Victoria’s Secret Angels get a Hollywood star

November 14th, 2007 // 93 Comments

  1. Snatchit

    Alright, this is just fucked up!!! Two Victoria Secret aritcles in two days and not single panty-clad love ho’. Damn… WTF is coming of this world? I WANT NEKKID BITCHES!!!!

  2. Sissy

    Heidi is cute and sexy! She looks beautiful in that golden dress! It seems she has a major crush on mature wealthy men! Her profile was found on millionaire dating site ( last week! Good luck to her search!

  3. jacknasty

    Damn that Miranda Kerr is so freakin hot!

  4. Steph

    UMMMM that isn’t Heidi Klum in the top picture, it’s Marissa Miller.

  5. Selita Ebanks is one of my faves, flyest african american model/actress out there

  6. ashleigh

    I think alessandra has some confetti on her ass

  7. FRT

    DANG! Dat dere is sum reel nice an nawty puuuuussssssyyyyyyyyy!

    Us dus like dem like dat up er in dis dang hills…Uhhhhhmmmmmmmmm!!!!

  8. Ted from LA

    #24 Andrea,
    Baby, I’m back. The best part is the person who wrote this stole my identity in the post before this. I cannot imagine such a lack of imagination, however, well played identity thief. I know you are Kelly Ripa. Damn you Kelly Ripa. P.S. Regis isn’t very funny and ND stinks.

  9. Brains Still Rule

    So the Silicon Valley’s richest bachelor is getting married. And of course not to one of these VSC girls or Jessica Alba, even though he definitely can. But simply to a PhD in biomedical informatics from Stanford.

    I guess only non-wealthy men, like those idolizing these VSC girls who have never demonstrated their brain power, find such girls so very special.

  10. Ted from LA

    You sound like a smart guy. Get over it. You live in Palo Alto. You’re smart and will eventually be rich if you’re not so already. The VS girls are complete bores… just like rich people in general. The only interesting picture is of the woman who either:
    A. shit herself. or
    B. sat on a tootsie roll (and possibly shit herself).

  11. bunch of pussies

  12. iburl

    Alessandra Ambrosio should be the new Barbarella, not that homewrecking hag Rose McGowan.

  13. supers

    what a joke… who else gets a star? kim k? does paris hilton have one too?

  14. gertie

    bum fluff haaaaaaaaaa

  15. Carrie

    How amazing their pefect figure is! They look so famous,but even clebs are lonely sometimes, someone saw her profile with hot photos on a joke made by someone? but who cares. …

  16. Carrie

    How amazing their pefect figure is! They look so famous,but even clebs are lonely sometimes, someone saw her profile with hot photos on a joke made by someone? but who cares. …


    HaHa HIEDI KLUMp pic#3 &13
    You& Madonna have the same hands
    retire your fake assYou Old Bag

  18. codependant

    the USA is sad and pathetic right up there with asian porn culture
    Star quality now means no talent
    it all began with paris…

  19. Mirand

    that is NOT Heidi in the 1st pic
    she’s the old den mother with wrinkles and haggard handsin the other shots

  20. Aryan

    Heidi give it up!
    such a greedy hoe
    GO F*CK a SEAL

  21. jargon

    VS models make Hentai anime look hotter
    I love how f*cked up the world has becum

  22. notanicegirl

    Those jeans are the hottest thing in the new scat denim collection!

  23. Feckless

    I thought Hollywood sunk to a new low when they gave Ricky Martin a star on the Boulevard but I was wrong. This is the new low.

    Can you imagine either Ricky Martin or the girl with the buck teeth starring in “Apocalypse Now”? (EXCEPT for Porn)

  24. Realist

    Jimbo, you racist moron, Alessandra Ambrosio is not even Mexican. But she is a goddess.

  25. I love Miranda Kerr. She is an Aussie and must bang like a kangaroo!!

  26. gotmilk?

    considering whoever gets a star has to pay for it, they’re clearly giving those to any one these days. this one is especially pathetic.

  27. fearsarewishes

    The item on that clotheshanger in the lead pic is very clearly an escaped dingleberry.

    Thank you.

  28. crazypants

    8 supermodels and only 3/4 of a decent ass amongst the lot of them.

    They’d look great on your arm when you’re in the hottest club in town, but seriously what the hell do you grab on to when you bang’em?

    It’s gotta be all elbows and knees and size 14 feet all up in your face when you bed one of these girls.

  29. iburl

    crazypants, you’re a gay.

  30. notanicegirl

    @78 I think that was Jimbo’s troll…his troll is an asshole!!!

  31. KamUK

    What is with this Ambrosio woman? – she looks like a ferret, I really can’t believe she is considered a hot woman, sure the others are beautiful women but her? her face is like some big cosmic joker sharpened it with a pencil sharpener, then slapped some fake tan and a wig on top and told everyone that she was a beautiful woman and then amazingly the world believed it, like the emperors new clothes but Ambrosios face instead.

  32. lizzie

    As a pseudofeminist college girl,
    I confess that I would love to be a Victoria’s Secret model.
    They’ve got everything money, looks, admiration.
    These girls could be dumb as a stick, but they’ve got it all.

  33. I'll Fuck Them But Won't Marry Them. Admire? You've Gotta Be Kidding Me


    No models have snatched the top 10 richest men in the world. Only the smart or interesting ones do. Models sometimes snatch somewhat wealthy, but never the wealthiest. The wealthiest fuck them, get bored, then marry someone smart or interesting.

    Oh, other types of men that models usually snatch? Losers: drug addicts and physically abusive men.

    So, no, they don’t have it all. So go get an advanced degree or something else that will actually make people respect you. And you can still try to look good while doing this.

  34. fearsarewishes


    You said, “snatch.”

  35. Sunny Melons

    Supposedly chicks who wear white pants like to take it up the ass.

  36. crazypants

    iburl – whose ass and boobs would you rather play with…..

    any of those Victoria Secret chicks or Kim Kardashian’s?

    Ignoring of course all manners of potential std’s and pee and so on…

    Real men’ll pick Kimmy any day of the week.

  37. selina

    they are so pretty and shining,but even these girls are lonly, do you believe, because someone saw them on a daing site called

  38. gigi

    seriously…. VS couldn’t use ONE hot asian model for this event?!? In fact when did the asians fall away from supermodeldom? bah….. this sux

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