Victoria Beckham’s clothing line pulled from stores

April 14th, 2008 // 47 Comments

Victoria Beckham’s clothing line is being pulled from Fred Segal’s and Kitson. Much like Posh Spice her clothes turned into a stick thin anomaly with a freakishly large head. Okay, that metaphor kind of sucked, but I think you get my point. InTouch reports:

Posh’s DVB denim range is being dropped due to poor sales and a lack of promo work from the Spice Girl herself. “We asked her PR people so many times for her to appear but she didn’t,” said Kitson owner, Fraser Ross. “Celebrity lines are no different from an album or music tour. They have to be promoted to sell.”

What else does Victoria Beckham have to do besides show up to promote her clothing line? I mean, it’s not like she’s got a full schedule or anything – she’s Victoria Beckham. I bet if you asked five random people on the street who she was, only one might know the correct answer: That’s she Katie Holmes’ clone for organ harvesting purposes. Duh! Geez, America, read a book.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Lola


  2. prncezz


  3. Auntie Kryst

    It’s her own fault, she never to the time to promote her clothes. Dumb limey bitch spent all her time on tallmingle.fku.. She’s frond of interweb there.

  4. Auntie Kryst

    to = took, fucking typos.

  5. havoc

    I bet they head back to the UK. They didn’t conquer the US like they thought. Nobody gives a shit about them here.


  6. Wow, first 4 posters were all douche bags. Impressive.

    If Posh really wanted to use her fame she’d rent out her rock-hard nipples to cut diamonds or something.

  7. yo

    ^ no, the typos make it gold.

    this isn’t news. next, please.

  8. denise

    I wonder what the hell she IS doing with her days then? It can’t be that time consuming to not eat, shop, and wear rediculously oversized sunglasses, not eat some more.. considering that’s all I’ve ever seen her do!

  9. Clothing probably not, but I would definitely buy a toothbrush that was designed by her.

  10. Auntie Kryst

    @9 Fuck you spamming cunt. I just made a bad joke. Get your ass back out into the rice fields stupid bitch!!

  11. meh

    Why this? Where’s the news about Marilyn Monroe’s sex film being sold? Psh.

  12. Auntie,

    Please refrain from such commentary. According to your doctor, this is not appropriate behavior for you.


  13. bakinmycake

    Paging Mrs. Hugh Ass….

  14. deacon jones

    Yick, skinny chick’s pussies always smell like rotten fish

  15. Robert

    She is so beautiful!I love her.Maybe many men like her,too.If you want to know her more,you would go to “”.She is also on “”,there are a lot of reports about her.

  16. Auntie Kryst

    I’ll try Doc, but I’ll need another prescription filled. My typing turets fuck shit fuck fuck is acting up again..

  17. Zim


  18. Cindy

    All the Kim haters must be happy now! This is your ideal girl, apparently. Enjoy!

  19. nipolian

    #18 – It’s OK Auntie……..Douchebag Perez Hilton strays that know nothing about this site but still feel obligated to make dumbass comments will do it to you every time.

  20. Auntie Kryst

    Thanks #19, my bad. Sadly, no good cure for typos.

  21. Posh making a jeans line, the one article of clothing that actually requires an ass, would be like me prosecuting prostitution rings and… oh shit… nevermind….. and speaking of ass…..

    #19 = douchebag

  22. Spazz

    Please Fish NO PICS of her next time there is a ‘story.’

    I would rather look at Janice Dickenson. Wait wtf am I saying. Nope I think that’s accurate. Skeletor Spice is the most frightening thing ever.

  23. Zim

    never mind (two words)

  24. Michelle DD

    that would be a shame to buy size 3 jeans, right ?

  25. restingonlaurels

    didn’t posh say she was retiring from the music business to be a fashion designer? she’s an even bigger waste of time/space/money/life now. @ 24, i think i agree with you there… not sure, but i think.

  26. Anal Fistula

    doesn’t she look like the crazy fashion designer from “the Incredibles”?

  27. never mind (two words) = lack of sentence structure and capitalization

  28. Zim

    Editorial notes do not require formal composition.

  29. That’s better, cupcake.

  30. That’s better, cupcake.

  31. That’s better, cupcake.

  32. Ted Mosby

    I did her once. Smelled of Marmit for a week.

  33. Dr. Drew


    Some people like you can’t see the middle; it is one extreme to another. Posh eats 900 calories a day which is why she looks sickly all the time. She is not fit and does not practice a healthy life style so I will pick on Posh as well as Kim Kardaskank. Kim is fat and she looks like she consumes 3,000 calories a day. Both Kim and Posh need to practice good eating habits and exercise regularly.

  34. Take me to your leader

    Damn , I crashed in Roswell and where am I now? Area 51? what’s that? No, seriously, she should’ve stayed with her Spice Tour and done something for all of us who miss the good ol’ days. (sigh, thinking of their vid, Say you’ll be There)

  35. Fumus

    “That’s she Katie Holmes’ clone for organ harvesting purposes.”

    Um, nice editing.

  36. Zim

    Capitulatory replies do not require triple posting.

  37. CJ

    Like she cares. She only did it to make hubby think she was pulling her fair share of the load…which anyone with half an active brain cell knows is balogny…she’s the digger everyone knew she was…so what’s the point of spending good energy trying to prove otherwise.

  38. Grunion

    Great now how am I going to look like a freakish alien with an eating disorder?

  39. Bats

    does this mean they are going to leave the USA!!!! that would be the best thing ever!

  40. Ted from LA

    She should open up a new line for anteaters. I think that is more her demographic.

  41. ldsqtbea

    !!! i love her shoes … they look somewhat like steve madden polka dot mary janes … clearly hers arent mary janes but still they are soooo pretty !!!

  42. robert

    she is so sweet. i hear she do some kind things at ______i n t i m a t e m i n g l e . c om_____. that is a free interracial datingclub. many kind of group people here.

  43. What a ^%$&$%$ woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The magazine WEALTHY GOSSIP reported her joined the rich woman seeking sugar babies site ”w e a l t h y l o v in g . c o m ” and she is mentioned to find her sugar boy there! the magazine foolx she????????????or fools us?????

  44. too damn funny. we have a friend who looks like that

  45. anonymous asshole

    seems the superficial has hired a new writer! and not as funny as the last, either.

  46. King Wang

    By now even these shitheads should have figured out the “British Invasion” died after the fucking Beatles showed up in the 60′s.

    Plus, she is a skank, bar none. Put he rin front of a slot machine at Pirates Bay in Vegas, I am betting you can’t tell the difference………

    Someone needs to punch her in the face, after all, that last nose job didn’t do her justice. Old Dave Beckham can’t get a decent hummer with a beak like that in the way right?

    Well, you know he is out hitting some desperate bench warmer from LA hoping to make a career by humping lame English dudes who desperately are searching for fame here, because even England is tired of them……..

    Listen, to the people at Immigration and Naturalization. REVOKE these fucking peoples Work Visas or whatever they have. We got enough hack retards, we don’t need them from other countries who play sports only they like……..

  47. What they pulled her line damn!
    What will my barbies wear now.

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