Vanessa Hudgens is wearing clothes

September 24th, 2007 // 48 Comments

Somebody took some pictures of Vanessa Hudgens with her clothes on. Why someone would do that, I dunno. I guess Vanessa wanted to see what it would be like to try wearing intricately attached pieces of fabric over her body like everyone else. Feels kind of strange, doesn’t it, Vanessa? Feel free to remedy the situation at anytime. Had I been there, she’d be totally nude. Little known fact: my mere presence causes women’s clothes to disappear. Don’t believe me? All you female readers out there, take a look down – Oh! No clothes, huh? Yep, it’s a talent. Some say I’m a living national treasure – like Paul Bunyan, but a bit manlier. Also, I’m not big into giant oxen. I’m more into naked chicks. Call me old-fashioned, I guess.

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  1. Mike

    Nothing Special.
    As I See It.

  2. Ian

    Who the fuck is Vanessa Hudgens?

  3. Jimbo

    FRIST!!!! Damn she’s hot!

  4. Jimbo

    FRIST!!!! Damn she’s hot!

  5. jyc

    jimbo bitch

  6. noor


  7. Missystar

    What really struck me about the nude pix was that godawful smirk on her face, like she was thinking, “I’m so sexy, I can just stand here nude and that’ll be enough!” Yeccch.

  8. lux

    Very pretty girl, ok body…better with clothes on. Someone send her an American Laser Centers gift certificate too.

  9. PeeWee

    I can totally picture her sucking my swizzle stick of love in pic #3.

  10. VAHjayjay

    I’m sure she shaved her bodacious bush after that huge outcry over it. You are ALL to blame for that. Her agent probably had her trim the hedges at least. Poor kid…

    And I thought we liked bush in this country??

  11. ALLEN

    She is the next Britwit with her nude photos, but stating she wouldn’t do anything stupid on Tyra Banks show before the pics came out. YOU ARE A STUPID SLUT. GO AWAY SOON, WE DON’T NEED ANYMORE SLUTS ON T.V.

  12. Emma

    Not a good role model with her nude pics at 15! SKANK SLUT and shouldn’t be doing kid movies. Boycotting her fugly ass now for my kids’ sake.

  13. Binky

    : — ) ;-)

    This was my tribute to the late Marcel Marceau.

    ( Oh. Ok. I preferred the nude pix and thank God I didn’t have to sit thru a musical)

  14. mabbo

    Oh #14 Emma, you are such a HIGH MORAL PERSON all the while sludging around in the dirt here on The Fish with the rest of us low lifes. Puh-lease. You’re own skanky kids are doing much worse when you ain’t lookin’, hon. Anyway, why bother with this non-celebrity when there are a million photos of Oscar De La Hoya on the internet wearing all sorts of goodies that are normally reserved for the likes of the unholy Trinity (Britney, Lindsay, Paris). Fish….get to work!

  15. Hollywood Agent

    “Notice Me” — “Notice Me” — it appears that she pulled a Paris Hilton type of PR stunt on all of us.

    All the Filipino women and girls that I have ever met are not sluts like this chick. She is a breed in herself, and it appears that she has been to the Paris Hilton PR school for sluts and was a straight A student.

  16. vanessa can you please E-mail me my E-mail ardess is

  17. Robz

    She is wearing clothes???? Why , I don;t get it, why would she do that???

  18. She is such a cute girl with her clothes on. A much better look for her!

  19. bob

    i hope she realizes that people are only paying attention to her now because of those nude photos. she probably released them herself, dirty slut!

  20. She looks better wearing fur.

  21. how old is she huh?

  22. Hecubus

    She’ll be even sexier when she reaches the age of 13. Really I thought she looked good on those naked pics but here she looks 12 or something, I mean I’d fuck her but I could get into it. I’d be too worried about the FBI busting through the door or something.

  23. leelee

    @24 ha, so true… the part about her looking 12 at least.

    What’s with the black nail polish? The last paparazzi-loved girl who wore black nail polish ended up going to rehab and dying (Lindsay Lohan IS dead… right?) does she really want to follow that trend?


  24. Ted from LA

    Damn. I just remembered I have to cut my grass tomorrow.

  25. astella

    hello she looks better without clothes.

    more matured somehow.

    i think i only like her after she started the whole nude photo scandal. i mean highschool musical is like what, for high sch kids?

  26. FromOutOfNoWhere

    to be honest with her clothes on she’s really not of any interest. Sure I would totally bang her hard, but not much to go after. Bring back more pics of Kim and Coco.

  27. Seriously I think she put out that pic. I mean who the hell had ever heard of her until her ass was naked in a camera phone pic on the internet? Nice move on her part. Oh, and I’d hit.

  28. hegadeth

    The giant sunglasses trend is beginning to wear me down.

  29. jrzmommy

    She knows Zac Efron is gay, right? RIGHT?

  30. schack

    she planned the whole fucking thing.

  31. Zing!

    Fuck the clothes. Bitch needs a razor and shave cream.

  32. Zing!

    P.S. Zac isn’t gay. He told me right after I shot my load in his mouth.

  33. adeliza

    Ok. Ok.
    I’m going to cave in here. Where can I see pictures of this infamous bush?
    I can’t seem to find the pics anywhere.

  34. L.Linus

    I hope she doesn’t shave that bush, not anyone needs to look at what a 9 year old looks like!!

  35. VanessasHot

    Get naked soon Vannessa. I can get fake id’s so can make porn movies just like Traci Lords. It will be good for your career and great for American libido.

  36. ph7

    1. Publicists call papparazzi, tells them where client will be shopping.
    2. Client gets a Starbucks and holds it. THIS IS ESSENTIAL.
    3. Client smiles while shopping.
    4. Publicist gets thank you from TMZ and Superficial.
    5. Client is happy to get publicity.
    6. Publicist plans to repeat next week, at beach in bikini, with obligatory ass-in the-air -while-on-all-fours on lounge chair shot.

  37. ABCD

    Is that an iPhone she’s holding?

  38. Zing!

    Speak for yourself 36!

  39. MegWhite

    The Meg White sex tape is a fraud. It actually stars Vanessa. It was kept quiet because after all she is in Disney movies. Another reason it was hush hush is though Zak has wash board abs and is way cute. His dick ain’t built for porn and Vanessa was. Having to choose between a salami the size of a horse’s and Zak is a no brainer for Vanessa.

  40. Hudgensuckssausage

    the only reason she looks OK is because of her long black hair…

  41. J

    This chick is extremely cute. She has the potential to be gorgeous in a few years…even with her clothes on :P

    To #29…and others…Why on earth would she release that naked pic of herself? For publicity only?!? I could kind of see it if she was trying to get out of her Disney contract. Though If…IF you were going to do something like that to get out a contract or just for some (additional) noteriety, why not just go topless…or even just see through? Just doesn’t make sense.

    If she has any talent at all (Disney certainly thinks she does), she’ll get past the nude pic incident. Look at Vanessa Williams. Marginal talent, and after getting lesbian pics published in Penthouse, she lost Miss America but she’s still in the public eye. Its all in how she manages it. Though the obligatory church photo op that came out right after the pics did was a bit obvious.

    I think she made a stupid mistake…at 19. None of us have done that, right?!?

  42. Really

    I don’t know the little you-know-what doesn’t just strip naked and walk down the street — she apparently sent her nudie off to several people. She just looks skanky to me now.

  43. Doc

    Clothes??? Unacceptable!!!

  44. Mike

    She looks so cute, sweet, and wholesome with her clothes on. I STILL find it hard to believe after these several weeks that this is the same girl who was the sex kitten in the nudie photo. It’s just so weird! I have to give her credit for looking as pretty with her clothes on as she does with her clothes off. Not all women do. I still think she should’ve just denied the naked photo. At least she seems happy in the photo like she’s finally getting a handle on the publicity she’s getting.

    #43 I know I’ve made quite a few embarrassing mistakes when I was in my teens and early 20s. I’d never want people to find out about some of them. Live and learn.

  45. angl

    vanessa is eighteen years old and old enough to make her own decisions. she took one naked picture of herself on a camera phone to send to her boyfriend. there are literally millions and millions of teens and young adults who do this. and its perfectly acceptable as long as no one finds out. and people usually don’t. there only problem was she’s famous and so the pictrues were’t just of interest too a small group of people but to all of America. but that doesn’t ake her a dirty slut or skank or whore. it’s totally unreasonable and cruel to say things like that. the picture wasnt even that terrible. she was just standing there. her legs werent apart or anything. and there’s no way she staged that photo. personally, i think if she intended to release the photo it would have been of better quality with her looking more demure.

    i’ not saying she’s of high moral character because I have no idea but it’s just unreasonable to call someone a dirty slut for no real reason.

  46. zek


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