Vanessa Hudgens has new holiday sex tape

February 20th, 2008 // 82 Comments

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron allegedly star in a new sex tape with a yuletide theme. While I prefer my amateur porn to celebrate Canadian Boxing Day, this sounds promising. The Sun reports:

Reportedly the beauty, whose naked pictures were leaked on to the net last year, is sitting underneath a Christmas tree wearing nothing but a Santa hat and a red thong.
She says to the camera: “I’ve been a good girl this year.”
Then boyfriend ZAC EFRON appears before nature takes its course.

Okay, yeah, this is totally fake. I don’t for one second believe Zac Efron became aroused at the sight of Vanessa Hudgen in just a thong and Santa hat. Maybe if she had on a full Santa costume complete with the beard and fake belly. Then I could maybe see this thing happen. But, real quick, those suits come with penises, right? I mean, that just seems like a standard feature to me. Otherwise, really, I don’t get the point of the whole outfit.

Photos: Splash News

  1. psychochil


  2. psychochil


  3. psychochil

    hahahahahaha FIRST!

  4. Guy

    He is ugly

  5. John

    I bet Zac was actually dressed like Mrs. Claus.

  6. micros101

    Which one of them has the thicker mustache?

  7. BunnyButt

    Isn’t child porn illegal?


    OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!! BRING ON THE NEXT LINDSAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Mike

    You mean BoxING day?

  10. Where is this supposed sex tape?

  11. snoot

    Ho, Ho,……….HO!

  12. miggs

    “Then boyfriend ZAC EFRON appears before nature takes its course” and Vanessa dips her hand in eggnog and fists Zac violently.

  13. Angus

    A sex tape of a hairy monkey girl and a gay mannequin, where’ s my credit card…

  14. Eden Ware

    HE is ugly? what about HER? *barfs*

  15. Something tells me Jimbo wishes she was his daughter… just a hunch I got from the last thread…

  16. Audio clip

    Zac: I’m sorry. That’s never happened before.
    Vanessa: What? The eight seconds of sex, or the forty minutes of crying afterwards?

  17. Cynthia

    “Then boyfriend ZAC EFRON”

    Why capitalize his name? If it’s going to be a breathy story written like either a clueless fan or a PR rep, it should be “Then HETEROSEXUAL boyfriend Zac Efron…”

  18. veroonica

    That dude is wearing more makeup than she is! Check out the mascara. Shitting and throwing up are natural. I have a feeling our little girl did a little of both when he saw her titties under that tree.

  19. #15 – nah, she’s got a dark complexion. Aint that more your domain?

  20. axium

    I don’t believe this story either…only if they mean Vanessa Hudgens was sitting under the Christmas tree trying to be sexy and Zac Efron was impaled on the top of the tree, substituting for the star.

  21. moobs

    Oh woah!

    How risque! Boyfriends and Girlfriends role playing! Never heard of that shit before!

    Stupid immature disney clones, just like the rest of the friggin braindead “look at me!” society.

  22. B

    Links, or I call shenanigans!

  23. He still has a pretty mouth.

  24. Vanessa

    “Zac, I see you’ve sampled the eggnog already, you naughty boy! That must have been what you were doing in the other room with Jeeves. Mmmm, let me wipe some off your lips…huh…what the…salty? CUT!”

  25. good deeds

    she looks like a mexican

  26. mamadough

    so i’m waiting for the video to be leaked where some disney slut is boinking a gay teen boy/40 year old producer with the mickey mouse ear hat on the both of them…

  27. I think my balls just fell off..

  28. mamadough

    so i’m waiting for the video to be leaked where some disney slut is boinking a gay teen boy/40 year old producer with the mickey mouse ear hats on the both of them…

  29. nosey neighbor

    Hudgens’s father is an American of Irish and Native American descent, and her mother, who grew up in Manila, is a Filipino-born of Filipino, Spanish and Chinese descent.[4]

  30. mamadough

    fucking doublepost

  31. deacon jones

    I cant frigging wait for this tape to hit the net, nice young piece of ass….yeahhhhhh (ringing hands, unbuckling fly)

  32. danny

    has she got a moustache? i think i see one there

  33. @27 You have balls??

  34. Auntie Kryst

    @29 Irish and Native American descent really? Whoa, no predisposition to alcoholism running in her veins. Actually that’s probably a good thing. She probably needs a few belts to help “man-up” when she saddles up her nancy-boy.

  35. Gav

    This is the second time she’s had something sex related “leaked”

    She must be desperate to end her disney image and move on to what she thinks is a more adult career.

  36. Not anymore Jimbo, they fell off!!!

    Sorry, the comment
    I was GOING to make was about the MASCARA on that dude, but Veroonica kinda stole my thunder..

    Don’t buy Grandma’s cookies out of the vending machine, they are gross. If I EVER baked a cookie and had it turn out like that I would burn the recipe and then throw my oven off a cliff..

  37. Vanessa the cow

    Will someone please take this round-faced hairy-armed cunt of the news?

    She’s ugly, fat, looks like a cross-bred monkey child, and probably has hairy underarms.

    The last set of pictures of her also showed gobs of cellulite.

    Will someone please slam a metal trashcan lid into her face? It’ll be an improvement.

  38. mmm…thinking about licking the balls on top of FRIST’s vula mound…mmmmm

  39. alex oz

    i can see her vagina …. there in her armpit 00 god……

  40. Fuck celebrity sex tapes, they release them themselves and claim they just 'leaked'

    Really, fuck all these celebrities and their ‘leaking’ sex tapes.
    They ‘leak’ them themselves man, to get attention and publicity. Who in hell makes a sex tape and then gives it to someone so it can be ‘leaked’? If you make a sex tape, you keep it to yourself, no one has to know even that it exist. How could anyone get their hands on it to sell it to someone who will make it reach the public eye? No one! Only the celebrities in the tape themselves. I even think they make those tapes not because they enjoy it at all, but with the purpose of ‘leaking’ them for everyone to see later, so they will get attention and publicity.
    Paris Hilton’s, Kim Kardashian’s, Vanessa Hudgen/Zac Effron’s (if it exist), and everyone else’s, they all are the ones who made their tapes ‘leak’, they even filmed them with the purpose of making them ‘leak’ later.

  41. Arvid from Head of the Class

    Looking forward to whacking to that!

  42. J

    Don’t worry, her rep will confirm these reports soon

  43. BunnyButt

    Hang on … she leaks during sex???? Ech, aren’t there exercises to help with that?

  44. Danklin24

    This is fake. Its from a satireacle magazine called THEM.

  45. Ted from LA

    I’ve seen the tape. They end of fighting right away when Zac enters the room. Vanessa is sitting legs wide open with no undies on… Zac takes one look between her legs and yells, “A black lab puppy!!!” That did not go over well at all.

  46. Yippi Ki Ya

    I don’t care what anyone else say, I would totally rinse that out hard.

  47. yowza

    @44: it’s “satirical” dumbass

  48. zinggazee

    Unless Vanessa Hudges was wearing a penis with the santa hat, there’s no way that can be Zac Efron in that sex tape.

  49. pauli

    definitly she has hairy underarms
    she’s damn horrible and he seems to be made of wax

  50. sharpeidude

    No way that fag became aroused! He couldn’t get a hard-on if you pointed a loaded pistol at him.

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