Vanessa Hudgens enjoys nude photography. Again.

August 5th, 2009 // 141 Comments


Vanessa Hudgens must really hate Disney because a new set of nude photos “leaked” online today. I was about to suggest there are less controversial ways to escape her evil overlord, but then I realized I love naked pictures and should shut the hell up. On that note, I give Vanessa less than five months until she outs Zac Efron while filming a sex tape with Goofy in front of Cinderella’s castle. Honestly, I don’t see this ending any other way.

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions of chipmunk nipples.

UPDATE: Sorry, guys, Vanessa’s lawyers are claiming she was 17 at the time of these pics. Which is why, on a related note, I’m instructing my lawyer to sue anyone who says I don’t own a time-traveling DeLorean. The game is on!


  1. Mickey Mouse

    What a little slut. I did her. I did her in the ass.

  2. justin


  3. TheJoker07


  4. TheJoker07


  5. hacksaw


  6. Clamhammer

    High School Spoozical

  7. Kazin


  8. Juan

    Fuck A First And Fuck Justin No Homo!!!

  9. hacksaw


  10. enricky

    HOPE she shaved that bush she had in the pic from before

  11. WJ

    Wow, So hot…

  12. I’d crush it.
    Puffy nipples and all.

  13. Justin is a twat

    @2 – Sorry, you are still a loser.

    now to more important things….It looks like she decided to shave off that jungle bush she was sporting last time she leaked out photos.

    I cannot wait until we get a pr0n video of her : High School Musical 4 – Everyone loves anal

  14. Clamhammer – Do you work for the Daily News?

  15. DaddyDidHerTooMickey

    Child Porn by a Child Porn Star…Is it wrong…Is it right…either way…does it light up your night? You decide.

  16. robert

    why is she wearing a mini-skirt made of tin foil?

  17. Deacon Jones


    So by some of the fat pigs’ logic on these boards, only white guys should be attracted to her, correct?

  18. The Big 'A'

    I wanna suck those titties :D

  19. scott

    @ #15

    she’s 20 years old. if that makes somebody a child, then i’m going straight to hell!

  20. just the tip


    easy access

  21. Sheady

    ok…. is it just me or did anyone else notice the poster with Zac Efron in the background? slightly weird… for 2 reason, that she still puts posters on her wall at that age when she has the money to hire a decorator & also, do celebrities actually buy BOP magazines for the posters of their friends? weird..

    that’s my 2 cents, and yes I realized I missed the most important points of this picture: boobies and flat tummies.

  22. Anne

    How convenient. These photos “leaked” the week her new movie opens.

  23. fetus_mcnuggets

    this is in retaliation to megan fawx

    VH wants to be hotter

  24. just

    Don’t give that fat cunt anymore publicity for his website please..

    There are a ton of pics available of THE Hudgens elsewhere.

  25. just

    Don’t give that fat cunt anymore publicity for his website please..

    There are a ton of pics available of THE Hudgens elsewhere.

    Egotastic being one of them with a ,ahem, full set.. ;)

  26. Think about it

    I doubt this is really her. I just don’t think she keeps a poster of her boyfriend in her bedroom.

  27. ha

    Im so sick of seeing these stupid little Disney sluts like miley cryus and shit.

  28. haha

    @27 speaking of. When do we get to see Miley in her own photos like this??

    oh crap….I forgot. erase erase erase

  29. GOD

    You’re welcome guys!

  30. FU

    just wanted to add a comment about something else.

    Thanks for turning off comments for the Giuliani & Bill “story”
    I guess you can’t have the wave of normal comments about them being worthless and her taking it up the ass by a yak.

    oh yeah….Vanessa , I’d hit it…two times

  31. HUMAN


  32. HUMAN


  33. Albin Bainbridge

    I’m tired of this bitch already. When is she going to realize that showing off her private parts is NOT what growing up and being taken seriously is about?

    You want to see what a maturing young lady acts like then take a look at Emma Watson.

  34. Tom K

    Hot!! She looks sexy! I really hope she doesn’t come out on the news crying saying she’s sorry and really ashamed because bitch if you were really sorry your stupid ass wouldn’t keep taking these pictures.

    Whatever keep it up! Myself and all the other guys in America are enjoying your mistakes!!!! lol

  35. Amy

    Oh wow, she is so original, shocking, and cutting-edge. People never do things like this. It’s almost like….she’s trying to prove she’s not a child anymore. Wow…how poetic.

  36. Albin is gay for Harry Potter


    I tell you what quidditch boy….you can have your gay Harry Potter fetish. I will gladly take Vanessa and go for a most expectantly wild ride. She is ripe and ready for some serious cornholing.

  37. Dear Vanessa,

    if you’re going to keep ruining your career like this, could you at least take some high-res photos instead of using your phone?

    sincerely, all of masturbating America

  38. Hefe

    When is Zac gonna dump this slut?

    You know it’s coming.

    I’m sure his agent & manager are in his ear about it.

  39. rickardo

    Shes cute but I wish she’d buy a pair of tits for cryiong out loud! Otherwise, whats the point??

  40. Larry Flynt

    This girl needs to go ahead and do a proper pr0n shoot. She could talk to FTV and I am sure they would give her a real photoshoot.

  41. I read somewhere that these pictures are when she was 17. So they may be leaked recently, but they were not taken recently. I’m hoping this is true b/c she should have learned her lesson from last time.

  42. mafme

    Buy tits? Are you fucking nuts? These are perfect.

    What I want to know is who is the saintly person who is leaking these?

    I’m beginning to think that she’s an exhibitionist and “leaking” them herself.

  43. chupacabra

    NOT. HER.

    #1 – the phone – that’s a cheap shitty phone. Van prolly has a smackberry
    #2 – the bedroom in the background – WAY middle class
    #3 – the face is off.

  44. Tyler

    Ha she’s a “movie star” but she can’t afford better than a RAZR?

    How much longer til Miley’s 18?

  45. Scrait up


    #1 who noticed?
    #2 who noticed?
    #3 who noticed?

  46. you are correct

    @42 These do appear to be from the same batch as the first ones. These are just the followups of the initial leak.

    I’d still fuck her till she broke a leg

  47. Karmen

    God I’m beyond sick of seeing this ugly little gremlins tits.

  48. Anonymous

    ONTD figured out these are from when she was only 17 so congratulations on spreading child porn.

  49. ®usty

    I love it. more please.

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