Victoria Beckham sleeps in the nude

December 5th, 2007 // 76 Comments

Victoria Beckham sleeps in the buff, according to the latest issue of Elle magazine. Victoria says “I sleep naked. I’m going to be naked if I’m getting in bed with him [husband David Beckham] every night.” That would almost be hot if she weren’t entirely made of plastic. Victoria talked to Elle about her life and where she’s at now with the Spice Girls and designing clothes:

On somehow being a Spice Girl:
“It became very obvious from the start that I was never going to be the best singer or the best dancer or the best actress. I was never a ‘natural.’ You know, I’ve never been that good at anything, to be completely honest.”

On being a fashion designer:
“I work seven days a week. And I so love what I’m doing. I could go shopping all day, which is what a lot of people think that I do. That’s their perception-that I’m a miserable bitch and go shopping all day and boss David about.”

On finding out she’s popular on Halloween:
“Someone told me I’m going to feature big this year with the drag queens.” She loves this. “I’m so camp! I’m such a gay man trying to get out. I don’t give a shit what anybody thinks.”

“I’m such a gay man trying to get out.” Okay, I get it now. That’s why Tom Cruise is so obsessed with these people. It’s like a giant light bulb just went off above my head. That usually only happens when I realize the strip club is open 24/7 and has free chicken wings. *ding* Oh! There it is again. Looks I just solved the mystery of what’s for lunch. I wonder if Albert Einstein felt this smart after he did all that science stuff.

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  1. RichPort


  2. my happy pants

    she’s really a dude…

  3. dome

    SECOND! Or maybe THIRD! Certainly not FOURTH!

  4. Willravel

    I’ll bet she still looks like she’s wearing a push up bra….

  5. granada

    Well, she IS married…so of course she would sleep naked with her husband. Why is she making such a big deal about everything, though? And if she doesn’t care about what anyone thinks, why is she all plastic?

  6. RichPort

    That’s because they have to put her back in her box at night, with the rest of te ugly plastic toys.

    I wrote FIRST? Wow I must have had another blackout after fucking whoever #1′s mom is… stinky snatch’ll do that to you… That or I have finally solved the space/time/fuck you asshole/ continuum thingy…

  7. granada

    And I guess she’d be okay is she didn’t have such a fugly face.

  8. Ooba Gooba

    All that shopping and still not an ounce of talent.

  9. Ooba Gooba

    All that shopping and still not an ounce of talent.

  10. Texas Tranny

    Just like I’m a lesbian trying to get out.

    It’s a shame she doesn’t dress up in some smoking hot lingerie for her man.

  11. Barf!

    I think she is so fugly! What makes her even more ugly is that she acts like she is the s–t!

  12. LewdMan

    Well, she may be plastic – but I’d still bag it! (Pun Intended)

  13. Yeah TT, she should cover that shit up! She could poke someone’s eye out with those things!!!..

  14. Starchasm

    Guys, guys, I think we are overlooking a very important issue which is that one of her boobs is the size of a watermelon, and the other merely grapefruit sized. Especially in pic #3.

    I shudder to think of what that looks like without the benefit of underwires.

  15. Narcissist

    She should cover that up.

  16. She is a fembot!! and those point things have machine guns in the..

  17. Kelli

    She’s hawt!!! Ur all jelus hatrz!

  18. LL

    I kinda like her better now.

    I still think she’s gross-looking, but she doesn’t seem nearly as stupid as I would have thought. Compared to our celebutards, she’s a freakin’ Rhodes Scholar.

  19. Kris

    She IS a fucking fembot. I wonder when David (Austin) “shags” her if she ever short circuits.

    I shagged her rotten baby, YEAH!

  20. woodhorse

    14: so she forgot to air up one of them?

  21. Bigheadmike

    I wonder if she ever has worn sweats….

  22. bubba lubdubski

    so if she is a gay man…is she a pitcher or a catcher?

    at least now we know how she likes Dave to give it to her.

  23. kitty_kat

    I find it hilarious that she actually thinks she’s hot.
    And the fembot (sp?) comparisons are dead on.

  24. BaconMessiah

    Good help me, she actaully sounds kind of interesting and witty.


  25. MindRiot

    Yikes, her naked is a frightening proposition.
    I like my naked women soft, feminine and HUMAN.

  26. PunkA

    Hey, she may be a plastic fembot, but no one, and I mean NO ONE, can bend it like Beckham!!!!

  27. emily

    okay, so that’s cool that she sleeps naked. If i slept with david beckham i would, too. But here’s my question: she makes it sounds like she ALWAYS sleeps naked… what about when she’s on the rag???

    gross. :x

  28. she sounds honest and witty to me. :) and i love the way she looks…

  29. paperplanes

    It’s going to hurt me to say this, but she actually sounds like an interesting person.

  30. I don’t understand why everyone think’s she so hot. She’s to fake and skinny.

  31. D. Richards (Lass.)

    I like Victory Beckham; I like the fact that she has problems but doesn’t hide them. She’s also self-depricating which has this certain appeal to me because girl’s with self esteem problems are easier for a fuck-up like me to communicate to. I’ve also heard that she’s in to ass-sex. Now, anyone that knows me will tell ya’: I’m a sucker for wealthy anal-whores that have a poor self image.

  32. Amy

    Despite being plastic, I think Posh is gorgeous!

  33. Google

    get rid of all the fat asses and give me the girl of my dreams – Posh Spice !

  34. Mal Reynolds

    I’ve never been that good at anything, to be completely honest.”
    I’m such a gay man trying to get out.
    I don’t give a shit what anybody thinks.”

    Her honesty is refreshing.

  35. combustion8

    he’s kinda cute.

  36. Who doesn’t sleep naked? TT–most guys are trying to get the teddies off. I can see you asking for a fashion show and/or trying on some teddies yourself! Teddies for TT.

  37. she looks great in the 2nd pic

  38. p0nk

    “I was never a ‘natural…’” so she was born into the same race as plastic-man.
    #6 Rich bwahaha nice. annoying assfucking trolls… (cue wally)

  39. Chauncy Gardner

    This is wonderful information to know. Not only does the ugly bitch look like Madame, this story means she also probably leaves skidmarks on the sheets.

  40. Julius

    And for Christmas, I wish for a better pair of boobs for Victoria Beckham. Her plastic surgeon shouldn’t be practicing if this is his handywork.

  41. Does she close her eyes when she sleeps? Or do they remain open but glazed in a state of robot-like readiness?

  42. #41—Dolls eyes, Capt’n, black eyes.

  43. holla@meh

    shes so fierce. i love her. shes so hot. the end. (:

  44. holla@meh

    shes so fierce. i love her. shes so hot. the end. (:

  45. holla@meh

    shes so fierce. i love her. shes so hot. the end. (:

  46. holla@meh

    shes so fierce. i love her. shes so hot. the end. (:

  47. joho777

    I am amazed that she admits she sleeps naked. If she really wanted David to sleep with her, you’s think she cover her skinny plastic body with pajamas so she wouldn’t scare him away. She is really grotesque.

  48. makemepuke

    That is NOT Victoria Beckham. The complete lack of emotional expresssion indicates she is a non-human lifeform that has taken over Victoria and is posing as her. I believe the aliens have killed the real Victoria (aka Posh Spice) , evaporated her carbon based body, and manufactured a silicon based body double. The braoader agenda is not yet clear to me but I will get back to you once i have more evidence.

  49. She is really sexy!!! I have ever seen her hot video at which is a niche interracial dating site for all singls. She is really sexy with bikini in that video. someone thought it is naughty. but I don’t think so. She is sexy in my eyes

  50. Karisha

    Is it me or does she look like an alien? You know one of those drop shaped heads with big eyes’ aliens…

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