Victoria Beckham really knows fashion

November 12th, 2008 // 56 Comments

So for how long exactly has Victoria Beckham been played by Peter Pan? And why does her son look like he just got back from a safari where he hunted Santa Claus?


  1. Elisha

    haha she looks like a boy …………who would wanna fuck that beside creeps who like little boys,,,…….so thats what David is in to eh…ewww

  2. Tony

    Betcha I’m NOT No.1 :)

  3. Ryan

    Im glad the boys around you wear womens shades and clothes ..

  4. 1moreidiotintheworld

    Who else sees a resemblance to Mia Farrow? What is hubby up to anyway? His homo feelings for his teammates must be spilling over into the home – making her look like one of the boys, hmmmm…..

  5. Tony

    I win! YUS!! :)

    Man I have to stop drinking on work nights – and maybe move to a different time zone…

  6. Susey

    Victoria is beautiful, no matter what she wears. Every time i signed in _____tallloving.com_____ and there were always many her fans talking about her. you know it is a site where singles can find their servious tall relationship. They love her so much.

  7. tinkerbelle

    she looks feminine and so incredibly glamorous and stylish. The son… not too sure whats going on with that get up though.

  8. mikesh

    …poor kid

  9. Asurey

    I like her…

  10. Beckham has to drop this creature quick! She must be a really great person because she is tough on the eyes right now.

  11. ummm...yeah

    Who the hell is she anyway?
    Oh yeah, she’s married to that queer fagboytoy, no wonder she looks like a dude…feel sorry for the kid…when he gets older…daddy’s gonna tap that …

  12. be sure: THERE IS NOTHING ELSE, folks!!

  13. SIN

    Thats not Victoria Beckham. It can’t be. Where are the huge tits with large, pointy nipples? Whomever it is has nice legs, but is not her.

  14. Mike


  15. Next post please

    Victoria suffers from ‘over styling’
    i wish she would tone down on the heels sometimes and be a little regular

    the tiny dresses, 11 inch stilletos, and big sunglasses look of hers is too boring!
    its not style when we know exactly how you’d look tomorrow

    too boring

  16. Really nice if I was this kid!!

  17. F-Obama

    Here is why you have 8 year old’s that kill their parents.

  18. How the hell does she manage to carry her kid in those boots????….

  19. Sprmcandy

    Nice legs, love the short dresses.

  20. How the hell does she manage to carry her kid in those boots????….

  21. forfuckssake

    SHIT…. I wish you would fix your rss feed to properly display the photos
    its been like this for a month, get off your ass fish

  22. Personally I think her husband is gorgeous, even if he did make that unfortunate slip a few years ago with Loos woman. Mrs B on the other hand, well she knows how to work that camera and she does it like her livelihood depened on it!

    Lovely kids!

  23. whats wrong with her fashion sense? nice short dress great fuck me shoes…

  24. yelloe

    New York Times reported that her profiles were found on the famous millionaire & celebrity dating club ^^^^^^MillionaireLoving. C O M^^ ^^^^. It is amazing!

  25. ktb

    eat something, your legs look like they’re going to snap!

  26. Sport

    she is gross. At least she loves her look (and self.)

  27. Blah

    That woman sure is one slave to (bad) fashion. Can’t she just ever relax once in a while and throw on some sweats or something?! I swear, her feet and gutt must be killing her 24/7 with all those tight clothes and super high heels. She needs to throw a cheeseburger in her mouth while she’s at it too.

  28. Fernando Narcos

    She’s such a nasty little troll.

    Having said that,I’d still fuck her ’til her uterus fell out.

  29. CaptainCack

    First, I would have sex with her. Second, if I could dress like I was on a safari, I would too. That kid is awesome.

  30. langdon

    she looks beautiful. i love how short hair exentuates a woman’s feminine jawline and neck. i imagine the people who freak out that she “looks like a boy” are a little bit gay.

  31. missy



    I’d fuck that elf!

  33. Now that is one ugly dude!!

  34. ldsqtbea

    omgosh … funnies story thingy that the superficial writer has ever come up with !!! HILARIOUS

  35. :(

    Screw you Fish…that’s what my hair looks like too and I think it’s cute!

  36. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Just the outfit a mom wants to wear while taking their little one out. Uncomfortable spiked high heels so you can easily run (NOT!) and a short skirt so when you pick up your child and bend down to talk to your child; you can show everyone your panties. How boring to be around a mom that cannot move around freely.

  37. blowhard

    I think she looks gorgeous, but then again if you give a fuck what I or any retard on this board thinks, you should probably re-evaluate your life.

    Anyway I’d totally tinkerbell her fairy

  38. rolling eyes

    That kid looks utterly ridiculous. She better get him normalled up quick. Brentwood is a tough town. That kid is not going to have any friends at the Brentwood Country Daycare.

  39. Lola

    She doesn’t look like a boy she looks like a tranny, one trying very hard to pass and failing comically.

  40. Shawn_solo

    She’s a mess. The way her thighs are the same thickness as her calves is just SO not sexy. And then just to complete the 12 year old boy look, why not lop off all the hair? Ick!

    The kid, however, rocks hardcore. That look is so right on… he’s like a tiny Tom Skerrit in Top Gun.

  41. Ted from LA

    Quit picking on 12 year-old boys. She just needs to try harder. She needs to add about 12 new items and accessories to her “look” each day. Lord knows there is nothing more important to worry about than your clothes and shoes.

  42. Ted from LA

    I hope she’s taking that kid to his psychologist. After walking around town dressed like that with a mother dressed like that, he’s going to need years of therapy to right that ship.

  43. i like it. people are ruthless here, and i like that too! :)

  44. Kahlee

    this is the first story on The Superficial that has made me laugh in about a year. More probably.

  45. Amy

    I find it creepy seeing the number of people posting on this who find Victoria Beckham sexy…she’s pretty, no doubt about that, but come on…does everyone really want their women to look like they’re starved half to death? Seriously Vicky, eat a damned burger!

  46. lola richie

    Yes she is thin, but she does eat. She has muscle tone and some fat so she is not anorexic. She looks ridiculous most of the time, however, if you take bits and pieces of her outfits they look nice

  47. I don't understand

    Images work in the Geekologie feed. Why are they still broken here for The Superficial??

  48. dragon43078

    I still do not think it is Victoria Beckham.

  49. Realist

    Victoria Beckham really knows how to be anorexic & still not die.

    (Shhh! Her secret: Vampirism!)

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