Victoria Beckham to guest judge on American Idol

August 6th, 2009 // 42 Comments

Victoria Beckham will be a temporary replacement judge for Paula Abdul on American Idol, according to SkyNews:

Posh will join fellow judges Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi on the panel.
The announcement comes just a day after Paula Abdul announced on Twitter that she was leaving American’s most popular show after eight seasons.
The role is a massive coup for Posh, who has been keen to make it big in American since arriving with husband David two years ago.
But it is understood she can not commit to anything other than a guest role as she wants to focus on her fashion range.

Jesus. Talk about a slap in the face to Paula. She quits, and the producers basically say “Hey, it’s not like we can’t find someone with comparable musical talent. — Get a Spice Girl on the phone.” Ouch.

Photos: WENN

  1. Bobby

    I want to roll around in her vaginal discharge. I want her to become wet, and then sit on a chair with a fan in front of her, legs spread, and let her secretions dry out. I want to peel them off with my fingernails, put them on toast, and finish my snack off as an appetizer. I want to cover her clitoris in glazed mustard and suckle that little thing like the end of a hot dog, until it swells like a growing water balloon. Then I want to fuck her, slamming her moist little pink clam until the veins burst.

  2. nik

    booo. whore.

  3. gotmilk?

    when will this robot realize, we don’t care about her. i was going to say what sort of background does she have to judge whether someone has talent or not because i completely forgot she was a singer, albeit she was in spice girls. clearly she’s been walking this earth being worthless for the past 10 years that people forget what she is famous for.

    and bobby, now you’re just trying to hard. give it up already.

  4. I love breasts

    Especially round, real, large breasts.

  5. wow


    I couldn’t put it in better words. She even looks like a pompous cunt in the pictures.

  6. LPB

    I was wrong…there IS something she can do.

    And as for Paula,

    “I had no idea how easy it would be to replace me.”

    —Farrah Fawcett

  7. I hope the next guest star is either Carrot Top or a crackwhore named Mercedes with only having one tooth dangling off her gums as she gives her opinions on the singers without having to pass out every 10 seconds.

  8. EB

    I didn’t realize they changed the name of the show to “Anorexic Idol”.

    You think as a judge, she might even crack a smile?

  9. Tyler

    At first, I thought what the fuck qualifies her to judge singing?

    Then I remembered she was a Spice Girl. Shows what she’s really famous for, blowing David Beckham.

    Still don’t that qualifies her to recognize vocal talent.

  10. tm

    oh boy cant wait…… skank!!!!!

  11. E.T.

    What is up with this bitch’s alien shaped head? I vaguely remember seeing a video of some guys giving her an autopsy. I wonder is she is the one that left that monolith on Mars?

  12. Aaron

    Hmmmm… wouldn’t you like to sit in on the next meeting she has with her new manager? The manager that I am sure promised her he would take care of everything.

  13. farty mcshitface

    she looks like shit. anorexic and gross.
    and who the hell is that goofy twit holding the umbrella?

  14. wanna kickit

    -her head looks like a football on a tee

  15. She needs to eat. That chic is wayyy too skinny! She’s ugly. She needs to eat a pack of Oscar Mayer weiners everyday for a year to get some meat on them bones.

  16. RobertM


    holy crap! you are right!!! pic #3…. right between the goal posts!!! oh man, I can’t wait for football season to start!!!!!!!!

  17. Alien with an ugly watch. Damn those aliens.

  18. gotmilk?

    15, it’s david bekham’s lover.

  19. Vince Lombardi

    They got Posh for *less* money than Paula??? I think the planet is grinding to a halt on its axis.

  20. She always has this look on her face like she’s thinking “soon, someone’s gonna realize I’m completely full of shit…”

  21. oh my!

    She is so skinny now that her head looks too big for her body.

  22. Pat C.

    Alien or Lollipop? We report – you decide.

  23. mamamiasweetpeaches

    I wanna make a horror movie about female aliens that invade earth looking for men to have praying mantis sex with.
    It will star Victoria Posh Spice and Rihanna as the sex-starved weird-shaped- headed alien women.


  24. boog

    Bitch totally has a crystal skull!

  25. IKE

    She actually does have some personality, but I’m more concerned that she brings the “pointy pair!!’ You know how some singer does so well they give you chills? Well, now we’ll have “indicators” for when a song is really good.
    Awwwww Yeahhhhh!!!!!

  26. aniias

    She looks like the evil mother on Coraline.

  27. kris

    #16 is right her HEAD does look like a football, I think a football smiles more that she does

  28. Rockatansky

    Posh is at the perfect weight ! So in shape ! So Hot !
    Her weight compliments her enhanced perky breasts !
    Very Nice Posh ! Thank You !

  29. Randal

    Well, I must say, this is certainly a move in the right direction. Paula Abdul was a fixture for eight years and never did I think they would be able to snag Victoria Beckham, the biggest Spice Girl from that time.

    Beckham has a lot of experience, not only in helping produce and write for the Spice Girls but also with her own album that hit the Top Ten in London.

    Congratulations, American Idol just got some real class.


  30. zuzuspetals

    She’s completed the transformation into an alien. Excellent.

  31. bronze

    Can this “woman” look any more alien? What planet is she from?

  32. athletesinglesdating

    She looks great, great talent and an good singer, perfect judge, good looks, class and style. Perfect person! –

  33. ryan


  34. 1moreidiotintheworld

    never watched american idol. I sure as hell wont watch it now…….I suppose her talentless ass will do a splendid job “judging” other talentless assholes…..

  35. Dude

    This fuckin whore could stand to gain about 25 pounds! Maybe then, I’d think about letting her suck my dick, skanky cunt that she is!!!

  36. Sergio

    Replace zany, crazy train wreck Paula with this ROBOT?

    At least get a Spice girl with some charisma for Christ sakes!!!

  37. Jeff

    OMG she is too skinny. Her head is huge on her body. She needs help.

  38. deborah

    im so jealous! she’s hot!
    Boob Job

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  40. I like it, very beautiful!!

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