Vida Guerra in a bikini will distract you while I vote

November 4th, 2008 // 166 Comments

Former FHM model Vida Guerra hit the beach yesterday and, yeah, you got me; I’m posting these so I can head off to the voting booth. But don’t worry, I’ll be back shortly. In the meantime, I expect a deep, intellectual discussion on the aesthetic properties of Ms. Guerra’s large Cuban posterior. (Show your work.) Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an apparently secret Muslim to elect.* To the polls!

*Best endorsement EVER!

EDIT: Bumped Vida up to the top for obvious reasons. – Namely I’m voting twice! MUHAHAHA! I kid, folks, she’s in a bikini. ‘Nuff said.

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  1. WOW.

    Do you think the Politico is arguing about T&A right now?


  2. glace neuf

    i would hit it back to cuba, then dine on the backside with a nice chianti.

  3. This is why McCain will lose

    “Oh, I and voted for Palin/McCain. :^)”

    ha ha ha ha ha…poor lil Johnny, thinking he could win a fight hiding behind mommy’s skirt. McCain used to be a man – sometimes he was THE MAN – but jesuschristalmighty, did he ever get his shriveled balls chopped off by the (empty) Palin celebrity. And he caused it himself, by choosing her. It doesn’t matter that Obama doesn’t have much experience, because the equally inexperienced Palin managed to completely overshadow McCain, and thereby reveal how weak a candidate he was. Very very sad.

  4. The Voice

    Bush did a great job as President. The tax cuts improved the economy immensely, unemployment is still lower than it’s ever been, (yes even under Clinton), he had to deal with 9/11, we’re winning the war on terror, we haven’t been attacked on our own soil since 9/11 (we’ve foiled at least 40 attempts), the counterintelligence branch of the gov’t is strong, and the stock market is rising back up. He’s had a Democratic congress the past two years led by that liberal assbag Pelosi (who has an even lower approval rating then Bush), and he’s been a very bipartisan President (that’s my only knock on him). Alot of the high spending has been the liberals, and the bailout was ENTIRELY written by Liberals, and Liberals caused it. I think Bush did a great job.

    Go McCain & Palin

  5. When Obama loses

    Anyone know a bookie taking bets that when Obama loses, how many cities will go up in flames of protest with mass rioting?

    This will go down much worse that Rodney King or OJ.

  6. TheJoker07

    She’s a goddess.

  7. Tila's Penis

    The media never gave the time of day to Tom Tancrado or Duncan Hunter. Two guys who would have blown Barry out of the water. There have been more than 4 times as many stories in the news about obama than mccain. McCain has made way more trips to Iraq than obama, but the media follow him around like a lost puppy on his first and only trip there. Then, they don’t even report how he skipped visiting wounded GI’s so he could go to the gym. The media wasn’t allowed to go with him to visit the troops, but they got to follow him to the gym.

    So yes, it was the media.

  8. BTW, #23 that’s because your dick is so little all she needs is her lips to wrap around it. Personally, I think she was just trying to clean her teeth with your little stick.


  9. Bickus Dickus

    Has anyone seen the early voting results/projections?

    They favor McCain, which is a pretty incredible feat especially with all the liberal voter fraud going on.

    This wasn’t hard to predict. The Obamedia basically trying to quell the conservative vote by showing “polls” that have Obama winning. All this did was get the 50% of Republicans who don’t usually vote out there to make sure a communist muslim wasn’t elected…..

    That’s hilarious, the media, who is as liberal as they come, put their annointed poster boy everywhere, give his shady past a free pass, and now he’s gonna lose, proving every single poll to be incorrect, god this is gonna be funny.

    McCain wasn’t my first choice, but he’s the only choice for free Americans!!

    Palin = VPILF !!!

  10. jt

    wow her ass is so nice

  11. MJ

    Bethany 4 president!

    funny and true

  12. facts

    Clinton inherited an unemployment rate from Bush’s dad that was over 7% at the start of Clinton’s presidency. By the end of his second term, it was at 4%. It’s been higher than that ever since 9/11, and it’s rising rapidly now; it’s currently at 6.1%.

  13. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    #55, I heard that there were riot police ready for when obama looses. Are there riot police ready in the extreme likelyhood that McCain looses? I didn’t think so.

  14. GOD

    #62 – you are lieing. nice try though.

  15. bar room hero

    mmmm, I like!

  16. TheJoker07

    Virgodoll – Pics or else stfu!

  17. Deacon Jones


    Looks like Vida is starting to jump the shark a little. Everyone knows a prime, grade a ass starts to go downhill around 25, 26.

    It loses its elasticity, it’s ability to have a quarter bounce back off the fucker like a mattress in boot camp. Imagine what this ass looked like at 17, 18.

  18. rajwell

    the things i would eat of her ass

  19. Zoo Keeper

    That’s the difference between Whites and Blacks. When Whites don’t get what they want, they just try harder for the next time.

    When Blacks don’t get what they want, they set things on fire, attack innocent people, loot stores, carjack people, rape white women, etc…

    Come to think of it, is there really much of a difference how black people act normally? I guess it’s just to a greater extent….They usually keep it in their own neighborhood though, so stay away from inner city areas tomarrow….

  20. Mandy

    “Has anyone seen the early voting results/projections?

    They favor McCain, which is a pretty incredible feat especially with all the liberal voter fraud going on.”

    Nice try. Exit interviews of early voters showed results that were very close to the current polls in each state. Across the board, Democrat turnout was higher than Republican turnout, a good measure of the “enthusiasm” factor that is so different between Obama vs. McCain.

    Also, registration “fraud” is common, although fraud is too strong – there have always been tons of cases of voter registration using phony names. It doesn’t matter one bit unless “Mickey Mouse” successfully votes 1000 times, and contrary to common myth, that doesn’t happen. Actual voting fraud – voting under somebody else’s name, somehow managing to vote more than once and have it be counted, etc. – has rarely been documented in national presidential elections. So invalid new-voter registration was a fake issue. The thing to look for today is whether people who registered validly are prevented from voting. That’s voter suppression, not fraud, and it’s a big problem, especially with the new computerized registration systems in many states where tiny typo errors can get your name purged from the list. And it’s a partisan issue – everybody agrees that high voter turnout favors the Dems and low voter turnout (including suppressed voting) favors the Republicans.

  21. yougottabeshittinme

    #31 White Power-
    You use the term White Power to identify yourself, use the word “spook” and it is supposed to make you look like a tough guy white supremacist. You probably even have the 13 hole steel toe Dock Marten’s with either white or red laces (but too much of a pussy to wear them outside the house). But then here you are on some celebrity gossip site talkin shit.?????HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


    Scram Remmy, you fucking dork.

  22. Kevin Marshall

    Her ass is too big. I am a fit tall man and I love to be able to fill one butt cheek in the palm of my hand. And I hate her huge implant gap between her fake breasts.

  23. jonny

    Those of you who vote for Obama can get psyched to pay more in taxes, pay more for electricity and gas, live under the threat of a nuclear armed Iran and scuffle with the Civilian Security Force if you get out of line. Then you’ll realize how great you had it. SUCKERS

  24. biels' butt is better:)

    ummm…OVERRATED? her stomach is her nicest feature! come on now, her ass looks like an old ladies, cellulite, to wide for her small frame, like j lo’s —woman or not, why would you want to show off cellulite?i would love to have jessica biels butt, muscular and round!

  25. Jesus

    #64 – Dad – here’s the graph:

    these are the official numbers. 6.1% was the official number for October 2008.

  26. Blah

    Erection Day! She’s got a great body but just needs to tone up a bit. Thats coming from a heterosexual female…. so no erection here… but I can still admit she’s hot. She’s got the ideal female shape (small waist, curvy hips, butt, chest…but she’s not fat. Fat is NOT “hourglass/curvy”!!! I’m so sick of hearing what equates to a fat-ass chick as being called curvy & hourglass! BS!!!)

  27. Kennedy

    You misinformed person. ACORN is required by law to submit all Voter Registration forms. Then it is ACORNs job to determine who is legitimate and who is not by verifying the registration form. We had voter problems when Gore ran for president and this is why Bush won the first term. The second time people voted for Bush out of fear. According to CNN and the BBC; it will take a miracle for McCain to win. People need to vote based on the candidates policies and not based on fear tactics. Our next President of the US will be Obama for sure!

  28. ohh what did i just click into? wonder if that rear needs a tongue bath in pic #10

  29. Obomma Momma

    Isa caint waits til Obamma’s giss in da White House load, den I ain nev-va goin’ to haff to works aginn!!!

  30. Rob

    Usually chicks that are flat chested (she has ugly hard breast implants); gain all their weight on the bottom half and she is fat! But according to fat Americans; she is curvy lol! She got implants to improve her fat ass/fat thighs pear shape body.

  31. Rick

    “Those of you who vote for Obama can get psyched to pay more in taxes, pay more for electricity and gas, live under the threat of a nuclear armed Iran and scuffle with the Civilian Security Force if you get out of line. Then you’ll realize how great you had it. SUCKERS”

    Sounds like all those TV ads. The best part of today is that those ads will disappear. All of our problems today as a country are due to the fact that a significant number of Americans are dumb enough and mentally disturbed enough to both say this type of thing, and to be swayed by it. Remember how Bush convinced a majority of Americans that there were Iraqis flying those 9/11 planes? Blaming government is bullshit. The problem is the people. We’ve become a nation of Trigs. That’s why Palin is so popular.

  32. combustion8

    Please Momma NObama!!!

  33. Joe the Plumber

    I’m totally engorged right now. She’s hot as hell. Look at those ass cheeks!! I would eat out her asshole for an hour, then blow a nice big load deep up in her colon.

  34. StupidLiberalSheep

    These are the kind of people that are voting for Obama…..

    It’s frightening to know there are such morons living in this country. This monkey actually believes that Obamma is gonna fill her gas tank and pay her mortgage for her…….sad, sad, sad….we never should’ve freed the slaves.

  35. Good luck voting…I waited in line for 5 hours! We need a better system.

  36. hacksaw

    I would hit that ass for sure.

  37. samdog

    right on 54 & 55 go mcCain/palin

    and vida rocks, juicy ass and tits

  38. Cartman

    Yes Blah, it’s Erection day!

    And I also agree with your assessment of the female figure. Experienced guys like a woman with a healthy shape. If I wanted to screw a young boy’s body with a girl’s head, well, I’d vote for Obama and gay marriage, haha

    McCain/Palin 2008!

  39. MJ

    And it’s freaky a president should speak out about guns :s You’re a country at war and everybody is suffering, for what?
    I’m not living over there.. I hope your vote is out of knowledge and thoughts in stead of HATE agains a kandidate. 1 nation right?

  40. Suzy

    big fat ass


    The news is flooded with stories of overwhelming voter turnout. The focus is on the problems it’s causing in terms of long lines, broken voting machines, and all that, but everybody involved in the voting projections knows the election is over already: Obama has won. Nobody will say that on TV because it’s bad citizenship to call an election while lots of people have yet to vote, but all across the country the voting precincts are swamped, despite the huge early and absentee voting that’s already taken place. Obviously we’ll set a record for turnout. Obama landslide, congressional sweep. A very bitter day for Republicans (as you can see from the comments here by right wingers rooting for Americans to suffer greatly after Obama is elected – because, you know, THEY’RE the patriotic ones).

  42. moderator

    To conserve the bandwidth, please switch from “McCain/Palin 2008″ to “LOSER 08″ (no, it’s not too soon). Thank you.

  43. AJ


    Horny guys screw anything. Fit guys love fit women. There is a difference between fit and skinny, but then again you think this chick has a healthy shape, so you would not know the difference. If she went to the doctor, her doctor would tell her to lose the weight because it is unhealthy to be fat like her.

  44. yougottabeshittinme

    Hey #86,
    Douchebags like yourself are not doing team McCain/Palin any good so shut the fuck up. Who in their right mind refers to anyone as a monkey? What a dipshit, act your age.

    I don’t necessarily like either candidate, but I guarantee when McCain has a stroke, heart attack or dies of cancer within the next 4 years, there are going to be a lot of people even more relieved that McCain didn’t get elected. Sarah Palin would be a disaster of a President. Anyone who disagrees with that is a complete moron, or as much as of a “sheep” as the right are calling the left.

  45. Dave

    The ass is a bit large, but I’d hit it! Looks much better than that lard-ass flapjack roll bitch with a hairy ass Kim Kardaskank!

    After digging and clawing her nails into me I’d turn her onto her knees with her head down against the headboard and pound the living shit out of her like they all want, then the neighbors down the road call wondering what the commotion is over at my place. Then start all over. Next time you see her she’ll be walking bowlegged with a smile from ear to ear.

  46. gladtosay

    Both candidates suck I believe if McCain gets in its just going to be another bush running things and if Obama gets in horrible things will happen to this country and I believe is buddy with the ex leader of the weather underground someone that blew up a police station and bombed other places as well and I’m sure he would of kept on going if it wasn’t for his lil team blowing themselves up because there jack asses! and who the hell is Ralph Nader?

  47. yourestupid

    #54.. The Voice. I can only hope you’re being sarcastic. That is the dumbest shit I’ve heard in the past year. Where did you get that information because it sounds like you pulled it out of your asshole.

  48. Will

    Keep on rantin’, ya right wingers! Your bitter tears are nectar to me. Enjoy your landslide loss across all the elections today and your return to the ironically termed “minority party” status. For at least 2 years you won’t be able to do a damned thing, not even block anything out of spite. Time to take up a hobby. Bugh bigh.

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