Victoria’s Secret by Michael Bay

December 3rd, 2010 // 21 Comments

It’s no secret I hate Michael Bay to the point where it manifests itself at the drop of a hat. Case in point, my grandmother asked me to pass the potatoes during Thanksgiving dinner and I yelled, “Transformers 2 gave me AIDS!” before smashing the gravy boat. That said, Michael Bay was allowed to direct another Victoria’s Secret holiday commercial (Here’s last year’s.) which should literally be the only thing he’s allowed to do from here on out. Clearly it’s his calling. I mean, shit, this thing has unicorns, and I’m pretty sure some sort of subplot where Adriana Lima tells me I’m Jesus. Honestly, I’m a little woozy, so she might have said “Sexual Batman.” I should really lie down for a minute…

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  1. Michael bay sucks

    Dude can’t even do a panty parade film correctly. He should just give up; his movies are pathetic…

  2. Brooke

    Unfortunately, as a woman with breasts who sometimes shops at Victoria’s Secret, I’m not sure who this video was directed at. Me, the consumer, or Michael Bay’s penis.

    • Cock Dr

      The target demographic is straight males holiday shopping for their special lady friends.
      I’m sure Mr Bay’s penis also enjoyed the production process.

    • Hmmm

      I would hate it if a man got me lingerie for Christmas. Like saying “Here is a gift for you that is really for me.”

      Lingerie should be something I buy to look good for my guy- not a gift.

  3. Dave

    Everyone here is a loser holy shit. Ugly people complain about sexy models. Girls try to be self-righteous and everyone hates Michael Bay.

    This is my first and last comment.

    Except that Brooke post, that was pretty funny.

  4. The Truth Is

    It has always boggled my mind why the spokes models for Victoria Secret are models with no tits or ass. Those are literally A-cups being hoisted up and padded to the extreme. Disappointing. The girls are indeed beautiful, but there are plenty of girls out there with CURVES. Blake Lively anyone? Now those are breasts, not bee stings.

  5. prudish cad

    wow that is really exploitative

  6. Esther7

    Not bad

  7. wim

    ……..just a cheap whore from ‘Around The Corner’?

  8. Pangulin

    With the involvement of Michael Bay,Victoria’s Secret has proven that their lingerie is all about illusion. The women in the video all really look like Olivia Wilde and Lady CaCa but through the magic of illusion and modern cinematic trickery, the look much sexier than they are. Either that or its’ all done with CGI!

  9. jesus jose

    i thought it was purdy. not gettin’ all the hatin’ goin’ on…..purdy skinny long legged fems in fancy threads and bay-esq sets and fxs…very controversial, I guess

  10. Victorias Secret Holiday 2010 Michael Bay
    Commented on this photo:

    Megan Fox who?

  11. Pat

    This guy should a hero to every man out there. He probably promises each model more screen time or a roll in his next movie if they sleep with him. A casting couch fuck isn’t a new thing in Hollywood with plenty of 18-year old blonde models hoping to be discovered. Cheers to you Mike, you’re living the dream.

  12. Victorias Secret Holiday 2010 Michael Bay
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    it doesnt get any more beautiful and sexy than that!

  13. Burt

    Let me guess: the editing was so fast, you could barely tell if you were looking at a breast or an elbow.

  14. lmfao at the men complaining that the tits and ass were whizzing around their screens too fast. It WASN’T MEANT TO JACK OFF TO FFS!!! Just like in the 60′s and 70′s the National Geographic issues with pictures of Naked African Pygmies weren’t meant to be jacked off to. B’jeesus sometimes I wonder about you folks.

    Victorias Secret is smart. They are basically saying ‘Here, buy these expensive panties and bras for your woman and she will FEEL as sexy as these women LOOK when she wears them’. They are also trying to say to men that their bras and panties will help their women look hot too. Sorry, but a silk G-String thong on a woman who is a size 18 is not HOT … it’s a wedgy.

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