Vanessa Hudgens wishes she had teenage pregnancy

December 21st, 2007 // 110 Comments

Remember when Vanessa Hudgens was the squeaky clean teen star tarnished by nude photos that popped up on the Internet? I don’t either. But, anyway, I bet Vanessa, seen here leaving the gym yesterday, wishes she had gotten pregnant instead to shed her good-girl Disney image. Unfortunately, any attempt to have sex with her boyfriend Zac Efron ends in failure, tears and, for some odd reason, jazz hands!

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. MindRiot

    She is hot.

  2. Missystar

    First! Although I have to admit, I don’t understand why you guys think that’s so impressive. All it means is that I’m sitting here like a nimrod when I should be exercising, cleaning the house, shaving the cat, etc.

  3. PunkA

    What the hell? This isn’t even a report. Just some stupid Editorial comment that is not even funny. Wow , Fish, bottom of the barrell. Wake up you stupid drunk and get us some scoop, not lazy ass stuff like this.

  4. Gerald_Tarrant

    #2 – All it means is that you suck even worse for thinking you are first being second.

    In other news that isn’t news, Tom Cruise Loves The Zac. And I hear Zac Efron Loves The Cock.

  5. # 3 concur, what is this crap???

  6. JD

    what silly sunglasses…

  7. Nikky Raney

    sick of being told i look like her

  8. gotmilk?

    you make think this post is worthless, but you are wrong. in fact, it’s showing you what not to wear:
    1. velor track suit
    2. ugg boots
    3. big fucking ugly sunglasses
    4. ridiculously large purse

  9. Auntie Kryst

    No pictures of chicks with sideburns please.

  10. Gerald_Tarrant

    I wouldn’t mind ole Vanessa giving me a rusty trombone.

  11. Zac needs to use defective rubbers

  12. Missystar

    The question is, Gerald, how does one deal with the guilt and the shame? (Not the rusty trombone, the being-second-not-first question.)

  13. ph7

    She is mexican hairy.

  14. VanessaLooksBetterHereThanInHerNudePhotos

    I’m a guy. There’s a lot I don’t understand but I do understand this girl looks very fuckable. So now I gotta hunt down zak and cut off his head and take the skin off his head and put it over mine and go over Vanessa’s for dinner and then bang her like zak can’t. I’ll feel better then.

  15. TS

    #2, Missy, the first step in correcting a problem is recognizing that the problem exists in the first place. And for the record, nobody thinks it’s even one bit impressive, that’s the paradox with the whole thing. You are now expected to never call “first” again. Especially when you’re actually second. If you do you should just ostricize yourself from this site.

  16. TS

    Hey FRIST!!! 2 things: 1) it’s Friday. 2) I just gave notice at my job.

    I am pretty sure that calls for doubling up on the Friday drinks. Whaddya say? TT? Jimbo?

  17. p0nk

    now that she’s legal, the only way she can create a sex scandal is to become a school teacher, – maybe a band instructor who seduces the entire horn section into an underage gangbang. Now that would be a scandal worthy of a Michael Moore documentary film.

  18. Jewel

    This isn’t even a news story. What the fuck.

  19. Bongo Bongo

    That guy is fat. WHAT? It’s a GIRL? Fooled me!

    Damn her face is round.

  20. Ript1&0

    Fuck, I’m so hungover. Feeling mean. I heard the cure for hangovers is pot and shopping, so I better apply myself stat.

    F you chick in this story! Ahh.. better. Telling people off also helps.

  21. whatever

    Shaving the cat? WTF?

  22. Dingles

    wow, Missystar = fail.

  23. Kat

    Are all the stars taught to walk with their purses that way. It always looks so fake. I don’t walk like that with my purse and I’m sure the regular person on this earth doesn’t. So what’s with the “I’m a supermodel poses”?

  24. Gerald_Tarrant

    #23 – If you want to be treated like a supermodel, it all starts with how you carry your purse. The next step is doing a pile of blow with Pete Doucherty.

  25. Gerald_Tarrant

    Grrr, Superfish strikes again. My comment was for Kat #24.

    Looking at these pics again, god knows why, she reminds me of a poor (and gay {Zac if that wasn’t clear}) mans Jessica Alba somewhat.

  26. Missystar

    Learn how to spell, #16. And lighten up, everybody!

  27. AssPonyTony

    Why doth no one comment on the HUGE FUCKIN’ ELVIS CHOPS she be sportin’??

  28. TS, Really???? Why did you quit your job???

  29. The White Urkle

    Is that Kato Kaylen with the camera in pic #5? Either way the guy looks like a total homo, just waiting to get his shit pushed in.

    Speaking of that, I would love to push Vanessa’s shit in. Even while she was giving to to Zac with a strap-on.

  30. gotmilk?

    Kat, i agree. however and unfortunately, i see chicks everyday in nyc carrying their bags like that. it’s fucking obnoxious – like it too much effort to carry it? like they can’t be bothered and should have someone carrying it for them? and it’s always an ugly designer purse. maybe they think it brings more attention to it (or the fact that they paid too much money for a sack of leather & fabric). who started doing that because i’d like to hunt them down?

  31. lils

    She’s not pregnant. I don’t care.

  32. john

    Judging from her beard, I think she wishes she had a razor also.

  33. ffgfdfg

    her ears are pointy!! ewww

  34. Googolygoo

    Jazz hands!!!!!!!!!

    ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well played, Superfish.

  35. Laiyaa

    those sunglasses are hott. bitches.

  36. duna

    I heard this news earlier from another place. So it is not new. It seems that people always care her life. It is said so many men are crazy to her and often share her videos at

  37. Gay Man

    There is no way that Zac could ever get her pregnant because he is a Fag, and would never DO her at any price.

  38. Michelle Depp

    I have never thought much of this girl, but I have to say that she looks very cute here!!

  39. mere

    She looks rail thin here. Another victim of the skinny Hollywood bitch trend.

  40. D. Richards (Scum.)

    Yeah. I was reading in OK! about Zac Efron. Apparently, everytime Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens have sex, Zacharious can stay hard only for a few minutes. After he becomes soft, Zachs forces Vanessa to lay beside him while he furiously masturbates to the show ‘Entourage’; namely that homosexual Adrian Grenier.

    Right when tiny-Zach is about to come: he stands up quicky, falls to his back, puts his feet up on to the bed’s head-board and proceeds to ejaculate all over his own face. Afterwards, Zach-faggot licks his fingers and offers to make Vanessa breakfast. Every single time.

  41. Jeannette

    Wow,..This is very interesting and very hot

  42. rockabilly

    I think im slightly insane because i’ve been laughing at every comment in which someone has called Vanessa Hudgens hairy. The only evidence that I can find which may indiciate she is hairier than any other “celebrity” is that she has dark hair. And if by chance you people calling her hairy are blonde with blue eyes then frankly piss off and go hail-fucking-hitler.

  43. Ted from LA

    #22, I am hoping it is a euphemism for shaving her pussy. That is what I pictured in my mind… and for the record, she is HOT (in my mind… Farrah Fawcett breasts… circa 1973). As for the girl in this picture, she would be a nice addition to the band ZZ Top.

  44. holla@meh

    zac efron is gay.
    doesn’t anybody notice this!?

  45. This jogging-suit is omly made for one person. And that person has a huge ass. That person is called: KIM KARDASHIAN!!
    Just sexy and horny-looking.

  46. Pat

    “Why doth no one comment on the HUGE FUCKIN’ ELVIS CHOPS she be sportin’??”

    I know you’re not supposed to defend celebrities on this site, but you know, Asian and Latino girls often have hair right there, or at least it’s more obvious that they do because their hair is (generally again) so dark. It’s not really a thing. She’s (they’re) still hot.

  47. Ript1&0

    I’m SO ready for that exception to be made now… How the hell am I supposed to get off if I can’t imagine you sliding on a cock ring, throwing your legs over your shoulders and sucking your own dick? You can do that, huh DR. I bet you can…. How did you manage that? Lots of practice? Yoga? I bet you had a couple of vertebrae removed. Fuck, I want to hear about it… I need to fucking feel it.

    I hate the weekends. And my own suppression. I came so freaking close to making this death metal kid my bitch yesterday. Not that I actually want that. Thank god he had to leave. Thank god he has lots of roommates crawling around. I was about to braid his long hair into pigtails and use them as handlebars.

    I just may explode/burst into flames any moment now from arousal. Grrrrrr!!!

  48. diddleysquat

    i see the “ridiculously large sunglasses” trend is still going strong…

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