Victoria Beckham wears short shorts

June 22nd, 2006 // 134 Comments





  1. BoredStiff

    It’s nice that while hubby is out earning a living playing in the world cup that she is bringing in supplemental incoming by “Whoring in the streets of London” (Nice heels/short combo)

  2. asbo


  3. BoredStiff

    Oh, I forgot to add, “Would”!!!

  4. ticklemepink

    third. i h8 how Victoria thinks she’s “all that” just becuz she married a pro soccer player with mohawk-ish hair. thats just plain retarded. to me, she’s just a normal-looking woman walking through the city wearing tight-tight shorts that just about show her underwear. which is what she is.

  5. buckinggrimace

    I just can’t get past her nose. Fix it, already!!

  6. crutty

    her husband is definately the hotter of the two.

  7. Mary45

    Maybe she should insure her legs for a billion dollars… They look WAY better than Mariah’s

  8. speshul

    Many thanks @1 for taking the time to spell correctly – even if it meant possibly losing FIRST. Gracias!

    ….and to Posh – YES – it is your job to keep in shape when your man looks that good and you are a kept woman!

  9. punctiliouspig

    that woman is such a troll. shes like teri hatcher attractive..which is illusionary attractive..not at all real attractive once you seem them in real life.

  10. fblau

    “she’s just a normal-looking woman walking through the city wearing tight-tight shorts that just about show her underwear. which is what she is.”

    And GOD BLESS HER for that.

    Would she could inspire more!!!

  11. peep

    god, she used to have a face of a woman…she looks like a drag queen….crack will do that to you. I can predict the rehab headlines in a few years that their kids will be producing “mom was a plastic slut, who looked like a whore..when she talked, she couldn’t even open her mouth..gave me nightmares so I decided to smoke orange peels…it went from there”….

  12. gammanormids

    Nice shoes. And I can’t lie: I would like my legs to look like that.
    And it’s football, not soccer. It’s only called that in USA.

  13. spatz

    not gonna hate. she’s got an ass ugly face and no boobs but her legs are smokin hot.

  14. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Pig-Face Barbie comes with everything you see here, laxatives and diet pills sold separately.

  15. Michael

    She’s a prune with legs, a rich prune with legs (Spice Girls money!) – once she was hot, now she is not.

  16. BigJim

    I love camel toe. I just blew my load.

    ddaammnnn ssstttiiccckkky kkeeyyybboooaarrrddd.

  17. kr8ie

    #1 – I love her shoes – say what you will about her – but her shoes are fantastic.
    #2 – God damn she has a big head! I realize that her head is probably not even that big, but on her freak tiny/skinny body she looks like she could topple over at any second. Better not use any bobby pins in her hair – they might pop her giant bubble head!
    #3. Her shorts are not even cute – it’s like she’s wearing a child’s pair of shorts.
    #4 – Why has no one commented on her VEST! She is wearing a VEST for shits sake people!
    #5 – gammanormids – it’s not just “soccer” in the US. It’s “soccer” in Canada too – do you people not play (north american) “football” over there?

  18. peep

    she’d only be hot with a paperbag on her head…..her thighs look like bones with bulge bags….heels make everyone’s legs look good….rich or not…her skin is terrible…..

  19. biatcho

    Fake tits – check
    wig – check
    big sunglasses so no one can see how sad I feel everyday – check
    even bigger bag to hold my ginormous dildo because my husband fucks other men – pricelss

  20. spatz

    she definitley has that big annorexic bobble head thing going on.

  21. yuckyfresh

    now that is anorexic! she’s just a bit smarter than nicole and actually goes to the gym, so it’s kinda hot. seems to me though that it’s really pathetic to have an eating disorder when you’re that old. get over yourself already!

  22. jane's eyre

    Sorry, can’t talk crap about those legs. I would rip them off and impale her with one of them to have those. I’m 5’3″ and I think her legs would probably come up to my chin.

    But those shorts are ridiculous.

  23. Vas Deferens

    At one time Posh Spice was hot. That was a long time ago….

  24. amjxray

    Why is it that every emaciated d-list celebrity (Nicole, Olsen twins, etc…) thinks that wearing those enormous Jackie O solar shields is attractive????? WTF!!! Maybe it’s the closest thing to a mask that they can wear…even so a bag over their head would be less distracting

  25. SuperSpence

    That face isn’t pretty, but the body is amazing and let’s all just admit that. That chick knows how to wear dangerously short shorts and a pair of hooker heels.

  26. ESQ

    Good GOD, she looks hott! Anyone saying otherwise is a hater…to quote Ari Gold from last weeks episode of “Entourage,” “Baby, I am going to bang you so hard we are going to dent the head board! I am going to bang you so hard you are going to walk funny the next day!”

    Let’s hug it out bitch!

  27. Jacq

    Jeez-us lawd! Nas-tee! She looks like the later episodes of SITC when Sarah Jessica would wear short-short shit post-baby. It looked a little flabby and definitely like chicken skin.

    Love the Louboutin’s, but someone please tell her that vests are PLAYED OUT! No one should be wearing stuff that I wore in eighth grade anymore – what’s next wearing ties again?

  28. yuckyfresh

    oh yeah, and they don’t call it soccer or football (or futbol) in italy. there it is called calcio, which is the same word they use for calcium. fucking italians. but that aside, we’re allowed to call it soccer here in the usa because football is the name of a DIFFERENT (and better) SPORT!

  29. bluejeanie

    denim underwear is in.

  30. biatcho

    #13 – this is a US website so zip it zipperhead. And quite frankly, if you’re going to be picky, it’s also called FUTBOL. asslick.

  31. BigJim

    Holy fucking shit! Biatcho is back!

  32. spatz

    the triumphant return of biatcho!! wheres mamacita?

  33. Jacq

    Victoria looks like she’s been turned-out.

  34. gammanormids

    #18, yes, and in south america we call it ‘american football’ :)

    #23, I am 5’3″ too, that’s why I would wish to have those legs

    And I don’t know whether she is in London or not… she was in Germany two days ago, (shopping, big surprise!). The news said she spent like $7.000 for every minute she was shopping alng with some friends. I suppose if you have nothing else to do with your life, that’s the only thing you do while your husband is sleeping with the nanny.

  35. jFp

    No idea who this is but it has hooker shorts on and is wearing those funny glasses with a pig nose attached…..
    Must be a parade or something……..

    It does look thin… I don’t bone fat girls but if they are too skinny it hurts when I hammer my tool home.

  36. She’s dressed like a Picadilly Square streetwalker because she promised the entire English soccer team a gangbang if they made it to the next round of the FIFA World Cup. If they lose, her hubby Becks gets the honor… of satisfying the entire team. Needless to say (they are English), half the team wants to win, the other half wants to throw the game.

  37. IFuckingHateYou

    I would fuck her 76 different ways, just as longs as she promises not to sing.

    P.S. – it’s nice to actually see somebody on this site besides Paris Whoreton, Hohan or the other skanks. These pictures didn’t make me automatically cover my crotch in the hopes of warding off the super herpes.

  38. honeycomb's_big_yeahyeahyeah

    The phaaaantom of the opera is heeeeere….

  39. RichPort

    Not hot. Not hot at all. With her wannabe Beyonce weave and pug nose, she looks like she’s screaming for attention. Even Jessica Simpson (gasp!) looks better in short shorts. I’d like to fold her in half, stick her in that stupid blue bag, beat it against some London pavestones a few dozen times, then ship her in an unmarked box to Spain. Then she can do a Rod Stewart on the ‘football’ team there, although she shouldn’t get her stomach pumped because she can apparently use the protein.

  40. Giggles

    I thought that first photo was from Angelina Jolie’s recent trip to a refugee camp where starving children live. Then I saw the shoes. And the handbag. Both scream “look at me.” She should be saying “feed me.”

  41. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Homegirl ran face-first into a plate glass window and slid waaaaaaaaaaay down.

  42. gammanormids

    #31, I am not picky, but there are people here from other countries, aren’t?
    Well, soccer, whatever. Say hello to your SOCCER team now it’s returning home earlier…

  43. biatcho

    #43 – you see we’re the US though. We don’t care about other people from other countries so you lose that argument, hands down.
    And we’re all extremely upset that the SOCCER team has lost – you win that one, big guy! Maybe we can shut down our entire country and have a national holiday because their time in the World Cup is over just like the rest of the “world” does. Or we should riot and shoot people & kill everyone who goes against our team like all of the other civilized followers of football do?

  44. Lucretia Borgia

    She really bears a startling resemblance to a Peruvian mummy. Or one of those bog-people. Something to do with her nasty, brown, leathery-looking skin.

    By the way, they also call it soccer in Japan.

  45. SophieE

    If she thinks that’s sexy we must give her some advice, she looks disgusting like there’s not skin in her, muscles or something she looks terrible and she must go to the doctor:S, if i were beckham i will be concerned about her

  46. mick129

    something is wrong with her upper lip. it doesn’t look like she can close her mouth.

  47. hendero

    #36 – there is no Picadilly (sic) Square, so don’t go around referencing things you don’t know about

  48. Italian Stallion

    @36 Suck my dick you stupid Motherfucker, that is all, carry on………….

  49. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    All English people smell like horse farts and they piss in their tea because they think it makes them smarter than everyone else.


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