Vanessa Hudgens has new holiday sex tape

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron allegedly star in a new sex tape with a yuletide theme. While I prefer my amateur porn to celebrate Canadian Boxing Day, this sounds promising. The Sun reports:

Reportedly the beauty, whose naked pictures were leaked on to the net last year, is sitting underneath a Christmas tree wearing nothing but a Santa hat and a red thong.
She says to the camera: “I’ve been a good girl this year.”
Then boyfriend ZAC EFRON appears before nature takes its course.

Okay, yeah, this is totally fake. I don’t for one second believe Zac Efron became aroused at the sight of Vanessa Hudgen in just a thong and Santa hat. Maybe if she had on a full Santa costume complete with the beard and fake belly. Then I could maybe see this thing happen. But, real quick, those suits come with penises, right? I mean, that just seems like a standard feature to me. Otherwise, really, I don’t get the point of the whole outfit.

Photos: Splash News