Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes are best friends

October 6th, 2006 // 111 Comments




  1. krisdylee

    I wonder if Victoria can even smile….

  2. trinket

    At lest Victoria allows Katie to wear heels — unlike someone else I know…

  3. jrzmommy

    The super crime-fighting duo of PISSED-OFF WOMAN AND EXTRA-LONG-PANTS GIRL!!!

    (it’s Posh’s cape that’s killing me here.)

  4. CDob

    Katie Holmes looks so hilariously awkward and out of place. This made my morning.

  5. Is Katie going to a Saturday Night Fever Midnight Madness feature?

  6. Ramdonomo

    Kate Holmes-Cruise is like a FOOT TALLER than Vicki. WTH? Not to mention the fact that while she’s off gallavanting in gay ol’ Par-ee, her man is probably off at home dining on Baby A’la Mode and loving the cock.

  7. gert-the-sprout

    Katie usually gets much attention from Tom when wearing this suit.

  8. magickal

    Oh – #4 I was thinking the same thing. AWKWARD! Who the fuck does Katie think she is? She’s still that stupid Joey from Dawson’s Creek while Posh is married to Becks. ‘Nuff said.

  9. Binky

    It looks like Vikky finally realized that the spray ‘Orange Glow’(tm) stuff is meant to be used on furniture.
    (It’s also supposed to repel dust)

  10. MsMonipenni

    #3 LOL! I even had the batman tune playing in my head when I read you’re post!

  11. notmeganharris

    I like the suit. Very Katherine Hepburn-ish.
    I bet hubby likes it because it’s very man-ish.
    “Katie, please wear the suit. Yes! Yes!”

  12. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    I think Posh should divorce Becks and marry Donald Trump. He loves women who look like space aliens with stretched skin who never learned to smile.

    And what the hell is Katie Holmes doing in Paris? Must be nice to afford a 24/7 nanny to raise your baby while you’re off watching something meaningless.

    Good point, #8, magickal. Who is trying to rise and who’s on the fall? I think they’re both heading for the land of Has-Been.

  13. gert-the-sprout

    Actually Katie was wearing this while concieving Suri…

  14. RichPort

    Ms Holmes: Any idea what TCLTC means?

    Ms Beckham: Oink.

    Ms Holmes: It’s been eating me up, the signs on red carpets, T shirts, and blogs… what could it possibly mean?

    Ms Beckham: Oink.

    Ms Holmes: …and did you see the was Tom was looking at David? I mean, I thought THAT was a bit odd…

    Ms Beckham: Oink.

  15. Jedi Kevin

    I never realized that Katie is 10 feet tall.

  16. BigJim

    I’ve learned about how TC supposedly fathered Spawn of Satan Suri. Being that Tom won’t let his little Cruiser anywhere near anything female, he summoned the awesome power of L. Ron Hubbard to assist him in his quest to father a child.

    Essentially, he enlisted his switch-hitting fellow scientologist (lower case “s” intentional) pal John Travolta to solve the problem. Tom gave it to John up the pooper while John was simultaneously giving it to Katie (how’s that for a disturbing visual?).

    Tom ejaculated first, and, through the power of all diving L. Ron, his semen passed through John and into the Travolta ejaculate, thus impregnating Katie with TC genes in a communion so unholy it rivals the birth of Rosemary’s baby.

    These people are seriously fucked up, I tell ya.

  17. BigJim

    I meant “all divine L. Ron”


    They kinda look like super heroes.

  19. Sheva

    Dragging white slacks all over the ground in Paris is all the rage.

    Didn’t know that Victoria was a smurf. She looks like a really disturbed bitch in that third shot. Becks, what were you thinking?

  20. clown

    Wow and Victoria thinks she is the expert in fashion?

    I think those fashion shows are doing no good to her brain. As if she had one.

    Somebody should tell them it’s not Halloween yet , but fashion week.

    Kate HOMELESS’s weak smiles are as terrible as those Victoria’s non-smile but starving faces.

    # 2 and # 12 great comments!

  21. Blah.

    Those women are almost as skinny as Nicole Richie.

  22. combustion8

    The freaks indeed come out at night.

  23. bigponie

    what the fuck is Darth Vader and a Storm Tropper doing in Paris.

  24. commissioner

    They look so odd together. Like Katie is a cat, waiting to gobble little bird Victoria up.

    I tell you what, if that bitch Vick tried to walk fifteen paces in front of me, I’d trip her skinny British ass and keep on truckin’.

  25. TajAmazon

    Hey guys, with Tom Cruise being cut from Paramount, and Scientology stealing all his money, times are tough. Katie obviously can’t afford a tailor to hem the bottom of her pants.

  26. commissioner


    Where the hell have you been? Shopping?

  27. jrzmommy

    Commish: I was adopting a baby from Africa.

  28. RichPort

    Where’s the pointy hat and the fucking broom? Where are the flying monkeys? Why isn’t her skin fucking green? And pay NO attention to the man behind the curtain…

  29. NotANiceGirl

    @ 6 & 15….
    I looked it up on IMDB to satisfy my curiousity…. the height diff. is not huge!!!
    Katie is 5’9″
    TCLTC is 5’7″ (with the lifts I’m guessing!!)
    Victoria is 5’6″

  30. NotANiceGirl

    JRZ! I’ve missed you!!! I’m glad you’re back!!

  31. Honestly, they look like to 6 year-olds playing dress-up in mommies clothes.


  32. jrzmommy

    30–missed you cool kids at the back of the bus, too, babe. :)

  33. FrootPie

    How does Victoria Beckham manage to keep her head up? I know it’s wrong to steal, but I have to- her head looks like an orange stuck on a toothpick. She’s an actual bobblehead- a caricature come to life. Ew.

  34. I didn’t think Katie could find someone creepier than Tom to pal around with.

  35. nc72

    Well at least she’s getting out, must be a relief…

  36. Ruby

    Jrz – how much rum did ya have to trade?

  37. vainandlovingit

    oh great they can be hideous together. TCLTC

  38. Equalparts

    Oh Katie, you’re really just so cool with your hands in your pants pocket and your little sashay in your white pantssuit. So very fashionista. Paleeeze. Victoria Beckham is a tool, it’s only because she’s Scientology approved that Katie is in the same room.

    By the way, Posh Spice says she doesn’t like to smile in pictures because she hates the way she looks when she smiles.

    I was wathing Batman Begins the other night. The world is missing nothing by Holmes staying out of…um….ahem..”acting”.

  39. Penn and Teller in drag?

  40. commissioner


    Did you have your personal shopper pick out a dozen or so to “try on”?

  41. jrzmommy

    36–None, thank God. They did soak me for 50 cartons of Lucky’s and a small nuclear device.

  42. llllllllll

    Is it just me or does Katie Holmes look 20 years older than her age? She gave up her career and youth and freedom for a cockroach.

  43. llllllllll

    too many “and’s” in my last

  44. Anonymous

    I honestly don’t know who is the bigger whore: Katie Holmes or Victoria Beckham. Both would be nothing without the males (in the case of Tom, “male”) to which they are linked. Both women are unemployed and talentless, without a lick of fashion sense without their respective mates’ cash (or, in the case of Katie, Tom’s control).

  45. llllllllll

    one too many “and’s” in my last last post …ugh

  46. pinky_nip

    Just a couple of beards out on the town.

  47. Stuey75

    well duhhh she’s wearing a cape. She’s super ho

  48. llllllllll

    I’m surprised Tom lets her hang out with Beckham

  49. jrzmommy

    COMMISH: yes, they had some pre-selected for me to pick and choose from. They all had to participate in a little talent show — kinda like a little beauty pagent. It was very tedious and alot of the same stuff– they all swatted flies as their talent –so I chose an unassuming quiet one with the ability to turn water into vodka. I named her Suri Jailynn Jrz…she’s got my ears!

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