Vanessa Hudgens wishes she had teenage pregnancy

December 21st, 2007 // 110 Comments

Remember when Vanessa Hudgens was the squeaky clean teen star tarnished by nude photos that popped up on the Internet? I don’t either. But, anyway, I bet Vanessa, seen here leaving the gym yesterday, wishes she had gotten pregnant instead to shed her good-girl Disney image. Unfortunately, any attempt to have sex with her boyfriend Zac Efron ends in failure, tears and, for some odd reason, jazz hands!

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. kirsten dunst

    oh and i love how this girl hasnt said anything even remotely like that but this jackass website dude thinks we dont have enough to gossip about these people already, no not at all, feed us more dude.

  2. Killa

    $67 is a dickhead. No doubt, someone had their way with you in prison.

  3. Abi

    If you type in “Vanessa Hudgens naked photos” on Google you will see a close up of her crotch, it reminds me of a mexican crab-infested forest

  4. rockabilly

    Abi. I assume you are girl…a very fucked up girl. Why would you even be googling naked pictures of a teenager. You dirty lesbian piece of shit. You have some mighty fucked up fantasy’s. You actually bring shame to the female part of the human race. No wonder females are so inferior to males. Go fuck some other lesbian shit. Argh…you fucking piss me off…

  5. rockabilly

    I also apologize sincerlely for pissing on your parade #67 but shes not filipina you racist wanker.

  6. Barbie

    Omg…the girl even looks amazing in sweats! SOOO jealous…

  7. Abi

    Hey, I apologize if I’m her exact age and want to compare what we look like naked. It doesn’t mean I’m a dirty lesbian crackwhore, it means I’ve got bigger tits and a better ass than she does. And my crotch doesn’t look like a scary Frodo hobbit hole

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  9. Cheska

    She can’t take care of her baby because she has many photo shoots and movies. Besides, she’s a lying bitch!!! Zac Efron won’t make a good father, either.

  10. Bobby

    Yeah, she should go on Baby Borrowers to learn what it really takes to be a parent!!

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