Vanessa Hudgens has new holiday sex tape

February 20th, 2008 // 82 Comments

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron allegedly star in a new sex tape with a yuletide theme. While I prefer my amateur porn to celebrate Canadian Boxing Day, this sounds promising. The Sun reports:

Reportedly the beauty, whose naked pictures were leaked on to the net last year, is sitting underneath a Christmas tree wearing nothing but a Santa hat and a red thong.
She says to the camera: “I’ve been a good girl this year.”
Then boyfriend ZAC EFRON appears before nature takes its course.

Okay, yeah, this is totally fake. I don’t for one second believe Zac Efron became aroused at the sight of Vanessa Hudgen in just a thong and Santa hat. Maybe if she had on a full Santa costume complete with the beard and fake belly. Then I could maybe see this thing happen. But, real quick, those suits come with penises, right? I mean, that just seems like a standard feature to me. Otherwise, really, I don’t get the point of the whole outfit.

Photos: Splash News

  1. cooool

    uh wow, they’re cool.

  2. hi-priced call girl

    She looks like planet of the apes to me.

  3. Dido

    @7: Vanessa is 19 and Zac is 20. They’re both very legal and not children.

  4. Spazz

    I dont know, I think she is hot. The dude is some boyband fag but she is pretty damn cute.

  5. Cool…More and more people are interested in nudism now. Even many celebs posed nude, recently such as Angelina Jolie, Sophie Monk. Their nude videos&photos were found on . It is? porn path? No, I do not think so. Many celebrities have the nude photos, because they are interested in nudism. Being naked is comfortable and healthy.Nudism is divine and natural, do not regards as porn.

  6. lambman

    Well its win win, she’s already the naked skanky chick from Disney Channel so this is just more publicity. And Zac will at least have something to bring up in defensive of his sexuality and masculinity, or existense of his penis.

  7. I just read about vanessa hudgens in seventeen’s magazine febuary issue about her “nude” picture scandal. Vanessa seems to have a pretty good back up, but hey, there are some things that you should not let the whole world know about! (Ecspecially american pre-teens!)

    This girl should of learned from her past “mistake”. Once is enough, and once is all it needs to make a bad repitation for yourself. I hate to see young celebrities do this.

    Vanessa, when you take things like that, YOU need to be respnsible, and keep things like that in a 4-inch thick steel safe, so that they wont be “leaked” onto the internet.

    And we dont really care if you go out with Zac Effron, if it wasnt for the bright lights, and red carpet, I think we could all care less about Mr.Handsome.

  8. Anal Fistula

    despite looking like a retarted troll in all pics, Vanessa doesn’t have a penis. this begs the obvious question…why is Zac still with her? he could totally be with tom cruise…TCLTC

  9. D. Richards (Saint.)

    This story is all wrong: Zacharious is the one that’s beneath the Christmas tree standing naked except for a pink bra and lipstick; he says, ‘I’ve been been a bad girl, Santa’, which cues Vanessa to strut in to view wearing an over-sized black strap-on.

  10. Sven Oljaski

    So, does anybody have a link for this tape so we can make our own judgments? I mean things like this are the only sign of hope in the world since Jessica Alba got plugged by that Muppet.

    Bring in the links!


    SO BORING ……………..


    SO BORING ……………..

  13. jrz

    She knows Zac Effron is gay, right? RIGHT?

  14. Grunion

    Dude looks retarded.

  15. brian latmar

    when did vanessa hudgeons start dating clay aiken???????

  16. Katie

    The video is real. It was shot on a cell phone and you can find it online

  17. Chip Douglas

    I will splooge to that!

  18. Sebastian Melmoth

    I just saw the tape. It is 15 minutes of naked Vanessa begging Zac to stop crying, put his hands down from covering his eyes and treat her like a farm animal. He never does. In other news, I’m going to bang that bitch tonight.

  19. smokinghot90



    damn hot musical, HO-HO-HO !!!


  20. Bailey

    THERE IS NO SEX TAPE. The story of this alleged tape originated from a satirical article posted on a fake news website about six months ago. This would explain why we have yet to see any visual evidence that the video exists.


    hey if someone know where i can find the video,please tell me the vanessa hudgens sex tape i’m curious

  22. BunnyButt

    53, um, duh.

  23. MedGirl

    EVERY time there’s a picture of Zac Efron, loads of ugly guys scream “GAY” !!! Is this jealousy or what ?
    Zac is gorgeous.

  24. lbernice

    nice fake eyelashes on zac.

  25. Vanessa Hudgens is a nice girl. Don’t tell fake nude news about here…

  26. David

    It wasn’t enough for you haters to bash her for her innocent nude photo. Now, you gotta bash her for a sex tape that I doubt even exists. Well, I’ve said it on other websites. Now, it’s your turn to read what I’m about to say. First of all, I am a nudist and, to me, nude is not lewd. Secondly, you haters and perverts are very immature and can’t handle nudity yet. Finally, Vanessa did nothing wrong, no matter what you say. I’m done for now.

  27. yall need 2 shut the fuck up-
    u don’t kno what happened-the superficial is just like a gossiping prep-
    apparently yall r 2-
    get over urself and find the alleged sex tape before writin shit about them!

  28. yall need 2 shut the fuck up-
    u don’t kno what happened-the superficial is just like a gossiping prep-
    apparently yall r 2-
    get over urself and find the alleged sex tape before writin shit about them!

  29. ramcy

    hi zac hi vanessa way are u doing this

  30. lol @ 69

    haha it tells us to downlload trojan
    but it was nicer scripting than the other ones… (u can see at the source code the player is a picture.
    So if it’s real, then link it. if not: don’t!

  31. Vanessa

    Hi guys thank you all for your support this is really me and you guys can email me here if you dont belive me. It was proven that this video is not me and I know taht you guys didn’t dougt me. Thanks!

    Bye thank you guys

  32. ur mom

    @81 errrr your not the real thing ur just another girl trying to pose

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