Vanessa Hudgens still wears bikinis

September 12th, 2007 // 100 Comments

I’m pretty sure these pictures of Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron are old, but I didn’t see them until today so I’m putting them up anyway. Besides, Vanessa’s lawyers made me take down her nude pictures, so this is my way of saying sorry to you guys. You can’t tell, but I’m also making a sad puppy face and I bought you a box of chocolates. And yeah, maybe the box is empty, but really, isn’t that the chocolate’s fault for being so delicious? I think it is, my friends. I think it is.


  1. Riotboy

    Ooh, la, la, la.


  2. hhh

    first or I’ll kill everyone in the world!

  3. E


  4. surlywench

    Who are these people?

  5. jrzmommy

    She knows that Zac Efron is a homo, right? RIGHT?

  6. I have no fucking idea #4

  7. Particle)Man

    I’ve seen yer boobies!

  8. Hot Stud

    I would definitely do both chicks. Especially the topless one. Hubba hubba.

  9. HoboChic

    Look at #7. How does one manage to get photographed in such a position unless they are trying? Especially when one knows there are photogs chasing one? Trying hard, that’s how.

  10. They are from the Disney movie High School Musical. She is the chickie that had her naked picture on the net a few days ago.

    FRSIT what’s for lunch?

  11. surlywench

    Ok how many of you are jerking off to #7?

  12. @7

    We’ve all seen her tits and her fuzzy pussy.

  13. 8th graders in love creep me out.

  14. LadyJane

    Pfffft… picture number 7 gave ME a hard-on.

  15. Why bother wearing anything? The world already knows what her boobs look like, and she comes with a home-grown bikini bottom anyway.

  16. She looks better without a bikini.

  17. A Page From Vanessa Hudgens' Diary

    Dear Diary:

    Zac is SO cute–OMG! And what a total, like, gentleman! Everytime I try to kiss him, he totally pulls away. I know he’s like totally like saving himself for when we get married. But I think like he really really loves me cuz I saw him while he was like going to the bathroom and he had on MY panties. I think he did that to like be close to me.

  18. @11
    I am.

    LadyJane, need somewhere to stick your hard-on?

  19. justplainconfused

    @9 – Simple, eat a bean burrito for lunch.

  20. @17

    That’s how it all starts.

  21. lambman

    Is that kid a Ken doll? Seriously, is he made of plastic or something? How and or why does his face look like that? Same with his body, not good, not bad just unnatural looking

  22. surlywench

    Why is it all slender, good looking men are type-cast as being gay unless they are holding a can of budweiser, wearing a backwards baseball cap, and screaming at the football game on tv?

  23. km

    im pretty sure her black thick forest has…
    uh, whats my point?
    oh, she has an insane muff.

  24. Retard Patrol

    Why is it all dumbasses think that hetero men drink Bud in a can, wear baseball caps and yell at the NFL on TV?

  25. Watter Bottle

    How the hell does an 18 year old chick already have a mommy tummy?

  26. p911gt10c

    #2, you’re a loser.

  27. Fag

    Why is it all slender, good looking men are type-cast as being gay when they are holding a can of budweiser, wearing a backwards baseball cap, and screaming at the football game on tv and have a cock up their ass?

  28. jrzmommy

    hahah #27

  29. Hetero Man

    22. ’cause we do. Now get me a beer and sit on my face, bitch.

  30. BunnyButt

    The guy in pic 9 looks like he’s got a major boner going … but for which of the other two?

  31. I drink Hiney-Kin in a bottle.

  32. fearsarewishes

    A guy can see some camel-toe in #7 and that homo is getting some stinkfinger in #12.

    Thank you.

  33. surlywench

    Flame away if you must, but I make a good point about what society considers “masculine” and therefore “hetero”. I’m not saying I believe in the stereotypes, but they exist for a reason.

  34. BunnyButt, if so, that’s a small little package.

  35. Go Away Margaret Mead

    Whatever #33–got make your sociological and anthropological observations somewhere else…like your Sociology 101 class you have this semester. We’re here to have a good time and bust on celebutards.

  36. wedgeone

    Why is she wearing a wig made out of Sarah Silverman’s bush?

  37. A Page from Vanessa Hudgens' Diary

    Dear Diary:

    I took some boo-dwar picture of myself with like my new camera thing and sent them to Zac!!! OMG! He was so like sweet and like so totally innocent….he actually VOMITTED! I know he’s like totally a virgin now.

  38. suckers

    36::: lmao

    anyway yeah efron’s got cool shades on, always a plus

    but this bitch is not hot..well maybe that’s cause i’m a racist

  39. Frick!

    Ya know, he’s a decent enough looking guy and all… but he’s GAY!!! And yet he’s considered America’s new hot guy, and all the girlies are going wild for him; wtf?! Plus, there’s some strange Clay Aikon-ness going on w/ him too that is disturbing. Yeh, obviously he works out and is in great shape; but I prefer my men straight, thank you.

  40. BunnyButt

    Alas, TT, they can’t all be ginormous like you.

  41. BunnyButt
    So true, so very true.

  42. p0nk

    Who has the hairiest pussy?
    a) Vanessa Hudgens
    b) Zac Efron
    c) Adrian Grenier

  43. I’d say A,
    yes Regis that’s my final answer.

    The boys have a nice smooth and slick manginas.

  44. @42 p0nk, Don’t pick on Adrian Grenier. I love Entourage.

    I think C should be Courtney Love

  45. Hey Mons

    I’d like to use a lifeline, Regis.

    …hello? hello, Sarah? Yes, I…oh, you’re watching? Ok, I was wondering about the question…yes, yes I know, more than all of them combined, I know. Sort of a weird thing to be so proud of…anyway…

  46. veggi

    Ok, I’m back. First Hayden, then Vanessa. What a day. I’ll pay for it tomorrow – sore fingers, and forced to wear loose panties and a fucking skirt. Fuck it, it was worth it!

  47. p0nk

    Jimbo, my troll has been very busy today.

  48. @46
    I’ll kiss it and make it all better.

  49. @47 p0nk Yes the troll have been very busy. Look up one!!

  50. Janet

    Are her lawyers gonna make you take down that butt shot too? Just wondering.

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