Victoria Beckham Writes Songs

20050128posh.jpgVictoria Beckham wants to try her hand at songwriting in a bid to remain “involved” in the music industry. Having seemingly accepted defeat with her own solo career, Posh has now offered to pen some hits for the likes of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. She told New! magazine: “I would like to have my songs played on the radio, but if they are not being sung by me, at least this way I am still involved.” As part of the deal, Victoria would even sing on the records, but only if it was the right artist. She added: “I would even do backing vocals if it was someone like Britney Spears.” Wouldn’t that be something? An artist who can’t sing backed up by another artist who can’t sing. It would be like watching blind people play football. Fun for the whole family!