Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2008

November 16th, 2008 // 116 Comments

Match the supermodel with the thought going through her head:

1. “Try and tell me my outfit can’t have a bejeweled spider attacking my vagina. I’m ______, bitch!”

2. “Wait a minute. This isn’t Scores….”

3. “Probably should’ve gotten that Brazilian today.”

4. “Why won’t my mother just admit she had sex with Hawkman?”

Answers: 1. Heidi Klum, 2. Marisa Miller, 3. Adriana Lima, 4. Alessandra Ambrosio.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Heidi is damn ugly

    The only one that looks OLD because she is is Heidi klum that skank should quit already go away you ulgy old hag and take your ugly ass husband with you

  2. BIA

    GOD adriana lima is sooo gorgeous I wish I had her face! I Don’t die about her body but damn thoses eyes :P:P*

  3. icarus

    These models look great compared to average woman. However, as “supermodels” getting paid millions of dollars for their looks, they look like shit.

  4. missdk

    Beautiful and inspiring. Inspired to make a burger. No seriously, I’m starving now.

  5. Misz D.

    Really Heidi Klum at the first foto,, looks terrible. She looks collosal, and with a small head. Don’t know but it looks really weird. You should see her WITH clothes,, that’s much better. But for the lingerie she doesn’t fit anymore, at least that’s my opinion. And i don’t think it’s only Heidi, they are all too old for THIS job. The should take new fresh people who just turned 18 / 20 or something. Maybe they don’t walk like these do, but they look better. There skin is too old, and too much wrinkles…

  6. vs fashion shows promote anoerexia and nothin else!!!

  7. claire

    they just look underweight!!!!! media perceives them as being perfect, they are all underweight. women dont look like that!

  8. claire

    some of you commenters are retarded.
    “I’m a girl who likes to have sex WITH THE LIGHTS ON. And if I had Alessandra’s stomach, I would most definitely have to turn it off.”
    her stomach is fucking flat u moron go fuck yourself..
    i hope u get bloody fat after kids

  9. claire

    and marisa miller looks like an old porn star …shudder
    all these models are quite overrated

  10. Linz

    Wow… These girls look awesome. I can’t believe so many people have so many negative things to say about them. What a bunch of bitter haters. I bet these girls look better on their off days than everyone else does on their best days. It’s a fashion show. It’s supposed to be over the top and entertaining. And lay off of Alessandra and Heidi already! How many women look like that after having a baby ever!?!? I’m sure they don’t care what you all say though. Afterall, THEY are the ones banking those millions each year so… someone must be interested… Anyway… I’m off to watch the show now! Yay!

  11. Maria

    I’m watchin the show now and none of the songs are even part of the fashion show’s playlist But I love the outfits and I’m truly inspired…Maybe one day I can be a VS model…but that’s almost close to impossible lol

  12. Skiptu

    Adriana is loosing her cute look, she actually is starting to show her age. She will be 28 in 09.

  13. meeeeeeeeeeeee

    au ra gadoebi xart komentebze gavskdi sicilit xaxaxa

  14. VSmodelsRock

    all of the girls look great so all the haters need to stop saying all of these negative things about them. stop showing how insecure you are about youself by talking bad about others

  15. VSmodelsRock

    Alessandra looks awesome for just having a baby and to everyone hating on her you all are just upset because yall wish yall could look as good as her

  16. Now this so going late to tell about that show.
    But what is that was so cool.

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