Victoria’s Secret Model Elsa Hosk Doing Bikini Things

Back in 2005 (long before Katie got that pipe, holmes), Jamie Foxx had just won an Oscar and was swimming in booze, coke, and ass. He told Howard Stern that Oprah and Sidney Poitier had to sit him down for a secret intervention. [TMZ]

The Rolling Stones are about to go on tour again so Ronnie Wood just handed Death a cigarette and said “hold my beer for me, mate”. [PageSix]

Hollywood is so meta that they’re seriously rebooting the reboot of Charlie’s Angels with Janelle Monae at the top of the wish list. [LaineyGossip]

Carrie Fisher’s last photoshoot as Lady Organa is making me feel some type of way. [Jezebel]

The Dani Mathers body-shaming case is finally over and it provides a wonderful little snippet of what the American penal system looks like if you’re hot and have money. [Dlisted]

Awesome. Lindsey Lohan has been making shit up at Cannes parties to impress people and like she’s doing things. [EvilBeet]

While partying with the Chainsmokers, Justin Bieber got hammered and made a bunch of sounds in a microphone, I guess. [BreatheHeavy]

Meanwhile on the other side of the pool… we have legendary filmmaker and statutory Bill Cosby wannabe, Roman Polanski, having what looks to be a “senior moment” after he called someone who had an answering machine that said, “hello? hold on one sec…” (There is a special place in hell for anyone who does that, by the way).

Roman Polanski strips down to his underwear at the Eden Roc Hotel
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