Victoria Beckham Wants to Murder Jennifer Lopez

Yesterday, American Idol creator Simon Fuller received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and, naturally, invited Victoria Beckham because he also manages the Spice Girls. Except she decided to show up late only to find current Idol host Jennifer Lopez had taken the front row seats leaving Posh to sit in the third row where she spent the entire ceremony shooting pure looks of icy murder that not even Randy Jackson was safe from. Which is pretty impressive considering Victoria Beckham only has one expression, yet there she is firing goddamn laser eyes in every shot. Apparently the 1/100th of a centimeter she managed to furrow her brow makes all the difference. It probably sounded like someone popping bubble wrap every time she squinted. “Take *pop* my seat *pop* will you *pop* bloody wide-ass trollop *pop* pew pew *pop* pew pew pew!”

Photos: Getty, Fame, Pacific Coast News, Splash News