.

  32. Fears is right

    Haha 33 comments in and no-one mentions Shitney.
    How the mighty have fallen. All these comments on who’s hot and she’s ignored.

  33. Tiger Woods

    I hit that.

  34. Napoleon

    Fish posted these pics to withdraw our attention from the fact that he has TWITTER.
    Good job, good job

  35. msnasty

    her body is amazing.
    face, not so much.

  36. JohnnyBGood

    What the hell did she do to her face!

  37. Big Greasy Ass

    Big greasy ass! Now go buy a better face trick!

  38. Keithypoo

    When will Vida Guerra XXX-posed come out? SOMEBODY has had to have made a sex tape with her. If not, humanity, you disgust me.

  39. jiz

    Quite nice.

  40. jiz

    Quite nice.

  41. branty

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  42. Cardinal Ximenez

    Lets break this down…

    Take off the heels…
    Take off the makeup…
    Dress her in a pair of sweatpants

    Boom, your average, big ass, Walmart shopper.

  43. jiz

    I’m headed to Walmart

  44. tp

    OMG she is sexy. I envy her body

  45. Nameless

    Great body, face is meh.

    I notice photographers always grease the hell out of her in photoshoots, Do they do it to cover up something?

    In photos, her ass is like a glazed ham all the time.

  46. Ryan the Canadian

    The pics that came off her allegedly lost cell phone are 10 times hotter than these. These look like shots from a bodybuilding magazine.

  47. RebelMinion

    Who the hell is Vida Guerra?

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