Victoria Prince in a bikini and K-Fed’s shirtless girth

September 2nd, 2009 // 162 Comments

The entire Spears clan, including divorced members and their girlfriends, must be in Miami because here’s Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince hanging out by their hotel’s pool yesterday. I love how Kevin’s abandoned his dancer physique to channel Dom DeLuise yet somehow still has sex with a woman who’s 100 times more in shape than Britney – on her dime. And all he had to do was conceive two kids. Do you know how easily they fit in golf bags? It’s like they’re barely even there.

Photos: Mavrix

  1. Io

    my lord he’s gotten big. I bet he never thought he’d be a BHM,

  2. n

    i am completely baffled.

  3. Samantha


  4. Xuan

    My eyes!!! They burn!!!

  5. Dee

    Some of those look photoshopped.

  6. n

    kfed is giving stay at home moms and pregnant chicks a bad wrap…

    “…but honey you used to be skinny.”

    ” I stay at home and watch the kids!?!? and everything in the fridge just disappears?!?! whaaa!”

  7. Adri

    EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, What is this guy eating anyway, fucking disgusting, hurts my eyes!!!

  8. Superbiggerevil

    @11 – Those aren’t photoshopped, that’s really his current physique thanks to the Bank Of Britney.

  9. Chesty Peacock

    I would be so pissed if I had to support his fat ass.
    Poor Brit-Brit.

  10. Chef

    What a big fat gross friken slob leach white pig.

    Why you post such nasty pics in this down-turned ecomomy?

  11. havoc

    LMAO…. too much prosperity.


  12. jester

    That is hilarious. What the hell is he eating? I thought only hyper emotional women got fat fast like that.

  13. ROUGH before dishonor

    You know why its a man’s world?

    women makes it that way…and thank you for being you….

  14. jester

    Plus he’s got that tiny head makes it even worse. She’s way hotter than britney.

  15. Tina Lee

    Beached whale, and who is his girlfriend?

  16. Name No

    Hence the term FAT CAT.

  17. ROUGH before dishonor

    Now how does this woman wakes up in the morning with no broken bones?

  18. clarkehead

    They should change his nickname from KFed to KFC Fed. He’s HUGE.

  19. Balls McCoy

    he’s gotten so big in only a matter of yrs, seriously has this guy been to a doctor?

  20. Valerie

    Yeah, he’s fat. His head isn’t, which is fucking weird….still a cute face, but I wouldn’t fuck him. And I’ve actually had my fair share of fatties. Haha!

  21. Poopie Stain

    Honestly men with boobs should be required to wear tops.

  22. Harold^Sick

    How has he managed to put on that much weight in such a short time? Is that even physically possible? He must have been eating nothing but butter for the last couple of years.

  23. Stephanie

    Proof that there IS hope for the average superficial reading male banging someone like Victoria Prince (who IS way hotter than Britney). Provided you’ve already had a rich incompetent woman spew out 2 children for you.

  24. Name No

    20. Really? How did you find the man junk?

  25. Karri

    damn…..he has gotten big.

  26. Tina Lee

    When I see people this big I always check the arm to ass ratio. I think K-Overfed can still keep it clean.

  27. Jon Gosselin

    Shit, I’ve got to put on more weight!

  28. ®usty

    free willy!

  29. jzhz

    Jesus Christ! I knew he gained weight, but that is unreal. Ugh.


    dude is FAT!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Yikes!

    Looks like he got Britney’s fat in the divorce.

  32. Sheena

    I’d hit that…..with a harpoon.

  33. b-sp

    what a lard ass!

    and k-fed looks bad too.

  34. Dude Love

    I think K-Fed is getting fed too much. Did he eat one of his kids?

  35. ktb ( . )( . )

    Didn’t that douche get a reality show that revolves around his weight gain?
    I’d bet that he’s getting paid to get fatter by the producers of his show.
    Either that, or he thinks the fatter he is the longer his show can be on the air.
    Like anyone gives a shit that a guy who sponges off his ex can get a trainer and chef to help him lose weight.
    THIS is why reality shows area total waste of time.

    @ 18 KFC Fed is funny!

  36. Carolyn

    How repulsive–and all three of them smoke too. Fat and smelly!

  37. Sport

    are you fucking kidding me? Those are real and not photoshopped?

  38. blobbo

    #18. KFC-Fed, lol that’s priceless.

    Now people watch how he will not remotely act like all the bitch Hollywood startlets who get caught in fat bathing suit moments. Is he going to whine about and moan about unfair standards and all that shit like Jennifer Love Hugeportions, or Fatica Simpson? I think not. I mean he’s useless fat slob, but there’s no way he’ll be half as annoying as women are when they get caught fat handed and this is coming from a woman who is sick of seeing my gender pile it on and then cry about unfair standards and fat acceptance. The only thing that is unfair is having to look at fat people everywhere I go.

  39. PlushBarbieTits

    Something tells me he is on antipsychotics. I knew a guy who gained 100+ pounds in a year or two because he was on them for schizophrenia…. think about it, you’d have to be crazy to marry Britney!

  40. Trina

    OMG, the picture from behind takes the cake. (Hopefully away from K-Fed’s face.) I have never witnessed someone get THAT big THAT fast.

  41. susy

    Poor Victoria. There is not enough money in the world to make that fuckpig attractive.

  42. Your mama

    Apparently everyone is obsessed with the fatty and completely ignoring Victoria Prince in bikini.

  43. barbie

    Notice there’s not one picture of them actually together.

  44. sixpack

    And he gets to lick THAT puss??? There is no God.

  45. Kim

    Rocking bod on K-Fed’s piece of ass.

    She must haave low self esteem.

  46. sherry

    I almost have to admire his girlfriend’s dedication to gold-digging because the idea of screwing that body grosses the hell out of me.

  47. I’d fuck her tits. But I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t let me cause I’m not 350lbs with shitty tattoos.

  48. sunshine

    Well, the good news? He is definitely not doing drugs.

  49. worried

    I am concerned about this guy. I feel he should go to the Doc for sure.

  50. It’s like instead of divorcing Britney, he decided to eat her.

    Dude’s cholesterol must be higher than his divorce settlement.

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