Vanessa Hudgens’ dad will crush you

November 9th, 2007 // 92 Comments

Vanessa Hudgens hit the gym with her father yesterday. When the paparazzi caught up with them in the parking lot, Vanessa’s dad decided to wield his trusty, uh, water bottle? Apparently he splashed one of the photographers. That’s it? From the looks of this guy, I expected at least a few broken limbs and perhaps a flipped over car or two. Can you imagine the first time he met Vanessa’s boyfriend Zac Efron? “So, what now, my little Vanessa? You are lesbian? I am furious with anger. Bring your papa his Sprite so he may splash you and your lover with the lemon and the lime. Why is your girlfriend smiling at me like so? I thought she, how you say, eat at Y?”

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. mj

    #32 & 36…Keep in mind that she just got out of the gym. What woman doesnt lose a little in the looks department after just sweating it out at the gym. This girl is smokin. I’m guessing you’re either an Ameican robot that is only into blondes or a jealous bitch. It all depends on whether you’re a man or woman. Let me know.

  2. Bland Ambition

    I think he’s kinda hot.

  3. endoftheshityear

    another good one, Superficial – another good one

    i’m telling you, peripherally-related-to-some-celebrity threads are a gold-mine and a bold, daring new niche

    consider it carefully, my friend – when the 20-something fake-blondes
    (brit, paris, etc etc) all vanish simultaneously very very soon,
    there will always be Angelina’s lesbian-soul-sucking sister to talk about….

  4. em

    i don’t think she’s pretty, and im a straight girl. from a guys prospective, what exactly is above average looks for a girl.

  5. Kareem Ofwheat

    Looks like he got a mail order bride in his 50s and knocked her up.

  6. D. Richards (Champ.)

    I’d take a swing-at Vanessa’s dad. I wouldn’t back down from his burly ass. I’d hit him with a flurry of punches straight to the face. Knock his bear-ass out! Am I wrong, or does that guy look like a gigantic homosexual? I bet he’s secretly fucking Efron.

  7. …Why doesn’t she just go take some more nudes?!

  8. Troy

    Okay. I[m guessing that the post was supposed to be funny, it completely failed but I’m guessing that was the point. Judging from some not all but some of the posts it looks this site is just another place for bottom feeders and lowlifes can come and post utter filth.

    Pity. I thought x-17, Perez Hilton and TMZ would have sufficently filled that pathetic niche.

  9. Narcissist

    He’ll slap you with a saggy man boob. Is he like 75 yrs old?

    These aren’t very good pics of her.

  10. Latrell Washington

    I wonder how many times her dad jerked off to those naked pics of Vanessa because from the looks of it, he hasn’t had sex with a woman in almost two decades.

    And what’s with the Gorbachev style deformity on his head? I bet he would like to watch as me and my homies gave it to his daughter family style.

  11. bosendorfer

    this has “salinas” written all over it.

    did this guy make me gyro sandwich the other day at the gas station?

  12. Danklin24

    Did anyone else look at her dad and think Sargent Slaughter?

  13. Danklin24

    Since this post is so fucking boring, im going to talk about something useless…like that ipod. Apparently stars can afford $400 for the ipod but stick with the shitty headphones that come with them. God ipods suck.

  14. Reminds me of the Romanian strongman Letterman had on back in the mid 80s. He’d be growling and bending metal and shit while his semi-retarded son looked on in confusion.

  15. Lady Sin

    Daddy looks like a retarded trucker: *Vanna…bitch! Get me another beer!*

  16. anon

    Vanessa for the love of God and Ed Hardy fans every where STOP MAKING A MOCKERY OF HIS PRODUCTS!!!!!!!! you are not bad ass. you are lame, retarded and an embarassment to the entire industry. Please go back to von hudsons’ products, they suit your crap ass image much better.

  17. ahahhaha this is hilarious. her dad’s so cute!

  18. The Regulator

    Wait…this bitch ain’t black??

  19. yhalothar

    Is it just me or does her dad look like Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force?

  20. Melann

    How old was her dad when he had her? 50? He looks about 70 years old

  21. That’s some ugly scary dude. Vanessa’s whishing her hat was big enough to hide her embarrassment.

  22. Don’t mess with this dude. Check out the last pic. Gramps, is throwing up gang signs.

    Johnny B. Badd

  23. bessie

    She is a nice girl. It’s said she recently joined a celebrity and millionaire dating site named Many men winked at her there.

  24. STever

    You sure it’s not her grandfather?? And the way she’s walking behind him and keeping her head down makes it look like she’s not real proud to be with him….

  25. Feckless

    It’s buttafucko and the long island lolita

  26. Dave

    Vanessa is a good girl! I have ever met her on talk show! She is kindhearted and loving. Now she is dating a young good-looking guy on millionaire dating site ( Good luck!

  27. D. Richards

    I just gotta say, Dad-of Vanessa looks so funny! He reminds me of a retarded child. Oh, he’s so mad. Look at him go. Don’t get to close. Vanessa looks embarassed too. Ha!

  28. oh my god! Its a real-life carl from aqua teen! :O

  29. catstew

    Its Carl!!! (ATHF)

  30. Mairsy Doats

    I like the way he’s curling his lip. Sir! sir! The anger management class meets NEXT Monday. You’re a week early. Go make threatening gestures and incoherent noises elsewhere.

  31. anoner

    which one is vanessa hudgens?

  32. Schratboy, Boulder CO

    Dad should have kicked the paparazzi’s ass.

  33. Queena

    #5 – LOL….I have to agree

  34. Queena

    #5 – LOL….I have to agree

  35. Berfle

    Are you sure that “dad” isn’t John Astin?

  36. elva

    like other youth stars, she fears her personal life knoen by others, but why someone told me tha he saw she is oa a millionaire& celebrity sita called what does she doing? now why she has such action facing the photografer.

  37. malvo

    he looks like a mix of soccer hooligan,sean connery,steroids and coke. i bet he he could take a 45 acp slug in the gut and still woop ass

  38. werty

    funnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyy shizzzz

  39. Karisha

    She should be more embarrassed of her dad than the nude pics….at least with the nudes she is getting some good attention

  40. Charmedone

    I agree with Karisha #91.
    I would have been so embarrassed to have a father that will splash water to people that mess with me instead of settling it like a man.

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