Victoria Silvstedt in a bikini

July 7th, 2009 // 37 Comments

Here’s former Playmate of the Year Victoria Silvstedt spending the weekend in Saint Tropez. And judging by the look on her face, obviously, she saw my rugged body across the water. Yes, Victoria that was me, and for the record I was not humping that giant squid. I know that’s what it might’ve looked like, but there’s perfectly good explanation: You have syphilis. — So dinner later?


  1. A

    Hot Swedish piece of ass ; )

  2. richard

    it’s like they popped her off the assembly line .. another MKII generic reasonably blonde chick with large tits

    not that I’m complaining

  3. Meat Puppet

    I’ve seen that same startled mouth gesture before when I drop my pants.

  4. JMART5

    speaking of ass…in the second to the last picture it looks like she be diggin in it…yumyum

  5. you dumb fags

    She’s starting to look like a leather saddlebag, but is still fuckable for the next few years.

  6. Ill forgive the blowup lips, and the faux double Ds because of her roots…shes Swedish!!!

  7. Mike Hawke

    I love how the depressed sack-o-shiatt in the background keeps evil eye’n the fake beauty.

  8. Christina

    Ive seen the reality show, this woman is truly unlikeable and desperate for attention.

  9. Christina

    Ive seen the reality show, this woman is truly unlikeable and desperate for attention.

  10. Zander

    Am I the only one that sees a nipple slip?! (areola at least).

  11. Defcon

    The girl on the right in picture #4 that only 1/3 visible body is hotter than plastic queen!

  12. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Hot…. but as I’ve said before and will say again ladies, bug eye big glasses do not look sexy. They make you look like a snowbird on Miami beach. I want to be able to see your whole facial structure, not have to imagine fucking you with a gas mask on…

  13. Ahnold

    This girl’s coasting, she’s 35 yrs & dropping like a bullet. Lazy ass. Fake hair & boobs, no talent. Non-entity in about a year. Should consider a gold-digging class, she’ll need it. Chow.

  14. Sid

    Too plastic. Like Michael Jackson – he had more plastic content than his body bag.

  15. Crappola

    ROFLCOPTER @ Pic #4

    The girl on the right of Vicki is priceless. Giving her the stink eye.

    I believed Vicki farted at her general direction.

  16. Tom K

    She is still attractive but was alot prettier before she started fucking her face. Why do women with already pretty faces fuck with it by plumping their lips and shit like idiots?

  17. mab

    who is this chick? at least right about something entertaining. i could find this crap sandwich shit on google images.

  18. mab

    who is this chick? at least write about something entertaining. i could find this crap sandwich shit on google images.

  19. DJ

    She looks like a bug with those glasses on.

  20. MJ is dead

    Hi fatty.

  21. Sarah

    who is she? she looks just like that other chick, who looks just like that other broad, who kind of looks like that other chick. blah.. yawn…

  22. captain america


  23. Deacon Jones

    that’s sick man

  24. gotmilk?

    she’s a former playmate for a reason. this bitch is past her prime, but did we even knew who she was while she was in her prime? not so much.

  25. Rhialto

    Lol former playmate of the year 1997.

  26. Nero

    @28 I wasn’t even born then.

  27. Galtacticus

    It must be her name which is keeping her up.Victoria silvstedt sounds interesting?

  28. Gando

    She should call herself;Tsarina Victoria Silvstedt III.Way better!

  29. #14 – Is that you pedobear?

  30. kramer

    Umm, no thanks…

  31. veronica

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  32. gigi

    ew, weird barrel-shaped torso….. amazing how no matter what’s below *blonde* hair, most people will still translate it all into hotness…. sheep…

  33. Evey

    Now this is one “celebrity” that has always puzzled me – what is attractive about her?? The over-bleached hair? The gross, over-sized boobs? The comedy lip job? The fact that she looks about 50 in her 30′s? She is not attractive. Maybe from a (great) distance if you squinted. Just a prime example of how in today’s society big boobs + blonde hair = hot ,while ignoring someone’s actual facial features. Totally generic, gross and pointless.

  34. She is still attractive but her face was beautiful before she started Damned. Why do women already pretty well with it and your lips by plumping face like idiots

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