Vanilla Ice arm wrestles Ryan Cabrera

March 10th, 2006 // 32 Comments

Oh, those silly MySpacers. This is supposed to be Vanilla Ice arm wrestling Ryan Cabrera, but I’ve never seen arm wrestling where one guy grabs the other by the thumb and the other guy doesn’t even have his elbow on the table. It’s like they’ve invented an entirely new form of advanced arm wrestling suitable only for the greatest white musician on the planet and Ryan Cabrera. There’s also an Ashlee Simpson pic in there and one of Hulk Hogan showing off his monster arms. And by ‘monster’ I mean ‘not quite as muscular as mine.’



  1. MortyFishbein

    Is he still alive? And who is Ryan Cabrera?

  2. angusparvo

    Ice Ice Baby! I also have no idea what a Ryan Carrera is. Too old.

  3. Binky

    I believe a Ryan Carbrera is a type of Porsche – and is that Mr Superfish with the Hulkster ?

  4. Bellisima

    You guys are slipping. We are discerning trashmongers and these losers do not cut it!
    These guys are boring,who cares now get out there and bring us some interesting trash!!!!!!!!Of all the nerve!

  5. tits_on_snack

    Ryan Cabrerra is some total toolbox that was on Ashlee’s reality show, that’s all i know.
    And the guy on the left in the Ashlee picture bears a striking resemblance to Chuck Palahniuk, but it can’t be him because he isn’t that gay, even though he is.

  6. Binky

    (oh oh we’re spelling ‘Cabrera’ wrong. Better get out of here before the teachers get back.)

  7. Jonboy in SF

    “but I’ve never seen arm wrestling where one guy grabs the other by the thumb and the other guy doesn’t even have his elbow on the table.”

    Um, it’s not ARM wrestling, it’s THUMB wrestling. Are you too “superficial” that you don’t know what thumb wrestling is? Someone back me up here…

  8. SoCoDivka

    Wow, Superficial, you guys are really slipping. Has celebritydom really gotten this uneventful lately, that some random guy posing with B & C list stars becomes noteworthy? I come to the Superficial to get a break from myspace, geez.

  9. Captain Awesome

    The Superficial – “Send us your MySpace pics”

  10. sara1beth2

    Wow, and wearing a Barry Manilow tour shirt no less….

  11. Jayne

    Is Myspace so desperate for advertisment that they’re now paying the Superficial to plug them? Really.

  12. MortyFishbein

    Oh, yeah! The Porsche 911 Cabrera. Are they building cars that lifelike and has-beenish? My ex had a Cabrera. It was always in the shop.

    Every 15 minutes it would just stop and end up in photos with random douche bags.

  13. I thought Vanilla Ice was working as a Wet Nurse in Brazil now.

  14. Equalparts

    Vanilla Ice and Ryan Cabrera? Next thing I know, you bastards will be reporting news on The Fresno Fair.

  15. CheekyChops

    Ryan seems to be a gay.. wearing a Barry Manilow shirt. Oh my.

  16. Jonboy in SF

    Hey CheekyChops, what do you mean? Barry Manilow’s not gay! Bwahahahaha…sorry, thought I could type that with a straight face…

  17. Dee

    maybe tomorrow you’ll update us on what Snow has been up to lately???

  18. mamacita

    #17 Dee

    I think Snow’s been up to some informing. Get it? Informing? Ahhhaaahhhaaahaaa!!! I kill.

  19. Jeremy1Esq

    Ryan Cabrera wearing a Barry Manilow in concert shirt while getting his ass whipped in arm wrestling by Vanilla Ice?

    If that kid hasnt killed himself yet, he never will.

  20. mamacita

    I’m sure that Ryan Cabrera thinks he’s being very clever by wearing that Barry Manilow shirt. Instead, he just looks like an imbecile that’s trying too hard.

  21. CheekyChops

    When Ryan got PUNKED he looked like he was about to cry. He also dated Ashlee Simpson once so I’m guessing all of that coupled with the shirt says he’s a gay.

  22. If that is the Ryan Cabrera I think it is, his music is horrid. I’d rather listen to Nick Lachey’s sad attempt at a come back.

    As for Vanilla Ice – That is another celeb who stays out of trouble. He was on that show for a while with Vince neil and Ron Jeremy. He did a remake of a song, made a crap load of money. Minus the gay hair cut it wasn’t that bad. Even the Ninja Turtles are better then Ryan Cabrera.

  23. mushmouth

    Oh but this is worthwhile if only to remind me of one of my favorite guilty pleasure TV moments – the Danny Bonaduce-Vanilla Ice boxing match. The Ice Man, tasting canvas.

  24. HughJorganthethird

    I’d like to slowly disembowell both of these idiots with a broken wine bottle.

    Just sayin.

  25. theczechwreck



    *goes to sleep*

    Pick up the slack, motherfuckers.

  26. gogoboots


  27. HughJorganthethird

    I just took a dump that looks just like Ryan Cabrera. Coincidence? I think not.

  28. boobtube

    The world would be a better place if a bomb exploded in the room these two idiots were in – collatoral damage (unfortunately) would’ve been acceptable in this situation

  29. auh2o

    unicorns are totally real, dudes! totally..

  30. aimatcha

    Wingus and Dingus out on the town.

    For those interested (and you know who you are) – Vanilla Ice sweeps up toenails at my beauty salon.

  31. sugarfree

    I don’t care how gay this is. Ryan is still hot.

  32. mamacita



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