Victoria Beckham has hard nipples

July 27th, 2007 // 215 Comments

It sort of defeats the purpose of a bra when your nipples are made from solid diamond. No, wait, not diamond. The stuff they use to cut diamond. And it’s probably not good for Queen Latifah’s self esteem to be running into Victoria Beckham. It’d be like Lindsay Lohan running into Stephen Hawking. Or a NASA scientist. Or a cat pawing at a ball of yarn.


  1. Texas Tranny

    Yummy, I jacked off to these pics here at work. Delicious.

  2. Gemma

    That’s just creepy…

  3. Angat

    Second ?

    Maybe its just some kind of prosthesis.

  4. JoBOO


  5. YaYa

    6!!! lmao jp

  6. gay4girls

    @5 I can actually arrange that for the right price.

  7. JagedNS

    gimme a break. this freakshow is disgusting. Look how emaciated she is. She makes the Olsen’s look like Queen Latifah.

    nasty nasty nasty.

  8. Shallow Val

    I can’t get past her horrible piggy nose. Bad boob job. She must have been Clair Danes flat when she got them. Ya need to have some extra skin in order to make those puppies look real.

    How is it she had three kids who weren’t born underweight. They were probably incubated in the Matrix.

  9. maeby

    They arent diamonds, they are eyeballs, in fact they are watching you right now..

  10. Cubicle POW

    These nipples are required, by law, to be registered as weapons in 32 of the 50 states.

  11. Psycho Killa

    Either he’s as dumb as a couple of rocks, or as shallow as a bottle cap or she has the best cunny in the universe.

  12. whitegold

    I will give credit where I feel credit is due, and those are some damn nice looking nipples!

  13. adeliza

    I still think she looks like a freakin’ pig fetus.
    A total Biology class experiment.
    Oink, Oink

  14. Zane

    Come to America, get a greasy forehead with zits. It’s called the “Britney Special.”

  15. Cubicle POW

    PIC #10
    I never realized that she had such a forehead zit problem.

  16. WTF?!?! Look at that AL QAEDA tattoo on the back of her neck! Posh is now on my hate list. feck her!

  17. adeliza

    And I just noticed the fuck me shoes.

    Geeeezzzzz, how does she walk in those.

    The ones I have only stay on for 3 minutes or less, you know I don’t use them for walking!!!!

  18. Texas Tranny

    Oh yes, I know what you mean. I just LOVE “fuck-me” pumps, they make me feel so feminine and sissy and of course they have to match my pretty panties and lingerie.

  19. lapet

    You just know Latifah is just drooling over them titties.

  20. Ewwwwww

    Pic #9 – Toothpick arms (and don’t EVEN tell me that’s photoshopped). Undernourished cyborg alien tramp.

  21. Bite Me!

    Check out the look on Queen Latifah’s face. Either Victoria just ripped a really sticky fart or Latifah is thinking she is one butt ugly cracker!!

  22. JIMBO

    Someone should photoshop the arms from Madonna on to this Skeletor!

  23. gay4girls

    @1, finished, and still posted first? That is impressive.

  24. Skippy McGee

    They are surgical implants. Both the breasts and the nipples.

  25. catvault

    Did anyone notice that she is wearing two different rings on her left hand in the various pictures? Whats up with that?

  26. My beautiful Pozh:

    Her and I R built almozt alike
    except my boobz R real
    and my hair iz halfway down
    my back…I love her******

  27. Bite Me!

    @26 ya think??? I am glad you told us. I thought they were all natural

  28. Lorilomaxx

    Has anyone noticed the back of her ankles?? WTF?!

  29. XavierH

    18, it’s Hebrew, not Arabic/Farsi/Dari/Pashto. It says “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.” I wouldn’t be surprised if Becks had a matching one on his cock.

  30. lambman

    Or it’s not good for Posh’s self-esteem! Queen is a million times more attractive, talented and likable than that orange skeleton with a monkey face a bad haircut.

  31. jacknasty

    didn’t you use that diamond nipples joke in reference to Posh like 2 weeks ago?

  32. I know I should be commenting on her boob in order to fit in here, but I’m a bit agog about her shirt. It looks like one of those bodysuits from 1989 that she forgot to button.

  33. Me


    Dude, that’s CLEARLY not Arabic. Yes, ARABIC, not Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda’s an organization, not a language.

    I REALLY wish you would tone down the xenophobia. It doesn’t look good on you.

  34. Chauncey Gardner

    Okay… you’ve all seen how hideous this thing looks when it’s just walking around. Now, imagine it taking a SHIT…

  35. I’ll never have nipples like those. Guys will have to settle for my all-world cocksucking skills.

  36. caveman

    love to bang skinnybigtitsgreatass!

  37. adeliza

    Well I guess she must be proud of those suckers, I mean as much money as she paid for them and all, I suppose it’s only fitting that she wants the world to see.
    I wonder if they used pig skin to stretch over them and make them bigger?

  38. XavierH

    39, if they used pig skin, wouldn’t it make her Hebrew tattoo catch fire?

  39. adeliza




  40. Bite Me!

    @37 That is pretty funny troll

  41. Eh, I’d rather chill with Latifah then Vic. Vic looks like a creepy tranny with the personality of a cheezit.

  42. wedgeone

    I’d fuck her. It’d be nostalgic – I used to love to listen to the sound made by Rice Crispies.

  43. XavierH

    And this was her eight years ago:

    If she tried to smile like that now, she’d rip her face clean from her skull!

  44. Bite Me!

    @44 Wedgeone, you better hope that it takes more the 15 seconds to get to the pop!!

  45. adeliza

    How in the hell did this gal land David Beckham?
    Of all the famous chicks in the whole wide world, that hot piece of ass chose her!?!?!?!


  46. ph7

    Hey! Todays she looks pretty good – I’d hit is hard. I bet she knows what to do in bed…

  47. XavierH

    48, I bet you’re right, b/c she can’t sing for shite.

  48. wedgeone

    #37 – Wow – was that a pic of Vic getting ass reamed by Beckham?

    #45 – she’s incapable of smiling. We’ve seen more pictures of her nipples in the last 3 months than her teeth. When you’re a 75 pound bulemic, your teeth rot away from the gastric acids coming out of your mouth.

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