Vanilla Ice arrested for domestic battery

April 11th, 2008 // 91 Comments

Vanilla Ice (Real name: Robert Van Winkle) was arrested last night at his home after he got into an argument with his wife and allegedly shoved her, according to TMZ:

Vanilla Ice is still in custody at Palm Beach County Jail. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s tell TMZ that in most cases, people arrested for domestic violence are usually held over to see a judge. Looks like Mr. Van Winkle will spend a night in the pokey.

I dunno, does that look like the face of a spousal abuser to you? I mean, if you ignore the eyes, ear, mouth, hair, beard and the fact that it’s Vanilla Ice.


  1. mrs.t

    #50-In the future I will defer to you when someone needs to be taken to school.

    And now I’m bid you all Good Day, as I will spend the remainder volunteering in my kids’ actual school.

  2. Auntie Kryst

    Nice mugshot grin you got going there douchefucker. I bet his publicist recommended a little domestic violence to keep him in the news.

  3. Tom

    Good job dude, no publicity is bad publicity.

  4. dirt chicken

    Van Winkle ? Are you fukkin kidding me ? Say hi to your Uncle Rip, douchebag …

  5. dirt chicken

    Moe called … he wants his haircut back.

  6. TJ

    Have to put in my own two cents about his hair. Is he that broke that he has to cut it himself? Maybe his wife cut it & that’s why he shoved her. She deserved worse by the looks of it.

  7. TJ

    Have to put in my own two cents about his hair. Is he that broke that he has to cut it himself? Maybe his wife cut it & that’s why he shoved her. She deserved worse by the looks of it.

  8. Is he starring: “DUMB and DUMBER”?

  9. lola

    AM I the only person here who doesn’t think shoving is grounds for domestic abuse? I mean COME ON!

  10. herster


    that was the best line ever

  11. Harry Ballzack


    Ahhhhhhhh………………. “Ice-Ice-THIS Baby” you half wit-one hit-wonder boy


  12. Harry Ballzack

    50,000 battered women in this country, and I’m still eatin mine plain

  13. lola

    I am a tiny woman and I can fight for myself. In a way I think many battered women are enablers. They stay in an abusive relationship when they could call the cops or learn to fight or defend themselves with a women. I AM TIRED OF WOMEN AS VICTIMS it embarrasses me for my gender. and it demeans abuse if merely pushing someone can send them to jail.

    As for Darfur .. drop a bunch of AK47s and show them women how to shoot! The special forces have been doing that for years

  14. Grunion

    Will he ever stop ? (beating his wife)

    yo I don’t know…

  15. FCS

    Hey Lloyd, try your burger..

  16. poonmoon

    A white trailor trash wiggger arrested for wife beating, whaaaaaa? Wait, wait, wait… a guy whose life uniform is a wife beater and oversized beer stained pants/ or beer stained pj bottoms or beer stained sweats or stanky old boxers (basically anything that goes with a wife beater) a guy like that is being charged with domestic battery (ie carrying out the mission statement of his undershirt)????

    That’s fucking unbelievable. Completely fucking ironic. I mean way to absolutely obliterate a stereotype. This guy, i mean WOW he’s just fucking full of suprises. What a character, what a unique and unusual character.

    Oh and #25. You are a genius (seriously).

  17. sharpeidude


  18. #22 – Mrs.tee hee

    I hear he also playing is with many friends on bluemin gle.c om. Many smurfs say he is playing there. He is humour so sexy there for many fans! Is he looking for Papa Smurf, or just playing?

  19. janex

    Well you know, he was under pressure. Sorry, someone had to say it.

  20. caljenna66

    Looks more like pinkeye than wonk-eye…

  21. tallytastic

    why does his eyelid look like that?


  22. Alex

    I’m surprised no one on any site has pointed out his dopehead pupils. This guy is totally buggin, prolly on OxyContin.

  23. The lights are pretty bright in booking, which could explain his constricted pupils. Also, only retarded trailer trash still haven’t figured out that heroin wtfpwns other opiates. Oh, wait, right.

  24. lila

    that wasn’t NICE NICE BABY!!!

  25. poonmoon

    #65. Wow Lola you know nothing about abusive situations. I was raised in one and I have since worked to help women get out of them, it certainly is not simple as you make it out to be. The abuse often starts out very very slowly until the woman is a shell of her former self, it’s a form of brainwashing. The man is often very charming and can even have very nice sides. The abuser will usually alienate the woman from her friends and family so it’s very hard for her to reach out. Of course it’s wrong to stay, but it’s so common because the situation literally warps the person. Stockholm syndrome often occurs and the woman starts to feel worthless, like she deserves the abuse and the abuser often threatens to kill family members or friends if she leaves (and some follow through on the threats). Also abusers seek women who have low self esteem or who are very vulnerable (perhaps a family member has died or they have gone through something traumatic and are easy prey), it’s a form of torture and manipulation that leaves the victim feeling powerless. The police are often useless and until the abuser has beaten the woman into a coma they really can’t do all that much to keep him away form her or protect her. Besides all he needs is to violate a restraining order once to kill the woman or her family and it happens fairly often. You don’t go to jail for years for battery so the woman never feels safe. My mother had to hatch an escape plan, but in order to keep friends and family safe she had to be very careful. I don’t judge her, she was a victim of horrible atrocities and I am proud of what she accomplished. She built a new life and a new career and is an incredible success, but to suggest she was at fault is simply ignorant. Abused women are simply terrified and so warped from the abuse, most of them love the man in a twisted way because people aren’t black and white they are complicated and relationship have history and times of happiness which the abuser uses fully to their advantage.
    Even children who have been kidnapped and abused sometimes stay, out of fear and out of having their self esteem and confidence beaten out of them.

    Now I’ve stayed far away from abuse in my life, but I would never judge a woman in those shoes I simply feel compassion for them.
    It’s really not something you can judge especially if you have no experience in the matter. If you have not seen a person beaten until the floor is covered n blood or seen an abuser pull out a gun and threaten to kill the woman and her whole family, or seen a person be imprisoned in their own home and regularly called every name in the book then you really can’t judge or presume to understand the affects of abuse.

    It takes years to recover from abuse to regain your sense of self and the abuser rules through fear, threats, intimidation and good old fashion destruction, destruction of a person’s life and sense of self. You can come out from under it but to act like its easy is ridiculous.

    I don’t know any experienced intelligent person who isn’t highly aware of the short comings of the police and the justice system itself.

    The only thing that I consider an embarrassment to my gender is women who show no compassion and are horribly judgmental and completely uninformed and ignorant, that and Paris Hilton (which if you think about it are fairly similar anyway).

  26. Byner

    He had a nice chiseled face…
    Yeah he was hot, but his music was not.
    He’s ugly now, and his music still sucks, and his face is ugly now.

  27. George Best

    Informer, you know I was to blame, I lick your boom boom down.

    Or however he used to sing it.

  28. Coeruleo

    not a bad mug shot. probably the best one in a while. he looks a little stoned or something, but not so bad. everyone bags ont he guy, but back in the day we all danced to his music. it still gets played.

  29. Anal Fistula

    #77, i didn’t read your op-ed column, but i think you just attempted to engage in serious discourse on a celebrity blogsite. clearly you’re insane and should be ignored. i’m so glad i didn’t read your post…phew!

  30. michy

    29,30 and 31:i hope your mom/sister/girlfriend gets punched to death.then you can laugh about domestic battery

  31. knees

    83: What an awful thing to wish upon someone. If you’re trying to hint at something or be cryptic or what ever, just fucking say it instead of hoping bad things will happen to other people, because they made a joke.

  32. Linda

    Mmmmm, it seems he is very interested in dating wealthy young guys. I saw him on “” yesterday.

  33. dannie jo

    This guy is nothing more than a has-been with a bad temper.I saw him on Surreal Life and I am not a bit surprised.He’s freaking nuts!!!I hope his wife has a brain in her head and dumps his sorry ass!!!

  34. dannie jo

    This guy is nothing more than a has-been with a bad temper.I saw him on Surreal Life and I am not a bit surprised.He’s freaking nuts!!!I hope his wife has a brain in her head and dumps his sorry ass!!!

  35. dannie jo

    This guy is nothing more than a has-been with a bad temper.I saw him on Surreal Life and I am not a bit surprised.He’s freaking nuts!!!I hope his wife has a brain in her head and dumps his sorry ass!!!

  36. poonmoon

    Deal Anal (#82),

    A discourse is communication that goes back and forth (from the Latin, discursus, “running to and from”), such as debate or argument and would suggest I gave a FUCK about their response. I didn’t want a response and I would not have read one. I cannot debate with the mentally deficient degenerates on this site, but I can set them straight and shove some facts, logic and reason up their tight little assholes.
    If you read the comment I was responding to you’d see the person was not joking around, but was actually serious in their misguided idiocy. I consider it a charitable action to help educate the ignorant and useless members of society since their lethal stupidity is such a danger to themselves and others.

    Thank you and happy fistings.

    (remember all the classy girls are doing it)

  37. lambman

    He always seemed like white trash to me

  38. hockeyjunkie99

    Everyone who is arrested on a domestic battery charge is automatically given a 0 bond so they can’t bond out of jail The reason being that it gives them a cool down period while they are in the pokey. They see the judge the next day and a bond is set. If its his first domestic battery charge he’ll most likely be ROR’ed (released on own Recognisance) or given a minimal bond.

  39. push

    Omg he pushed her. What a freakin wimp she is.

  40. #83 – You just gave me wood. Do you like Chinese food? Have you ever seen “Slap Happy”? Does the term irrumatio mean anything to you?

  41. Cherry

    I read the page from the bottom up, so my first reaction to his picture was “Who the hell is this?” Then, I saw his name in the headline & my second reaction was “Vanilla Ice? Still alive?!!”

    Well, not only is the guy who sampled & therefore destroyed Under Pressure alive, he’s also an abusive son of a bitch. Robert van Winkle? Robert van Wanker, more like. Ugh.

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