Vanessa Hudgens enjoys nude photography. Again.

August 5th, 2009 // 141 Comments


Vanessa Hudgens must really hate Disney because a new set of nude photos “leaked” online today. I was about to suggest there are less controversial ways to escape her evil overlord, but then I realized I love naked pictures and should shut the hell up. On that note, I give Vanessa less than five months until she outs Zac Efron while filming a sex tape with Goofy in front of Cinderella’s castle. Honestly, I don’t see this ending any other way.

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions of chipmunk nipples.

UPDATE: Sorry, guys, Vanessa’s lawyers are claiming she was 17 at the time of these pics. Which is why, on a related note, I’m instructing my lawyer to sue anyone who says I don’t own a time-traveling DeLorean. The game is on!


  1. lizzy

    i think she’s a beautiful girl and everything, and she COULD have maybe had an decent acting career but i’m pretty sure that her already lame-movie choices and second nude picture scandal kind of diminish that possibility. what an idiot, did NOT learn her lesson at all.

  2. Great!

    This is actually very exciting! Just knowing that her Dad will be escorting her around again and running off Paps!
    Can’t wait for those updates!

  3. MS

    What an idiot! Not because she’s taking nude pics, i mean she can do whatever she wants, but how many times does she want Disney to bail her out for the same thing, especially when they could have just as easily tossed her out on her ass the FIRST time she did this? Geeze honey, learn how to delete or keep them under your damn mattress.

  4. Daryl G


  5. Randall

    Great, Now I’m gonna be jerking off all day. I hope your happy the superficial, I hope your happy



  6. Randall



  7. bat

    lmao…someone buy this bitch a new phone! that a moto rzr! hahaha

  8. some*cool

    This is not Vanessa Hudgens.. If you look at recent photos from her at the beach.. her body looks nothing like that shes curvier.. This is the same girl who took picture s of herself in bra and panties that claims to be VH all the cheap furniture in the back ground is the same..

    Oh and Im so sure a celeb that has made 3 multi million dollar high school musical would be carrying a Razor as a cell phone..

  9. n

    not her.

    bedroom= way off.

    poster on the wall= really? pretty low rent even for tween star

    fuzzy pics= chic at least has a career as an body double for all those nude scene the real hudgs keeps saying she’ll do

  10. Goofy

    I have to excuse myself now. I’m going my dog house to play with my wiener!

  11. gotmilk?

    are we sure this is even her?

  12. ha

    She’s pretty much perfect-looking, but she needs to stop leaking naked pics and being known for dating Zac Efron. She’s going to disappear so fast at this rate.

  13. dk

    Thanks Fish, I had to erase the 12 y/o nudie pics of my pc per judges orders ( old bitch ). Now i have a place to store them, awesome. * granbs lotion *

  14. Eww

    Oh shit, whatever, that bitch has a banging ass body (besides the too small tits and the waaay puffy nipples). Id hit that shit, and Im a straight girl.

  15. miau

    sorry but thats not her…definitely not..

    so long, and thanks for all it, fish


  16. Clamhammer

    No comment Delgo

  17. JPRichardson

    I’d pay her a 100. 50 extra for a blowjob.

  18. JPRichardson

    I’d pay her a 100. 50 extra for a blowjob.

  19. Peach

    These pictures don’t even look like her. Where’s the giant bush and cute face. Who is this person?

  20. Alexis

    There is no way this is a recent pic….I really doubt Vanessa Hudgens is still carrying around a motorola Razr. I haven’t had a Razr in like 3 years…is she even 18 in these pictures?

  21. Hmmm..I’m not ENTIRELY convinced that this is her. Yes, they pretty much look like her, but..why would a celebrity have a damn RAZR phone?? Hmmm…

  22. wilease

    I don’t think that’s her…sorry to dissapoint all you weird perverts.

  23. james McQueen

    I hope she shaved that bushy beaver of hers this time. What a little whore she is.

  24. Dave Mustaine

    She looks kinda manly but I would still put it in her.

  25. Kimberly

    Haha. Slut. Obviously she took these herself. I read somewhere that the first photos were “taken by a jealous ex-boyfriend.” Uh, anyone heard of “timer”?

  26. Irenee Weenie

    This is like looking at kiddieporn. Ewwwww The apple is still not ripe for the pickings. Poor girl. tisk tisk tisk

  27. Lala

    If this is her, these are from when she was few years younger, like before she really made it. Like everyone said….crappy bedroom, shit phone, etc.

    I’m betting it’s not her though. Or else we’re all looking at like a 16 year old VH. Gross.

  28. Danklin24

    Is this her way of telling us that her boobs have gotten bigger and she probably shaved her bush? If so, thank you Vanessa. Quite a coincidence there would be leaked when you have a new movie coming out. We look forward to the sex tape when Sucker Punch comes out.

  29. One sign of intelligent life is that it is capable of learning.

  30. Danklin24

    Note to all commeters:

    Typing pr0n doesnt make you any cooler than the asshole that types FIRST!

  31. yoohoo

    It looks like she used a machete and went to town on that bush. She’s all ready for anal porn now

  32. rah! rah!

    Are you kidding me? Of course that’s her! You guys are retarded.

  33. Beer Baron

    Is that a poster of Zac Efron on the back of her door?

  34. These look borderline dodgy.

  35. cracka ass

    You better hope this girl is VH becuz she be looking pretty young.

  36. Oh my goodness, if celeb any that can tame my angry schlong that is her… Zachy zac-eff-faced must be doing something wrong….

  37. Mike

    This has been the best day ever!
    I love Vanessa. The things I would do to her…Mmm mmm
    Didn’t think the first “leak” really looked like her but these make up for it. Once again: Mmm mmm


    The real VH must be going crazy over this crazy b*$#% posting pics & posing as her. The real VH is much curvier & I concur with the background in the photo’s. Seriously would the real VH have posters of Efron on her wall???? Duckies & baby toys in the corner of the bath tub ahahahaha … sorry to ruin the dream but it is quite funny!

  39. Mike

    Anyone else notice she shaved the bush into a landing strip?

  40. sup

    no, it’s rihanna!!


    She isn’t even attractive…

  42. fms

    Wow those are some lovely nipples. :-D

  43. she definitely wants to get out of her Disney contract!

  44. Hefe

    lol @ the idiots who think this isn’t her.

    Get with the program, nudniks.

  45. teta

    For a video with Vanessa Hudgens naked go to:
    The Adult Tube Generation

  46. Mark Lavarre

    Why does a Filipina have pink nipples anyway? That’s odd.

  47. To put it delicately those are some sweet titties right there…That girl is ready to rock steady…

  48. @10 im with you on that.

    she is still hot tho..

    man i love whores.

  49. not her

    This is NOT HER. It’s so obvious. Seriously I know it’s “hard” but take a moment to look at her face. It’s clearly not her.

  50. dude

    bravo vanessa, do appreciate it BUTTTT… if you wana be hotter than megan fox you MUST INCLUDE SOME ASS SHOTS!!!!! durrr…..

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