Victoria Beckham is starting a book club

March 23rd, 2007 // 101 Comments

Victoria Beckham is allegedly starting up a Hollywood book club, with Katie Holmes and Jennifer Lopez set to join. She plans for members of the book club to meet once a month at each other’s houses where they’ll discuss the book they’ve been reading. A source tells the Daily Star:

“When Victoria told Katie about a book club, Katie thought it was a great idea, especially as she would love to learn more about British classics. Victoria has asked five of her friends, including Jennifer Lopez and Katie, to become members.”

Keep in mind this is Posh Spice, who awhile ago admitted to have never read a single book in her entire life. At their first meeting everybody will be ready to discuss Pride and Prejudice and she’ll have brought a copy of Green Eggs and Ham. Then before they even start she’ll break down and admit she rented the movie.

victoria-beckham-hotel-de-vin-02-thumb.jpg victoria-beckham-hotel-de-vin-03-thumb.jpg victoria-beckham-hotel-de-vin-04-thumb.jpg victoria-beckham-hotel-de-vin-05-thumb.jpg



  1. iamsosmrt

    Ah the real life desperate housewives of Hollywood.

    I see divorce in their futures.

    These women having a book club is sufficient motivation for me to write a book and somehow get it into their little club. It would be called “When your a scrawny/tall/big assed whore and your husband is a midget/prettier that you

  2. licklick

    See Spot run. Run Spot run.
    Tom and Jane see Spot run.

    NEXT: The Cat in the Hat.

  3. Carsten5577

    Tom ‘loves the cock’ Cruise will make sure that the only book her club is ever allowed to read is L. Ron Hubbard’s masterpiece: Dianetics.

  4. L_Dub

    Dick and Jane oughta be a good start for all of them…

  5. mrlithium

    in the 3rd small picture she actually looks hot. cause you can see her eyes. plus she looks like a rich bitch in that pic instead of a stuck up bitch like she usually does

  6. S.P.F.R.S.

    She needs to spend some money to get that pig-snout nose of hers fixed! OINK! OINK! SEWEEEEE!

  7. iamsosmrt

    How can you be anorexic and have a double chin?

    Oh yaaa… it’s called skinny-fat. Sick. Work out woman. I can’t stand lazy ass chicks that won’t work out and just starve themselves. Meanwhile girls that work out look better and they go out to eat they’ll actually eat more than a fracking salad.

  8. jennnnnnnnah

    she drives a vw?

  9. #63, are you a Galactica fan as well?

  10. Kristin

    THIS is the last news of the week? Lame.

  11. Blog Lurker Guy Man Dude

    Must be a slow new week in Hollywood.

  12. k naz

    More like

    Lesson 1-Atkins Diet book
    Lesson 2-South Beach Diet book
    Lesson 3-Low-Carb Dieting For Dummies
    Lesson 4-Special guest Lindsay Lohan who explains and demonstrates the slimming effects of recreational drug use

  13. Blog Lurker Guy Man Dude

    Beckem’s publicist must be a dumbass who needs to be fired if this is the best thing he could think of to get publicity. And which magazine was stupid enough to print this crap? If I’m gonna get stupider by reading thier crap, then at least make it entertaining.

  14. BarbadoSlim

    Hopefully, someone in the staff of one of these future MENSA members will inform them that a Speak and Spell is not actually a “book.”

  15. anotheruselesscomment

    What’s she been chewing on or biting??? Check out that mega-overbite!

  16. # 57 iamsosmrt


    But you left out the Chapter of….

    Your husband used L. Ron Hubbards Sperm and your baby is his love child

  17. Lowlands

    I’ll expect J-Lo to speak soon british as well.Instead of ‘holy madre’ she’ll say ‘by jove’ soon.As a good girl she’ll probably study lots of cuisine- and cookybakingbooks.Don’t be too much impressed by these British bitches Hollywood.Any british redneck back in england speaks british ofcourse.

  18. CarnieWilson

    The book they’ll probably start off with is “Thomas the Little Engine that could”, then Katie’s will be “Scientology And Your Wife:how to keep that bitch from leaving the house 101″ and J.los will be “Confessions of a Butt Botoxologist”

  19. Carina

    Victoria Beckham says she has never read a book in her life

  20. Chemicakitty

    Maybe David will wanna join in with his coloring-in book.

  21. iamsosmrt

    #73, NICE. It’s funny because it’s true.

    I knew it looked empty without a chapter relating to the big pile of crazy that is scientology.

    How about one last chapter:

    *If there really are aliens you douches are the last people they would hang out with

  22. iamsosmrt

    To be honest I watch the occasional Veronica Mars and they referenced Battle Star Galactica and it’s swear word of the future. I quite enjoyed it, it has a nice ring to it, and I’m trying to work on my potty mouth because I am a lady …
    who swears a lot.

  23. IllIllllIIIlllI

    she used to be hot…like 20lbs ago!!!

  24. Jenster

    ……………….but she dosen’t know how to read…………I can’t wrap my mind around it.

  25. Saera

    hey look she got a bra slip!

  26. gigimc

    the way things appear to be developing, I wonder if it’s a “how-do-we-save-Katie-from-this-scientology-mess?” club instead, using the guise of “book club” as a ruse?

  27. teetee

    Why doesn’t she start an anorexic pig-nose group?

  28. They should start by reading my book: The Verge of Psychosis: An Aspiring Actor’s Journal. It will be a good introduction to Hollywood for her.

    I’m so awesome.

  29. tamere

    Those girls are multi millionaires. why the hell they choose such stupid low cost activities..if I was rich like that i’ll be amusing myself in a personally rented theme park or fucking make a huge private party in an Aqua Club with only naked prostitutes.

  30. Bessymouse

    #2 “It could also be a hat.”

    HAHA! Family guy.
    That’s awesome.

  31. Lowlands

    I’ll bet when they’re visiting Victoria’s house they’ll get high tea while being surrounded by a fake librarymovie-set.

  32. I’ve been trying to get my friends to start a book club for years. Maybe if I tell them the all the cool kids are doing it now too, they’ll finally get on board!

  33. WTF?

    How can she host a book club? Won’t she accidentally show her teeth if she talks?

  34. biatcho

    Yay! Guess what my boyfriend got me for my birthday??? Yup, an STD! Thank god he’s the “adventurous” type, I would have hated to have just the standard symptoms. To all you girls out there who think it might be fun to try something new with your boyfriend, consider this discription of my new constant companion:

    “Symptoms of rectal infection in both men and women may include discharge, anal itching, soreness, bleeding, or painful bowel movements.”

    Now that’s hot! (literally)

  35. I would say, they should just stick to movies…books are a tough thing for them :)

  36. Lowlands

    I’ll expect when they’re visiting the beckham’s home,David will park his Porsche Cayenne just in front of the door.When they’re entering the frontdoor he’ll push a couple of times on his remotecontrol of the locks of the car.Just to impress girls like Jennifer and Katie Holmes…

  37. DrPhowstus

    Lemme guess: this oinky bitch’s first required reading assignment will be Animal Farm.

  38. jrzmommy♠

    Now there are some words I never thought I’d ever see together…..Victoria Beckham and Book Club.

  39. Lowlands

    This will be a great opportunity for Tom Cruise to prove he’s cured from dyslexia.But big chance he’ll jump after a couple of minutes on the couch while David Beckham get his toycars and physician’s outfit to play with.

  40. kinah

    How can someone never have read a SINGLE book in their life? Seriously? Didn’t she have to read any literature at school or something? Did she even GO to school? *lol*

  41. whitegold

    I’m not the least bit surprised that Katie Holmes would be excited about this. Seriously, I think any excuse for Katie to get out of the house and away from Tom is a blessing for her!!! Or maybe this whole “book club” thing is a lie and it’s actually going to turn in to an intervention for Tom Cruise. Come on Victoria, I know you can cure him from his Scientology craze. And if not you, I’m sure he’d listen to David Beckham, especially if he made some cute pouty faces at him and asked pretty please while batting his eye lashes.

  42. HughJorganthethird

    On an un related note, Fifty Cent will be staring in Shakespear in the parks production of Hamlet.

  43. A lot of love

    oh my god. i just love VB and everything she has ever done. She is so talented that she would easily win American Idol 6. Simon would just love her. By the way; I’m a little confused. If you like to look at other men’s penises, does that make you gay? PLease answer because the uncertainty is just killing me.
    A lot of love to you’al.

  44. Jeezo. I never thought I would here posh becks joining a book club. I could certainly take the micky with this but I will give her the benefit of the doubt. for the moment anyway.

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