Victoria Beckham has expensive teeth

vbeckham_whitening.jpgVictoria Beckham has reportedly spent $44,000 to get her teeth whitened, paying out $4,400 per tooth. Additionally, her husband David Beckham has allegedly also indulged in the whitening treatments.

“Victoria is self-conscious about her teeth. In a lot of pictures in her Spice Girl days she pouted with her mouth closed. Now she has had some whitening done,” a source told The Sun. “But it is easy to get carried away. Victoria has had a few treatments and she’s delighted with the results.”

I know that when you have money you can do all sorts of crazy things like eat cereal out of diamond bowls and buy penguins, but spending $44,000 to get your teeth whitened is just stupid. She should have just invested in a couple of Crest whitening strips and spent the other $43,960 to have her toilet covered in gold. I mean who doesn’t need a gold-covered toilet?