Venus William in The Most Horrible Wardrobe Choice Known to Man

January 27th, 2010 // 82 Comments

Venus Williams decided to wear flesh-colored, skin-tight undershorts at the Australian Open yesterday in what I can only assume was a strategic attempt to intimidate her opponents. And if they’re anything like me, they immediately went “You win” then tried to stop a moving train with their face, so well played.


  1. Did they really need to take the last photo? I see it more with black women, who get dressed up and they’re wearing everything to fit snug, and they’re walking the walk.

  2. Rough's morning wood

    Heck! Id date any of the sisters, pretty sure my back will be safe in a bar brawl…

  3. Kitty Furry

    yeah she’s a butterface..yeah America’s racist..yeah white people are EVIL, but so the fuk what – We invented Raisin Bran Crunch for Crist’s sake….google dat shyt

  4. a real man

    Have you ever wondered the effect of the fashion industry being ruled by homos? I’ll tell you the result:

    It’s led to a feminization of men and and a hatred of womanly women. As depictions of women in fashion magazines became more and more scrawny looking and unsexy, depictions of men became ever more gay: shaved chests, inflated pecs, and the whole rentboy phenomenon like that little swish from the disney channel.

    As the idea that women shouldn’t have a nice layer of sexy softness took root, more and more dudes, raised without access to actual naked women, began to assume that all women should look like a cartoon version of an actual woman.

    I assume that those who think the Williams sisters are somehow “gross” and not super fucking sexy, also:

    1. Wear perfume in the form of axe body spray
    2. wax their nuts
    3. jerk off to Men’s Fitness.

    I hate you goddamn pussies. Eyebrow tweezers. Neutered little twits.

    Grow up and fuck a chick for a change. You’ll find how nice it is to grab onto a piece. Your beard will come in. You’ll be a man.

    you goddamned little buttsex spawns.

    yours truly,

    a real man.

    ps. last night my girlfriend made me dinner. it was good. she is thin and well-shaped and soft. I screwed her sill and went to sleep. now i am going to work, where even the real homos who work for me are manlier than the faggoty faggots like Jared and Ugh that think womanliness is gross.

  5. Cris

    I think its a brilliant tactic….I am laughing my but off seeing the distant pics of her this is so funny! LOL

  6. bump bump

    I had no idea that fleshlights could cook. Or was it your deposit from yesterday that you enjoyed.

  7. #47, hey dumbass with SHIT for brains, when did I call anyone RACIST or say people should want to fuck her? Pipe down Crackhead Carl. You just proved how ignorant and clueless you are.

  8. G&T

    Just because you don’t have access to beautiful women in your homophobic farm town, doesn’t mean they only exist in cartoons and magazines.
    It seems like you’re just angry at guys who can date hotter girls than you ever will, and thus you convince yourself that they’re all “little buttsex spawns” to feel better about your own pathetic self…

  9. ugh

    a real man….

    you are continuing to entertain me…

    having no sexual attraction to someone doesn’t mean anything else, but that.

    I’m all for a woman with a nice “layer” if it suits that individual… I just find these particular photos to be gross… in fact, they were probably taken in an attempt to embarrass her… it’s not like the photos are graceful in any way.

    Please go be a “real man” and continue to tell us how you womanize your wife every night by expecting her to make dinner for you, and how you have a an extreme case of homophobia…. because those are obviously things that a “real man” does.

  10. yeah...

    @alli watermelon

    before you make a hypocrite of yourself (calling me crackhead..carl?) read the comments around yours and realize that i read your comment within that context.

  11. a real man


    I’m not homophobic. You’re just fags.

    Yours truly,

    A guy your dad would probably rather like more than you.

  12. Jeff in St Louis

    @29 and @59 You guys rule! LOL.

    So can we all just admit that Venus and Serena are post op trannies and move on with our day? Eh. The amount of cottage cheese shown in these pics makes me want to vomit.

    Oh and “Real Man,” however many psychiatric appointments you have a week, you need to double it, dude. You want to see a hot chick? Try the pics of Bar Rafeeli posted above this article.

  13. gassy

    i bet she farts frequently – tail-gunner style no less – - no class, this bitch…

  14. ugh

    @ a real man

    hahah i love how you dispute my calling you homophobic (by calling people fags?)…

    but of course there is no dispute about me saying you degrade your wife…

    oh right… because that’s what a “real man” does…

    continue please…

  15. amy

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  16. AntonioCosta

    I’d sex her

  17. G&T

    A ten foot pole wouldn’t be long enough…

  18. jj

    I wonder what most of the dudes posting here would look like in that lightening in that position. I imagine the results would be pretty gross with lots of pale skin and hair, probably some flabby skin. Hell, most of the women in this site under real lightening and in that angle would probably look pretty gross too. This is one of the fittest human beings on the planet. The fact a bunch of people are calling her fat and her body gross just goes to show how removed from reality expectations of what women should be are. sad I need to buy some stock in that company that’s making those new robot porn dolls, cause judging from this board there is going to be a lot of money to be made from lonely men with unreal expectations.

  19. trebla

    get over it you haters

  20. lol

    but i don’t think she looks good in any lighting situation… i’m just not attracted to her… why does that upset so many people? lol

  21. anukexpat

    Seriously, who gives a flying fuck?

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  24. At least she still has game

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  26. that ass looks really like the dark side of the moon.

  27. a ha ,,Let the Spongebob go!

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