Victoria Beckham does sexy stuff for Armani

January 14th, 2009 // 55 Comments

Victoria Beckham scored a multi-million deal with Armani late last year and these are the first ads from her campaign. I call this one “Tom Cruise Stops By the Beckham House at an Inopportune Time. Flips the Fuck Out.” I don’t know how that’ll sell clothes, but what do I know? Besides everything.

EDIT: Included David Beckham’s ad for the ladies. It’s what Jesus would do.

Photos: Armani, Daily Mail

  1. Andy

    She gives me a bone. Specifically, a rib.

  2. Captain Walleye

    What the….?

  3. bob n weave

    First photo shoot ever where they had to edit the photos to put weight on the model.

  4. Clavicle

    Photoshopped silicone lumps

  5. bob n weave

    First photo shoot ever where they had to edit the photos to put weight on the model.

  6. bob n weave n jerkoff

    First photo shoot ever where they had to edit the photos to put weight on the model.

  7. I think she’s got the bigger package, hence the shadows…

    If you want to see a hilarious vid of THE GUY WHO GOT TRAMPLED TO DEATH AT WAL-MART, then you should check this out:

  8. sensitive guy

    honestly, this is the first photo of her ever where I’ve found her reasonably attractive – really nice work. I still have no interest in fucking her – which of course is a chance that comes up a lot…. but, still, kinda hot.

  9. WTF

    youre an idiot^^^^^^^^

  10. Expert on everything

    David Beckham is such a sick ass hottie! I would fuck his brains loose from his spinal cord! Dont be so jealous phish! He’s the perfect man! So many british hotties: christian bale, dave becks, daniel craig WTF american boys? your losin your game -ok, lets hear it……

  11. nicefrenchgurl

    why dont those two switch their underwears? hmmmmm david in undies….

  12. nicefrenchgurl

    why dont they switch underwears? hmmmm DB in undies, definitely worth seeing

  13. Elizabeth


  14. p0nk

    shouldn’t she be holding a bowl of rice and a box of evaporated milk?

  15. I don’t like the pixie cut on her…

  16. jrz

    Yes, Elizabeth, he’s nice on the eyes….but Elizabeth….when he speaks he makes Mike Tyson sound baritone. I can’t imagine gettin down with someone who sounds like Oliver Twist……”Please, Elizabeth…..I want some more.” Think…..think……..*shudders*

  17. MassGrrl

    She is not attractive. I don’t think many guys go for that androgynous automaton look.

    He, on the other hand, is perfect.

  18. @ 7 LMAO that video was great i knew there was another side to tht story!

    @ 11 becuz davds got skidmarks, puhleeeze

  19. havoc

    Shouldn’t they have better looking children?

    I’m just saying. Ugly children can be a burden sometimes.


  20. Randal

    This is nothing new. Victoria has always been doing sexy ever since she was the lead star of the Spice Girls. Armani is years behind.


  21. whatever

    As a woman I would have to say that that pic of David Beckham is NOT “for the ladies.”

    The position he is in, the tighty-whities, that really odd look on his face = not for women.

  22. michelle

    that haircut is terrible!!!

  23. platypus bill

    After that Madonna campaign train-wreck, they got this one right. Photographed from far away to hide the hideousness of the model. Photographed in black & white to hide that the model is a decaying corpse. Photographed so that no one would have any idea that this is an ad for underwear, whatsoever, and not an ad placed by some hooker to increase business in these tough economic times.

  24. The "any guy who" guy

    Any guy who thinks the first 2 pictures are hot is trying to hide the instant woody he got from the third picture.

  25. Dr McNasty

    David Beckham is such a dude. Why is he wearing lingerie, though?

  26. Debbie31

    Is it just me or are they posing her to look like she’s FATTER than she really is? I agree, first photos ever of a model to make her look fuller.

  27. Chip


  28. Danklin24

    Victoria Beckham isnt sexy no matter what she puts on. The woman has a bigger penis than David for Christ sakes. She looks like a mindless robot half the time also, and these pics arent any different.

  29. gyps

    good god. i would have sex with becks in front of my grandmother doggie style!

  30. Johnny Wannadingdong

    I like my TV loud, my beer cold and my David Beckhams completely nude and sucking my peni – errr banging my vagina.

  31. me

    Anyone posting after me sucks on David Beckham’s jolly ole penis and swallows his ale

  32. iswallow

    you mean the sock he has stuffed down there?

  33. LondonBabe

    #3 Your comment is so correct!
    This is the first time I have seen them publishers a weight to a model !!!

  34. me

    Nevermind my post #31; I’m just a guy who loves, loves, loves cock.

  35. black girl

    I’d love to bend Beckham and play with his balls

  36. DBLTC

    David Beckham is a fairy and he LOVES COCK! Only homosexual males are attracted to that squeeky voiced limp-wrist fairy.

  37. Notice

    #35 = a homosexual male

  38. Andrea

    “It’s what Jesus would do.”

    Jesus was gay.So what’s your point?

  39. Britsarebest

    I think she looks , great – I really like her and think she get bad press that it undeserved!

  40. kate

    She is really very hot on the ***seekingsugarmomma. c om*** . There are so many hot pics on videos on that web. If you have a look, you will not want to move the eyes.

  41. Racer X

    Get this biotch a cheese burger

  42. sexy & DUMB!!
    YOU WANT MORE, folks?

  43. LT81

    Looks like she died of starvation.

  44. Tom K

    I think it is the best she has ever looked these days, I stopped thinking she was hot after her Spice Girl days. Remember when she was hot back then. You all call her ugly now but everybody wanted to bang Posh Spice back then.

  45. Érico Calixto

    Her hair looks like shit.

  46. Chupacabra

    She need to grow her hair out again. That little pig nose doesn’t look good with the gamine waif haircut that only beautiful Audrey Hepburn could pull off.

    Your little pig nose SUCKS, Victoria! Cunt.

  47. ishi-san

    Did DB shave his legs??

  48. I just bought like 20 of those bras and I’m sending them to Kate Hudson.

  49. Oh. I see the whore is still at it.

  50. Aaaaand she still looks good.

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