Vanessa Hudgens enjoys nude photography. Again.

August 5th, 2009 // 141 Comments


Vanessa Hudgens must really hate Disney because a new set of nude photos “leaked” online today. I was about to suggest there are less controversial ways to escape her evil overlord, but then I realized I love naked pictures and should shut the hell up. On that note, I give Vanessa less than five months until she outs Zac Efron while filming a sex tape with Goofy in front of Cinderella’s castle. Honestly, I don’t see this ending any other way.

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions of chipmunk nipples.

UPDATE: Sorry, guys, Vanessa’s lawyers are claiming she was 17 at the time of these pics. Which is why, on a related note, I’m instructing my lawyer to sue anyone who says I don’t own a time-traveling DeLorean. The game is on!


  1. @16, that is all you see in those pics? really? how about… how messy her room is, huh?…huh?

  2. Haha these were definitely sent to Micky Mouse and he leaked them at the Disney Christmas bash.. Minnie will be fuckin fumin! BTW guys just started Twitter.. please follow me!

  3. Bob

    Vanessa. You’re hot and I love you for these pictures (especially since you’ve learned a little carpet maintenance), but dude, you’re stupid.

  4. Helen

    She reminds me of a damn retard in the pictures of her sticking her finger in her mouth.

  5. hehe

    Hey, someone should make a superficial for nobodys….

    So we can all post pictures of eachother and point out all the ugly features we have! hahaha

    Hey vanessa, looking like a big dirty slut again. not a good look for you.

  6. BK

    Check the exif data…5/21/06

    These are over 3 years old…how old is she?

    According to Wikipedia he birthday is in December of 88.

    She was 17 when these were taken…

  7. BK

    5/11/06 Actually, found the unaltered photos on another site, they were taken with a moto razr v3.c on 5/11/06 at 4:24 AM the belly chain ones anyway

  8. bryan

    why’d you delete FISH?

  9. abby

    Normally I wouldn’t post a comment because most of the things people say on these threads are so painfully cruel and ignorant, but I wanted to say thanks, for removing the child porn from an otherwise wildly entertaining website…

  10. NxIxCxKxMxAxNx

    damn, not in b4 404

  11. Chipot

    Ok, if she’s 17 then they should be taken down. But can we stop calling it “child porn”? Gawd, I think any reasonable person will say there’s a difference between CHILD porn and a underage teenager who took topless pics of herself willingly.

  12. B

    “child porn”?


    She was 7 months shy of being 18 when she took those. She was not a child. The way she posed, she knew exactly what she was doing. There’s not a magic wand that gets waved when someone turns 18 and now they’re suddenly more mature than they were the day before. Is it child porn at 17 years, 11 months, 30 days, 24 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds, but perfectly fine 1 second later? What about that person changed in that last second that allows them to now be capable of deciding that they want to share nude pictures of themselves with the world? How many seconds back is ok? How many minutes? Hours? Days? Etc.

    18 is arbitrary, the girl in those pictures knew what she was doing, every bit as much as a 22 year old lingerie model.

    It’s one thing to say that you think that posting the pics was in poor taste, it’s another thing to call her a child, or those pictures child porn. She’s not, and they’re not.

  13. woman

    wow, thanks vanessa. Now i dont feel so insecure about my huge nipples

  14. jaime

    i hope somebody saved those!

    the worst part is that she had said in a public message that it wasn’t her.
    and now her lawyers contact SW…
    that’s an odd coincidence

  15. Lauren

    How do these keep on getting released? That’s what I don’t get…

  16. Truth Doctor

    First, they’re easy to find folks. Look for an imageshack link.

    Second, these are NOT child porn, even if she’s 17. Some people don’t realize that the phrase “child porn” consists of two words, not one. These pics are not pornographic. Look on Amazon, I’m sure you’ll find books full of pics just like these, with girls of all ages. There’s a reason those books aren’t illegal – and the same logic applies here.

  17. What a maroon! “AHHH…nudey pics of me are on the internets after I planted them there!”, “I don’t like people looking at me, why was I so dumb to take them in the first place?”

    Good thing she’s a good actress…wait…

  18. rolleyes

    Truly a dumbass. A disney contract is guaranteed work and since those teen movies rakes in the dough she had a really good chance of retiring at the age of 21 (if she plays her cards right). Look at these Harry Potter actors, millions in the bank and they all play it save in the media’s spotlight. No drugs, nude pics, sex tape, hard partying, nothing. All they have to do is shoot one more movie and watch those royalty checks keep following in for the rest of their lives. Something 5 billion people wish they had. Congratulations Vanessa, you fucked up.

  19. Fat Albert


    It doesn’t even matter if she IS 17 at the time these were taken or not. People didn’t seem to care when they were jaggin’ off to pictures of her at 19. Now she’s 21 and she still likes to pretend she doesn’t fuck up like the rest of America. She deserves a Dumb Bitch Award. (Real award in the UK)

  20. lisatells

    What racist assholes – when white girls who are notorious for taking nude photos and stripping down in movies get leaked none of you call them sluts and you have a LONG line of them to choose from

    Further Mr. Moderator what an ass you are all you have to do is look at the Motorola razir phone Vanessa is holding (she replaced it with an IPhone in 2007) and the 2006 Zac Efron poster (I had one) in the background to know how old she was – 17. GROW UP!!

  21. lisatells

    Also as for Zac dumping her that would be really hard since he probably was the recepient of the pixs to begin with.

  22. The age of consent in my country is 16, so please can you re-enable those pictures for me.

  23. i love big nipples and areolas! puffy ones too, but only on the right girl.

  24. Pqp que pena !

  25. I have found the pics again!! Click my name to see them. xxx

  26. Hammertime

    She’s a huge slut. Too bad Zac Efron is a flaming homo.

    Also, come on Fish! So a lawyer sends you an email… big fucking deal. Don’t go removing pictures.

  27. Nameless

    This bitch has been wanting someone – anyone- to see her tits since she was 17? LOL…what a skank. Put the pics back up… fuck the lawyers.

    It’s VH’s fault for being a stupid ho.

  28. Deacon Jones


    Are you a defense lawyer by any chance? I could use your services

  29. fyi

    u should demand definitive proof that she was in fact17 when these pics were taken and maybe she might take some new nekid pics of herself and send them to u.

    then to show us that taking these pics down was the correct action, u will then be obligated to show us all the proof of course.

  30. Mark

    One way to figure it out is by looking at the mobile she is using. I think most celebrities change mobile’s quite frequently. If someone knows a lot about the different models you could figure out when the pics were taken. Was that model available when she was 17? Is there any recent pictures with the same model? If somebody has a large pic collection of her you could probably go back and compare.

  31. lolz @ all the fagg0try in here in regards to her age with these pictures. If you’re willing to take nude pictures of yourself, no matter the legality of things then youre taking full responsibility of the consequences of where it ends up.

  32. Name (required):

    So…who is going to post links to another a site that still has the pictures up…waiting…waiting…waiting…

  33. Bob

    In some states, 17 is the age of consent, so it really depends on where she was when she took those photos.

  34. shortpeopledate

    She wasn’t 17 come on, then wouldn’t she go to jail for distributing the material? –

  35. me

    If she was a minor, then she (or whoever took the pic, and received it) need to be charged for taking and possessing child porn.
    Those are the facts. As her lawyers, you think they would have realised that.
    If you don’t believe me look it up, it is happening.

  36. myname

    where can i find the pics

  37. John

    I can’t wait to suck on those juicy nipples.
    I love Vanessa

  38. Analeigh

    wanna fuck her soooo bad i cumed just looking at the pics…and im a girl

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