Victoria Beckham’s legs will haunt your nightmares

July 19th, 2007 // 189 Comments

The Daily Mail has shots of Victoria Beckham heading to a photoshoot in Los Angeles with her legs looking like this. Apparently she keeps thin by dieting, but her friends say, “She doesn’t exercise at all.” Which still doesn’t explain what we’re looking at here. Is that even considered a leg anymore? I could put together a more human looking leg with a pile of ground beef and a hammer.

UPDATE: To get to the bottom of this I added some additional shots of her legs. The first three are from the Daily Mail and the last four are different higher quality shots. There’s definitely some Photoshop afoot, but the question is which? For the sake of my personal amusement, I’ll just assume the first three are real.


  1. Salopia


  2. Godfella


  3. bingo brown

    is she a burn victim? sure looks like it.

  4. Mira

    That… is not… human.

  5. mr funny

    …yeah, a rug burn victim

  6. Anon

    Its a photoshop fake people.

  7. Alex

    u r so dumb for posting this – this is not only photoshop, it’s real bad photoshop, weren’t u just showing other pics of this woman with perfect legs when her husband was supposedly fingering her? make up ur mind!

  8. Kiki

    Surely that’s photoshopped… We see her legs all the time in pictures and they aren’t like that at all.

  9. Ricky

    Victoria is a fashion icon with amazing legs…this is simply a bad picture and a bad time. Ive seen her legs looks amazing tons of times.

  10. Ummm P.H.O.T.O.S.H.O.P.

  11. Britney Crotch Juice

    No. 8 — spot on. lets see more of britney’s unders! woohoo!

  12. Rachael

    Definately photoshopped! She has been seen in short skirts and shorts a million times before and her legs are definatley not like this! She has the most skinniest toned legs ever!
    Don’t belive these pics people. Obviously its a very slow news day!

  13. wedgeone

    Q: Why would one leg look so gross and the other one be normal looking (except for the mega-thinness)?

    A: It’s a FAKE!

    Got fooled again, Fish?

  14. madame_no

    I hate to admit it, but I actually watched her special Monday night. And for a few minutes she tricked me into believing that I liked her. She said that people always say how attractive David is and how funny she is, which means that they’re calling her a pig or something. But with legs like these, how could anyone call her anything less than a goddess? Her calf kind of looks like a clump of wet sand. And I bet you could carry things in that roll in her thigh. Who needs a purse? How convenient.

  15. luxe

    ooooooh, fake pictures.

    moving on…

  16. justifiable

    I call photoshop, you can see a blurred area.

  17. Dee

    As someone who’s job it is to retouch photos every day, I’d say without a doubt… this is a very PISS POOR photoshop job. I’d take this one down before embarassing myself by posting a fake photo.

  18. madame_no

    Ok, I retract my comments. Her legs did look pretty good on her NBC special. And if they really looked like this I don’t think she could cover it with just make up.

  19. miss oblivious

    no, I’m not buyin it. That pic is fixed. She’s always walking around in micro minis; I think someone would have noticed that problem by now. Not only that, but she’s much to vain…if her leg really looked like that she would have that shit covered up. Not buyin it

  20. Cher

    That is such a fake photo, that’s not her real leg!

  21. ukn

    Would be fun to take a shot of tequila out of her leg crevace.. yum.

  22. Shellz

    Whatevs…I’m a graphic artist and that leg is so f*cking Photshopped. Total bullsh*t.

  23. swmo

    I think someone is trying to pull our leg with this picture….correction, Victoria’s leg!

  24. I wanna lick it

  25. mrs.t

    I would be so pissed if someone photoshopped Joan Rivers’ leg on me.

    I smell a lawsuit.

  26. Katie

    What was the point of posting this when TMZ KNEW they were fake photoshop pictures? Just lame, if you ask me. Bad photoshopping, too. At least get someone with some Photoshop skills. Why would someone have just one funky leg? Lame.

  27. lambman

    you can tell the first 3 are fake because her skin is orange in them

  28. Victoria

    I agree with comment #27, this is horrible photoshop and why wouldn’t the person photoshop just one leg b/c her right leg seems fine and her left leg looks like a 97 year olds.

  29. All4One

    It’s Fake..
    Try Harder next Time..

  30. mdiz


  31. dude, if itz not
    then I can underztand
    Y her legz
    would look like that
    after 3 kidz..
    I zee grozz zhit like
    that all the
    time at the beach….

    children ruin your body….?

  32. wundersmack

    Those cottage cheese gams are deffo FAKE, because when I hang out with Vic (she lets me call her that) we often comment on how we both have the same smooth, exquisitely sexy legs.

  33. tiff

    Those bad pics are totally photoshopped. If her leg was seriously that nasty she would not be prancing around in mini-skirts and short dresses every single day.

  34. Rachael

    Another reason i know this is photoshopped is because there is no way she would walk around showing off her legs if they looked like that.

    She said in an interview that you would never see her show off her stomach because she said it looks disgusting after having her boys – and you never ever see her in a bikini – ever. So this just proves that this is photoshopped – she is one high maintenance girl and would’nt be seen dead like this!

  35. wundersmack

    PS – my left thigh looks just like that.

    Happened in ‘Nam.

  36. nia

    the pics dont even match, the lady w/bad legs is really fair

  37. Chauncey Gardner

    I’ve always thought that Dogface Beckham looks like one of those horrific stop-motion creations from a Tool video, but this is ridiculous. Even the most deluded of female celebrities would cover shit like that the fuck up.

  38. emily

    35, mhm. she has really nice legs.

  39. XXXfiles

    #32 So can your mom get a retroactive abortion? Please say yes. We’ll all pay for it.

  40. BULLZHIT: thatz
    what legz
    look like after
    and when U zit down
    like in yezterdayz
    pic with her huzband
    and zpray your legz
    tan color..they alwayz
    look zo much better
    than walking…dumbzhitz…?

  41. combustion8

    thats what happenes when you shit out 3 kids.. your body goes into self destruct mode… ladies can learn from this.

  42. justifiable

    #41 It’s photoshopped, you fucking moron!!! Because you’re a slow 12 year old, you have NO fucking idea what you’re talking about most of the time, pity that doesn’t stop you, though…

  43. xxxxxxxxxxfuckinfilezfuckerfacexxxxxxx

    Y don’t U come down her
    zo I can drown
    your fuckin azz in the
    ocean, bitch…

  44. teddy

    prove its photoshopped… only way you can do that is to show the original side by side.

  45. photoshopper

    #45 If her legs looked as heinous as in this shot, why is this the first time anyone’s seen them like this? This woman is photographed over and over, and now we just see the horrible truth? Get real. The paps would have been all over uggo legs if they existed, so to speak. Look at the blurry areas in the last picture, this is a piss-poor job of retouching.

  46. 43/
    R we having a bad
    day bitch?
    Zoundz like…I went
    zwimming while
    your old azz worked….
    yea, I’d hate
    my life too if I waz

  47. photoshopper

    #46 It’s the third picture now, the Superficial guy was just dumb enough to post more.

  48. Fuquan

    BULLSHIT! The daily mail is such a quality paper that they smelled my taint and wrote a story about it.

  49. justifiable

    #47 kelli, nobody gives a fuck what you do, no matter what mommy tells you. Tantrum much?

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