Victoria Silvstedt’s side boob

December 14th, 2009 // 49 Comments

Former Playmate of the Year Victoria Silvstedt attended the Grey Goose Winter Fundraiser in London last night, and for anyone doubting if ridiculous side boob counts as news, there’s basically a 105% chance Tiger Woods’ schlong played through it once. On that note, I’ll be using that tactic to justify posting whatever the hell I want for a while, so just a heads-up.

Coming up Next: Naked doodles of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. (I swear I saw a golf club under her bed.)

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. Eric

    FIRST! She looks disgusting. Boobs are nice though.

  2. asdf

    too much plastic surgery.

    has man face

  3. Antonia

    Geez, remember when she was cute and hot and dating Paulie Shore?

    She looks like a muppet now.

    Lay off the cosmetic procedures, girlfriend!

  4. face looks beat, titties are popping tho!

  5. Scdo


  6. Argentino

    I’d bang her like there’s no tommorow.

  7. DAMN she got old fast no wonder she is looking for some attention for the only ones that can give her at her old age little black guys she is a sad woman now old and horny and looking in all the wrong places

  8. Go Figure

    well… she’s a prostitute after all.

  9. 8. 4gb micro sd, you dumb cunt. 35 is not old unless you are 12 which is probably your age. Stay the fuck off message boards & go watch cartoons instead.

  10. Go Figure

    10 – She’s old because she’s a prostitute, not because she’s 35

  11. Macy

    shes a known prostitute, gotta love the life of a playmate..

  12. You show me one bit of real proof that she is a known hooker & I’ll eat my words.

  13. jiz

    Quite fetching, is this side boob.

  14. farles chew

    Correction: side BALLOON. that is all.

  15. dogface

    Looks like she’s really proud of what she didn’t used to have…….

  16. joss

    It’s amazing what you can wear as an outfit, but public breastfeeding requires a boobie-burka-cover-up-tent-thing to protect people’s eyes.

  17. Doug Remer

    Ugh, she used to be so cute, and she should still be a beautiful woman. All that plastic surgery has turned her into a hag, there is no reason for a 35 year old woman to look like that.

  18. glace neuf

    face = plastic surgery, boobs = plastic surgery well on her way to being a muppet. and side boob is great and all, but her tits are so obviously fake it kind of ruins it for me. basically just a balloon blown up and getting to see 3/4 of it…

  19. J

    Old whore. Nice fake funbags.
    Hef may have nailed this.

  20. FACE

    I would crush that with 12″ of Louisiana black snake

  21. Peter Griffin

    This would be a fine addition to Peter Griffin’s side boob hour.

  22. Sport


  23. J

    I’m gonna guess her burps smell like old jizz.

  24. Drew

    Well she needs to suck cock for money to keep that facelift. Don’t hate.

  25. joho777

    Do I see a pair of backless golf gloves stuffed in there with all the silicone?

    This one is WAY past her expire date.

  26. Katie

    All fake boobs look exactly the same… I don’t get why people still find them interesting.

  27. Oh man, those boobs are still sooooo amazing.

  28. SATAN

    Say what you will about her, but she once once SMOKIN hot, and that is one NICE side-titty

  29. Shawn_solo

    She looks like Skwisgaar’s mom!

    Plastic surgery: just don’t.

  30. Drew


    Fake tits may look the same, but they look nice. Ugly boobs may look different, but they’re still ugly.

    I should post a link to the picture with the fucked up spoon, saying “just because you’re unique, doesn’t make you useful”

    Any guy that complains about fake boobs are doing one of 2 things (likely both). Lying, or trying to act hardcore for the “gurls” on a blog site by saying they like all natural. 9/10 guys on this site have probably, and probably never will, come into contact with a set of tits like that.

    Ignorance is bliss, I guess.

  31. asdf

    i used to jack off to her in the mid 1990′s.

  32. How could anyone find all boobs and no butt attractive. She’s so top heavy, her butt is non-existent. What makes someone want to look like this…

  33. um

    I think that lip plumping thing that all women in Hollywood do looks awful. They should just stop. Other than that, I really don’t know what people are complaining about.

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  35. Hugh Gentry

    that first pic is so fucking sexy.

  36. picnum4

    I like pic #4. it’s as if she’s going, “Look! Over there! I’m still a hooker!”

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  39. who she wanna kiss? it’s me?hahahaha~~~~~~~~come here to find a beauty’s kiss

  40. mano remo

    I can’t look at her without a smirk on my face these days after seeing photos of her getting her twat licked out by her middle-aged midget lover.

  41. Doc Schweinstrudel

    FAke everything!

  42. Aims

    Thats gross…. too bad cause her face isn’t that bad. I dont understand why someone with a petite body would want to put giant basket ball boobs on it?

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  44. zzz

    She’s hot.

  45. Rex

    Welcome to another addition of the side boob hour.

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  47. JN

    … and flat-iron ass.

  48. She is trying pretty hard to be seen

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