Victoria Secret’s Fallen Angels Bring 1,000 Years of Darkness Upon NYC


Celebrities donating to Houston flood victims has become a pissing contest… spoiler alert: everyone ends up wet. [TMZ]

Taylor Swift’s bathtub of diamonds in her latest music video was worth $10 million, and if you actually believe this then send me all your money. [PageSix]

It’s mating season for Michael Phelps; he swam up stream and spawned a new fish. [Dlisted]

Adam Levine and I have something in common… [TooFab]

Props to Ed Skrein for not buying into whitewashing another comic book character. Now if only ScarJo got that memo… [Celebitchy]

NYC’s topless protest is something you probably don’t have in your bumfuck town in Arkansas. [WWTDD]

Paris Jackson posts a pic of her and pops kissing on the lips for what would have been his 59th B-day… weird or normal for them? [HollywoodGossip]

Of course Donald Trump had to mention the crowd size when addressing Harvey flood victims… this dude is just… c’mon, man. [YouTube]