I Guess Victoria Justice’s Cleavage Got Hacked Too

I don’t know much about Victoria Justice other than she was a Nickelodeon child star that now has a career in cookie-cutter movie roles. She also does a bunch of charity work and seems like an all-around sweetheart. I also know she was involved in the latest string of celebrity hacks and some dude put a bunch of anime on her Twitter and said racist shit for a few days. (For those of you blowing your horns of horniness into the search engine, let me save you some trouble – they didn’t get any nudes out of her.)

Now that I’ve established that I think Victoria Justice is the embodiment of modern wholesomeness, I’ll post these pictures of her plunging neckline and partially exposed milk makers, because I’m an asshole and I get paid to do this. It should be noted however, that just because I combined the words ‘Victoria Justice’ and ‘hacked’, I’ll be basking in the bukkake of SEO goo from creeps who want to see illegal things. That was totally intentional.