Vanessa Hudgens’ dad will crush you

November 9th, 2007 // 92 Comments

Vanessa Hudgens hit the gym with her father yesterday. When the paparazzi caught up with them in the parking lot, Vanessa’s dad decided to wield his trusty, uh, water bottle? Apparently he splashed one of the photographers. That’s it? From the looks of this guy, I expected at least a few broken limbs and perhaps a flipped over car or two. Can you imagine the first time he met Vanessa’s boyfriend Zac Efron? “So, what now, my little Vanessa? You are lesbian? I am furious with anger. Bring your papa his Sprite so he may splash you and your lover with the lemon and the lime. Why is your girlfriend smiling at me like so? I thought she, how you say, eat at Y?”

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. p911gt10c

    So, no more nudes?

  2. Lindsay

    I’d like to see how her mom looks like. I bet you she’s some ugly looking Filipina.

  3. joeypants

    I’d wreck that (not her dad).

  4. bigSTEAMYone

    crush , kill , destroy

  5. nipolian

    Get a grip there Pablo……first of all your headband and wristband don’t match and second of all you are a tad too old to be flashing gang signs.

  6. Mike

    Gimmie a break…

  7. alpal

    i have no time for this.

  8. Izzy

    Mandelbaum! Mandelbaum! Mandelbaum! Mandelbaum! Mandelbaum!

  9. Guy

    Nice body shame about the face.

    Oh, are we talking about Vanessa here?

  10. paparazzo

    “Does anybody else smell a big sweaty beaver?”

  11. Ript1&0

    Boring… another Baby Veal.

  12. caljenna66

    Oh my GOD, what the hell happened to Sean Connery????

  13. WTF?

    How embarrassing!

    I remember when my Dad flung his water bottle at the paps that were following me…

    I’ve never been able to live it down.

  14. nia02119

    he has boobs

  15. Shep

    Thats the closest you’ll ever see to a real life cartoon character……..

  16. jakebarnes

    Looks like Giuliani on steroids

  17. ThosePicturesWereForDad

    Dad needs a gun. Nobody’s holding their breath. Vanessa is cute. 18 is great.

  18. B@RT

    He should be grateful that the nude pictures got out. No one was interested in her before the pictures. I believe “hope” that we will see her in some movies or sitcom in the future :)

  19. #7 You have to MAKE time. This is VERY important!!!!!

    And yet still, do NOT navigate away from the porn..

  20. #1 I first read your comment and thought it said no more “dudes”. Yeah, so I didn’t get it and moved on. Wasn’t till I refreshed and reread it that I saw “nudes”. So that makes much more sense and also guess what?

    YOU WERE FIRST!!!!!!..

  21. ZackEfron

    You should have seen how he acted when he realized I came in her mouth.

  22. So now, by his behavior, what would have been a common photo – makes it to the blogs and celeb sites :-D

  23. nipolian

    #18 – He should be glad the nude photos came out….I mean it’s not like it’s something that he hasn’t seen (touched/groped/licked) repeatedly over the past 12-14 years.

  24. TS

    Hey SKANK BURRITO (from Pauley Shore post),
    FRIST!!! is not a whore, she’s an alcoholic (and a pretty damn good one) so get your facts straight. You know what else? You ARE a fucking idiot so apparently she’s pretty bright and perceptive too. Dipfuck…Yeah, I just made that one up. Just for you.

  25. TS

    And didn’t even call it. Great work.

  26. What are you talkng about, TS?

  27. p911gt10c

    #20, Ya, but see how I actually made a comment, just as if it were another other position? I’m hoping it spreads throughout the internets.

    and you’re right, “dudes” would have made no sense.

  28. hahaha...this place kills me...

    TS: “she’s pretty bright and perceptive”
    FRIST: “What are you talkng about, TS?”

  29. TS

    Dipfuck was talkin shit because you called him out on his stupidity in the Pauley post. Yeah, that was like 5 posts ago, but I just read it and it pissed me off. I know Dipfuck is going to be reading this post sooner or later so I just figured I’d make him recognize. Don’t fuck with my girl FRIST. Yeah, I know I am crazy. And high.

  30. #27, I know, and that is why I called it for you!!! You rock!!!

    TS, now I know what you are talking about, the Pauly post. HAHA, I left right after I wrote that. Thanks for coming to my defense all who did, even though I was called “total slut” and “alcoholic”, but hey, better than WHORE..

  31. TS

    #28, I know, that was ironic.

  32. ph7

    She looks bad. Like the hispanic girls who hang out in front of 7-11 for day jobs.

  33. #28 Ok, that is kinda funny..

  34. TS

    Sluts are cool, so are alcoholics. But only the good kind like me and you (or is it you and I, or you and me?).

  35. I think it is you and me..

  36. combustion8

    what a douche and she’s so average looking its sickening.

  37. Miss Stratford

    Children please! How many time do I have to instruct you?

    “like you (are) and I (am”


    “like you and I”


  38. Miss Stratford

    Heavens! You distressed me into a typographical error!


  39. nipolian

    But only the good kind like me.
    But only the good kind like you.

    It’s But only the good kind like me and you.

    I think.

  40. My teacher told me it’s you and me, but that’s how I was taught nipolean, to break it up like that..

  41. TS

    I could be wrong here but I think Miss Stratford might be wrong here. Anyone?
    I think FRIST tiene razon.

  42. Sorry nipolian, spelled your name wrong. Now I have to throw out my spelling bee trophies :(

  43. korina_jebediah

    Loved the lesbian reference in the made-up dialogue.

    Vanessa goes to the gym cause Zachy loves muscles, like manly muscles.
    And bushes. And hair combing.

  44. nipolian

    Hey Frist – It’s all good…..please don’t throw away your awards.

  45. who cares

    No, teacher is right. It’s a compound sentence (well, it would be, it it weren’t a fragment), and “like” begins a new clause in which “you and I” are the nouns.


  46. #44, thanks, cause I don’t know where they are..

  47. TS

    Well then I stand, with a shot of Cazadores in my hand, corrected.

  48. wastedOne

    She wants no part of it, totally ignoring him.

    Last pic he is throwing up the set!
    2-1 holmes!

  49. whatever

    On the phone: “Mom…come get dad! He’s flashing gang signs again! I don’t believe he was EVER hardcore. I don’t care WHAT stories he tells at Thanksgiving. God…I’m SO embarrassed!”


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