Victoria Prince in a bikini and K-Fed’s shirtless girth

September 2nd, 2009 // 162 Comments

The entire Spears clan, including divorced members and their girlfriends, must be in Miami because here’s Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince hanging out by their hotel’s pool yesterday. I love how Kevin’s abandoned his dancer physique to channel Dom DeLuise yet somehow still has sex with a woman who’s 100 times more in shape than Britney – on her dime. And all he had to do was conceive two kids. Do you know how easily they fit in golf bags? It’s like they’re barely even there.

Photos: Mavrix

  1. Limey Girl

    Sweet baby Jesus! Man, those sweatpants will hide *anything*. Better get back on that lounger, K-Fed, I see Greenpeace circling!

  2. OMG

    OMG he’s fat!!! He has,like,an average american body….OMG!!!!

  3. Jeeezus. This is sad.

    Such is the cost of being married to Britney off medication. The guy has been through the wringer. Now he needs to shape up. This is not acceptable – a smoker, drinker and now obese? Nuh-uh.

  4. Richie

    I believe it’s wrong for some of you to say that she MUST have a low self-esteem just for being with him. First of all, there’s nothing wrong or ugly with being fat. It could be a preference of hers. I’m fat myself, but I love being fat. How do you know those people you’re ridiculing aren’t happy? Plus, there are women who love fat guys, they’re known as FFAs (Female Fat Admirers). How do you know Victoria doesn’t like fat guys? Usually women are secretive about that preference because they know that most people would think they were crazy for being attracted to a fat guy. The Big guys are known as BHMs (Big Handsome Men). In fact, the very first post on here used the term BHM. Seems like we probably have an FFA that’s posted on this very board. People, learn about things first before you judge and have an open mind.

  5. daifuku

    @#154: she has a low self-esteem because she’s with K-Fed, er, K-Overfed. now, even if he were smoking hot, it wouldn’t make a difference. K-Fed=K-Fed, no matter what his weight is.

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  7. Such is the cost of being married to Britney off medication. The guy has been through the wringer.

  8. Victoria Prince Bikini Kevin Federline Fat
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    White Kong!

  9. Victoria Prince Bikini Kevin Federline Fat
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  10. Hmm

    Wow, in her bikini picture I can’t see anything but GIGANTIC man feet on her.

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  12. Victoria Prince Bikini Kevin Federline Fat
    Mohawk Disco
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    Obviously, she likes fat guys. Or just insecure. He’s not even a “good looking” fat guy. There are some who can pull off the fat look and make it presentable. He makes a manatee look like a model.

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