Victoria’s Secret Angels in Bikinis

November 14th, 2008 // 53 Comments

These are behind the scene shots of Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Marisa Miller and Karolina Kurkova posing for a press junket to promote the Victoria’s Secret Annual Fashion Show at Fountainebleu in Miami. If you’re wondering about the fuzziness of the pics, that’s called “Hero Vision.” No, really, whoever took these should be hunting down terrorists. Or hiding in Mila Kunis’ shower. Either one.

Photos: Splash News

  1. b

    Who cares, theres hot women in bikinis all over the internet. And most of them look alot better than these waif skanks.

  2. Jill

    Kinda shocking – some of these girls have big bellies.

  3. Matt

    looks like the skinny girl era has finally come to an end.

  4. Bree

    Well one just gave birth in August so a belly is to be expected…

  5. sicasso

    Alessandra is not ready for prime time, unless she’ll be modeling Victoria’s Secret’s new line of control-top Mom Jeans.

  6. boobalicious

    It just doesn’t get any better than Marissa.

  7. ohhhh dear! thx for my present superfish!!!! :-)

  8. pistola

    karolina kurkova still needs to lose about 10 lbs.

  9. sarah

    karolina kurkova is weird looking and gross. and yeah alessandra has a belly. adriana lima and marissa are hot tho. do they not change up the lineup ever? why is karolina kurkova here… ???

  10. Sport

    Nice but take the fucking lens cap off net time.

  11. They weren’t aware they were being photographed, so they are not sucking it in..

  12. Sephystal

    I want a stomach like marrissa miller’s! omg!

  13. Deacon Jones

    MARISSA MILLER = Hottest VS piece of ass ever

  14. By the way thats not a blue cap lens youre seeing, thats actually vaseline….requested by the girls agents…

  15. mack

    Alessandra looks horrible. Like a washed up, out of shape mom. Get her away from the hot chicks before it rubs off on them.

    I hope the other girls are looking at Alessandra and learning what a colossal mistake it is to ruin your body forever by having a child.

  16. reality check

    marissa miller has the face of a 40 year old. and any of you who think that’s a belly need to see them in comparison to a real person. these women are at least 5’9″ at a size 2. it’s like watching basketball, they don’t look that tall until they stand next to someone else. these women are tiny tiny.

  17. Ted Mosby

    I’ve motorboated Marissa many many times.

  18. Yeah

    Yeah, I wish your mom felt that way, mack.

  19. Angry Beaver

    How come most of these chicks look like dudes?

  20. havoc

    mmmm dirty little feet……


  21. dee

    Alessandra is the only one wearing a one piece suit, still hiding the post-baby stomach.

  22. rawr

    nah marissa is 2 skinny…gorgeous, but not like adriana…she got it goin on!

  23. adriana lima ……….. very gorgeous ……….. i like his eyes …………

  24. Andie

    Can I look like one of them in my next life? Please?

    For the life of me I can’t see what any of you can find to insult about these women.

    These photos make me never want to eat again. They also make me want to go out and buy some of those ‘chicken cutlet’ things.

    Yeah, that’s the ticket! Now, if only I could make myself four inches taller! It would take four inch heels to make me look as tall as one of them in their bare feet.

  25. i'm bored

    is today a boring news day or what?

  26. Kim

    Life Lesson #1: Childbirth = Body ruined FOREVER.

    Let’s all teach our daughters and new wives this important lesson.

  27. Ted from LA

    I have to ask. How do you know who these people are? And more importantly, why do you care? The one in the tan suit has amazing tits if they’re real. If they’re not, her doctor deserves an award. She has that Maria Shriver man face going, but I’d play with her tits until we elect our next president.

  28. dew

    While these are attractive women, none of these photos qualify as hotties IMO. Sure, housewives would be jealous of their bodies, but those bodies are not up to what I think Victoria’s Secrets models’ bodies should be. Beginnings of pooch-bellies and sagging breasts. Time to move on.

  29. Funeral Guy

    I hate to say it but Allesandra now has flapjack titties.

  30. Victoria's Secret Model


    oh good lord, why did I have that third french fry???


  31. bronte

    none of them are incredibly good looking without airbrushing.

  32. Parker

    wow, imagine how much fun it would be to lay all four of them on top of each other then pull down their bikini bottoms and fuck them in the ass. I would save the last shot for the one in the two-piece blue bikini. She’s got crazy eyes so I bet she’d wiggle and squirm a lot. She’d be on the bottom of the pile. On top of her would then be blonde, brunette, and blond in no particular order. I would spend about 5 minutes on the top one then 5 on the next then, no…I better put the crazy-eyed brunette on top then start at the bottom. That way I won’t have to stop if I accidentally screw the crap out of one of the lower girls. So I’d hold onto crazy-eyes’ ass while I buttfucked her blonde buddy on the bottom. Then after 5 minutes I’d move up to the other brunette and fuck her ass for five minutes then I’d load up the ass on the other blond girl for another 5 minutes and last of all I’d finish in crazy-eyes’ hot little butt. She’ll probably start wiggling around a lot because she’s a little crazy but I should be able to keep her in place by holding onto those big hoop earrings. Afterwards the five of us will take a shower and the girls will start spanking each other, splashing water around and trying to kiss me and I’ll be like, cut it out, bitches. Don’t play with me play with each other. Then crazy-eyes will snap and wrap her arms around my neck trying to get me in a crazy lip-lock. I’ll lift her up off the ground and shake her a couple times then probably spank her before I fuck her in the ass again. The other girls will be rubbing her body with soap while I bang her butt getting all envious and just when I’m about to finish the other brunette will reveal that she too is a little crazy by jumping on crazy-eyes’ back while yelling, blow that thing in my ass baby. And I probably would, just to be fair but I would have a hard time giving up on crazy eyes’ ass cause I know it’ll be so hot and tight and she’ll be squeezing my weiner with her butt and wiggling all around. Actually, I don’t think I’d be able to pull free from her ass without losing it. So the other brunette would have to wait. But I got a big water heater and the shower head is one of those low-flow things so we got time. We got time.

  33. tubbery


    @33 Parker:

    Are you sure you’re even interested in doing girls at all…being that all you seem to care about is doing them in the butt.


  34. jimmy johnny

    LOL Parker ur hilarious!

  35. tc


    Thanks for the insightful analysis. Perhaps you should turn your skills to art criticizm.

    Parker on ‘The Last Supper’

    “First, I would knife the motherfucker in the middle of the picture, then I would behead the grey-beardy bastard. No wait, I would shit on him and behead the homo in the blue dress. All the other cross-dressing queers would be like, peace man, but I would be like snort my vomit, and …………”

  36. jean

    quit posting these third world country whores, no one cares!!

  37. Me 2

    @10 – no they don’t change the angels line-up, after your “inducted”, you’re in until you opt out. I guarantee you Heidi Klum will still be an honorary angel at 50 – but, if she keeps going the way she’s been going, she might still be hot at that age.

    In these pics, you can tell that Adriana isn’t quite 100% – which is frankly refreshing. She still looks fantastic for having had a baby in August. I gaurantee you she’ll be better than ever this time next year.

    Oh and to anyone who is saying Karolina is fat: she’s bigger than the other girls but she’s still thinner than a solid 90% of American women so lay off, she’s hot.

  38. I bit of color correction and contrast in Photoshop clears them right up – .

  39. Scumbag

    Is she deliberately pushing her belly out in an effort to make her 95lb frame look fat? Not really a turn on! She also needs to lose the snot rag look on her face and the 1980′s 1 piece to really be sexy.

  40. WOW this Girls looks very beautiful

  41. Parker

    #34 tubby…You dont have to whisper, my friend, nobody here will judge you. I must tell you though there is a big difference between man and woman ass. Maybe not to your eyes but to mine and all other non-homosexuals. One day you will come out from the closet but until then good luck with the mens ass.

  42. jakebarnes

    Two words: Auto Levels

  43. peckerheaded stepchild

    These are hi-res RAW files before color correction. Next?

  44. Jade

    No, not all of them look their best, but all this bashing is over the top. Seriously, these are candid pictures. As in: off guard. Girls on here who are bashing these women need to set themselves straight. If someone snaps 10 random pictures of you at the beach you’re lucky if you look half decent in 1 of them. Don’t judge unless you’ve got a killer body that knocks all of them out of the water. Which we want to see evidence of, ofcourse.

    Alessandra’s swimsuit is not very flattering for her body. If she wore a piece that supported her breasts and had some silhouette rather than this ‘straight’ line this piece is giving her, I’m betting she’d look a lot better. And what’s with the “pregnancy ruins your body” spiel? The only thing that ruins your body is yourself. Either that or some natural catastrophy. You’re in charge. If you gain lots of lb it’s your own fault. If you can’t get rid of it afterwards, its of your own doing as well. Still, noone should expect Alessandra to have her pre-pregnancy body back in that short amount of time. She’s looking better than most college girls as it is.

    Adriana Lima (blue-eyed girl in the blue bikini) looks fantastic. I dare say she’s th hottest of the bunch. Marisa’s body is killer as well, but her face is too masculine for my taste. Karolina has had better days and I have to agree with those that say she should drop some weight. She’s nowhere near fat, but she’s not lean enough to be a supermodel.

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  46. big bellies?? need to lose 10 lbs?

    christ people, I hate to think what you’d have to say about me.

  47. Adriana Lima is the bomb

  48. Okay. I don’t know these girls, but I only count three humans and one mannequin. The one in the tan bikini is a plastic thing that is being carted around and posed with the other ones. Look at her hands, it’s a dead giveaway.

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