Just A Reminder: This Is Kevin Federline’s Wife

September 10th, 2013 // 21 Comments

Here’s Victoria Prince promoting some fantasy football league that isn’t important because I prefer my role-playing games the way God intended them with orcs and dragons and masturbating alone in a basement rife with shame and collectible figurines which are the same thing, so that was redundant. Anyway, Kevin Federline is a mullet walrus yet still has sex with this because Britney money. That’s really all I had to say here.



  1. JC

    Yeah, but every day when he wakes up, he’s still Kevin Federline. That’s a pretty big downside.

    And she’s religious, tweeting crap like “Ready for a blessed week!” He probably only gets to bang her a number of times equal to the number of kids he wants to support.

  2. Victoria Prince Panties Midriff Crop Top ITC Fantasy Football League
    Commented on this photo:

    My fantasy is that she gets to the gym and works more on her abs.

  3. For every asshole that you think is unfuckable, there’s a woman out there willing to fuck him.

  4. Twizlah

    Pokey McHipbones or Manhands Von Buttterface? Can’t decide.

  5. Cher X

    Meh, trying too hard to be sexy. Which isn’t sexy.

  6. cc

    Women are stupid.

  7. What she actually wants to do?

  8. I think it’s funny how the nerds who never get laid because they are riddled with bacne, nose hair and psoriasis and are terrified of women get their jollies by critiquing perfectly good-looking women on the internet. “Man hands”. LOL

  9. Facially, shes about a 6 at best. Also, little boobs.

  10. Glin

    Nah, these two very much seem like the real thing. Plus, KFed just received spousal support for 12 months after the divorce. That was quite some time ago.
    She’s real cute.

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