Victoria’s Secret Casting Call Photos: Let’s Crush Some Dreams

Imagine you’re walking out of your least-favorite bodega for two cans of lukewarm fresca. You turn to your left and are bombarded by a flock of underwear models that won’t stop checking you out because you’re probably the only guy they’ve ever seen drink fresca like Stone Cold Steve Austin (smashing them both together and dumping them on your face). It’s a fairly common scenario when you drink fresca and live in any major city.

Here we have a little P.O.V. perspective of my everyday life: models walking past me on the streeet, models noticing me covered in sticky sugary soda, models continuing to walk on…

According to the paps that took these photos, these ladies are on their way to a Victoria’s Secret casting call. Who knows, maybe one of them could be the next Stella Maxwell or Adriana Lima… and the rest of them will go back to their jobs in coffee shops and upscale retail stores.