Victoria Beckham is starting a book club

March 23rd, 2007 // 101 Comments

Victoria Beckham is allegedly starting up a Hollywood book club, with Katie Holmes and Jennifer Lopez set to join. She plans for members of the book club to meet once a month at each other’s houses where they’ll discuss the book they’ve been reading. A source tells the Daily Star:

“When Victoria told Katie about a book club, Katie thought it was a great idea, especially as she would love to learn more about British classics. Victoria has asked five of her friends, including Jennifer Lopez and Katie, to become members.”

Keep in mind this is Posh Spice, who awhile ago admitted to have never read a single book in her entire life. At their first meeting everybody will be ready to discuss Pride and Prejudice and she’ll have brought a copy of Green Eggs and Ham. Then before they even start she’ll break down and admit she rented the movie.

victoria-beckham-hotel-de-vin-02-thumb.jpg victoria-beckham-hotel-de-vin-03-thumb.jpg victoria-beckham-hotel-de-vin-04-thumb.jpg victoria-beckham-hotel-de-vin-05-thumb.jpg



  1. Von D

    Am I the only one who doesn’t care about this?

  2. omelette ze roar

    That is some bad hair.

  3. V

    I did read where she said she has never read a book. This “club” should be a real winner.

  4. serial snarkalec

    Is William Shatner’s son trying to stuff her in the trunk of the VW Golf TDI? Another day in Posh’s bizarro world I suppose.

  5. arrogances

    That’s odd. If I try to do a search it just sends me back to the top page.
    Anyone else notice this? Try typing in a search. How do I tell Fish about this?

  6. Coffee, cigarettes and donuts.
    Would you give that stuff to your dog?

  7. Dan


  8. vaselineintensive

    she actually looks like she has a double chin in that first picture…amazing considering she has no fat on her body

  9. They’re talking about a COMIC book club – right? I mean, The Fantastic Four would be like A Midsummer Night’s Dream to those three.

  10. StoneRose

    Lesson 1 – read monograms on towels, acronyms on clothing labels, and the fine print on her sunglasses.

    Lesson 2 – invite Linsday Lohan to read from her new bible book.

    Lesson 3 – invite Tom Cruise to read Scientology passages…but be very patient and forgiving because he’s dyslexic

    Lesson 4 – kick out Tom Cruise due to unruly behaviour during ‘sharing time’

  11. Book club? BORING
    Fight Club??? FUCKING AWESOME

    Hey orange you all glad she’s white again?

  12. lambman

    On Absolutely Fabulous Patsy and Edie had a celebrity book club where they read Star, In Touch and Hello! magazine.

    I imagine this book club to be like that, except with more talk of Xanu

  13. lambman

    Also, aren’t the Beckhams and the Lopez-Anthonys the two couples that Cruise is trying to convert to Scientology?

  14. IFuckingHateYou

    “Book club” is Hollywood slang for Lesbian Fuck-Fest – at least in my mind and nobody will ever convince me otherwise.
    Posh looks a little hammered in these pictures. Speaking of that, I wouldn’t mind hammering her a little.

  15. Notorious

    This is what bored rich people do? I’d rather be the bored poor person I am now, its more gratifying.

  16. Notorious

    Victoria is going to see this picture and end up cutting her ears off because they are so fat. Go on a diet woman you’re hideous!

  17. no1justminda

    #17, that was so cheesy but I still laughed :)

  18. A MONTH?! To read just one book?! Considering that Katie and Posh have nothing better to do but Shop all day and not eat they should be able to go through a book every two days.

    Hell, 11 year old kids can devour an 800 page Harry Potter Book in under 24 hours for shits sake. Just how dumb are these Douchebags?

  19. Oh, and by the way, She’s fat.

  20. FRIST!!!

    Oh yeah, she does look hammered…oh well, that’s how I’ll be lookin tonight after the margaritas. Except a LOT less bony and way prettier (my mom says so)

    How do I sign up for Fight Club???

  21. Dr. Seuss FTFW!

  22. schack

    that ring is stuck to her finger cause its so tacky

  23. JBo

    Anyone else notice that only her left had has fake nails… then look at her right hand, they are short and natural? By keeping one hand natural – is that her attempt to “keep it real” – considering nothing else about her is real? HAG!

  24. PunjabPete

    Good lord… Like this cut-face trout lipped freak can read….

  25. ponk

    StoneRose, kudos on the Lindsay Lohan reference. apparently books are the new accessory.

  26. redharing

    All of this cannot be true, because J-Lo lives about 2 minutes from me in Long Island, and to my knowledge the other tiny stick women live in LA.

  27. schack

    um, jet engines are this recent cool invention that, when combined with the lift-creating capabilities of wings, allows people to fly places really really quickly.

  28. FRIST!!!

    #29 Nope she ain’t keepin SHIT real. In that first pic, the “right” hand belongs to her chauffer. Both her hands have makeup on them, worry not! Although….if she were to join Fight Club with me, I’ll bet those nails of hers would get MESSED UP!!!!

  29. schack

    i don’t know frist. i’m betting you’re fierce, but those nails are like satan’s talons, since satan is a bird…


  30. veggi

    I like to think in the first picture she’s saying
    “dur dur dur, I like tater tots.”

  31. schack

    i’ve never heard her speak. but i’ve been beckhomed, so i’ll ttyl, mon ch

  32. jxbong

    come on you guy’s the books are not for reading she’s just collecting them so that one day she will be able to see over the steering wheel.

  33. veggi

    oh, NO!

  34. veggi

    Demain, nous aurons martini. Bu au travail est amusant.

  35. FRIST!!!

    What? But I WORK for Satan….of course those nails are coming off…and her ugly fucked up nose hoowahhh hahahaha

    I’m so glad it’s Friday!!!!

  36. FRIST!!!

    20 bucks?!? DEAL!!!!

  37. guymorgan

    So cute…

    And come of it, everyone knows celebritys say crap like ‘I have never read a book’ as it makes the seem less unrealistic to the avaerge American pop idol watcher.

  38. Truthseeker013

    What wasn’t widely reported- all of the books to be read are about Posh Herself.

  39. tweetyeyes

    Who is this lady and why does she look like a drunken knome?

  40. FRIST!!!

    She’s a soccer mom, but formerly a famous white rapper who was ridiculed for not being gangster enough and forced into retirement, you know….Spice Spice, Baby

    Oh, wait I’m thinking of Vanilla Ice

  41. tweetyeyes

    I love you FRIST, that was good!

  42. I heard they were reviewing Mel Gibson’s new book… “Fucking Jews and Mexicans need to make their own movie!” (With a forward by Tom Metzger, ‘White Aryan Race’ founder)

  43. Hecubus

    Sometime in the late 60′s Andy Warhol fucked a pig, nine months later the world had Victoria Beckham.

    But seriously I think this book club is a good idea. The three of them gathered around a book all night trying to find Waldo keeps them off the streets at least.

  44. kamihi

    Is this sad act trying to reinvent herself as an intellectual because shes got an English accent! PUUHLEEEEZE she can’t even write let alone READ, except for maybe Hello and OK, but even then she only reads the pictures!! WOOF WOOF Victoria!

  45. NipsyHustle

    why does she insist on keeping that fat nose? everything else on her had been reduced to the bone, why not that snout?

  46. hmoses

    It worked! Scientology cured Tom’s dyslexia and now it’s taught Posh to read! I knew she couldn’t resist him and his Thetan.

  47. Binky

    I’d love to be invited into this book club.
    And ladies the first week – the Crayolas are on me ! x

  48. HollyJ

    I think her nails (the clear left hand view) look nice. At least she doesn’t have those nasty Fergie/Pam Anderson/Barbra Streisand square-cut horribly fake-looking ones.

    Square-cut nails just have CHEAP FAKE HO written all over them.

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