Vanessa Hudgens: Clearly, the man in her relationship

March 20th, 2009 // 72 Comments

Here’s Vanessa Hudgens being made to pump gas yesterday while Zac Efron sat in the car. He’d do it himself, but then who’d sit here and look beautiful in the rearview mirror? Sometimes girls just don’t understand. *sigh*

Photos: Splash News

  1. She definitely looks like a man.

  2. someone else

    She looks like she is ready for “high school musical 4:freshman year” where they answer the important questions is that a girl, boy, or a felony?

  3. Sam

    He just needed a few minutes away from that giant bush.

    btw, the joke is that Zac is a chick, not that the Peltster is a guy.

  4. Susan Kim

    Seriously- she’s a man because she pumps her own gas? Guess there’s a million or so gas pumping “women” out there who had no idea that filling the tank meant they are males.

  5. Brian

    Attention ladies ………Do not buy or wear those ugly ass sandals or those ugly fuzzy boots. It makes you look like shit.

  6. Coolfish

    Someone said she is not a beauty, why?? Are you a beauty? Can you show us your photo before posting such a stupid message? Go to ***” richmatch mAKI NGC 0 M “*** and have a search for young ladies, you will know how ugly you are!!


    #4 – Way to do your gender a favor by proving you can’t read.

    She’s pumping the gas while her boyfriend sits in the car primping his nails. Now get back in the kitchen, Susan B. Anthony!

  8. Tim

    She’s starting to look a lot like the lady who cleans my house.

  9. squiggle

    Because women should only have to brush their lovely ponies’ manes?

  10. GuyHolly

    Chivalry is dead.

  11. LOL why not, he is the bigger star! besides its not a first date, get your ass out there and get gas stink on your fingers,,,make yourself useful

  12. Alex

    I love the fact that she has a huge belt penis in the first two pictures. Goes very nicely with the caption.

  13. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    No, the correct answer is UNICORNS.

  14. Jrz

    Next he’ll be swiping all of her tampons. She’ll get sick of it and move on….trust me.

    PS: The Fish has been pretty funny lately.

  15. Jrz

    Hey, GuyHolly!!!!!!1

  16. Frank N Stein

    I have a hankering for fur pies.

  17. vh

    she looks cute – cut, cute, cute

  18. lola

    Vanessa Hudgens is a cute girl. She is short, so she isn’t built like a linebacker or anything. I always thought she was too good for Zack, but tI have only seen pictures on this website of them.

  19. GuyHolly

    Moroning Jrz!!!!!!!!!!!111111

  20. Lisa Simpson

    I like the title of this… the gas pump trigger looks like a weiner

  21. Lisa Simpson

    I like the title of this… the gas pump trigger looks like a wiener

  22. kk

    Could she be anymore obvious flickin’ off the pops? So over it…move on!

  23. grobpilot

    It would be a helluva lot of fun to drive a big ‘ol truck at 60 mph and take that fucker’s door right off

  24. Sway

    I’d pump her gas any day

  25. lizzy

    she’s not a man, he’s making fun of the fact that zac efron is too pretty to get out of the car and pump gas.

    she’s adorable and her outfit is really cute. he’s too faggy for her!

  26. bailey

    whats with her boobs in these pics?

  27. #20…that’s about right..

    This is riveting news here….NEXT

    Where is the story about Miley Cyrus tying her own shoes?

    Whatever happened to Jamie Lynn Spears? Did we ever figure out if she was in fact pregnant again?

  28. Zanna

    Zac is FLAMING and therefore would be in danger if he went anywhere near a gas tank.

  29. D4P

    Are those Lt. Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell’s sunglasses…?

  30. GuyHolly


    On a side note–virgin boy is wierd……

  31. Janey

    The strap-on she wears with Zac looks just like the gas pump.

  32. Jrz


    Vanethaaaaa….eeel…you pump the gath…ith tho gathy and icky.

  33. Zanna


  34. Yoshi

    Why isn’t anyone talking about Obamessiah making fun of the Special Olympics last night? If Bush said what he said, someone would have impeched and shot him by now.

  35. Ignacio

    Bush didn’t get “impeched” after illegally invading a country and kidnapping and torturing hundreds of foreign citizens, so I think he would have been ok if he had made the Special Olympics comment. But if by “impech” you’re referring to Bush’s speech impediment (lack of brains), well, yeah, he kinda did have one, didn’t he?

  36. Tammy in Florida

    Fat face: check
    Pig nose: check
    Monster bush: check
    Attitude & insecurity: check

    What’s not to like about this sow?

  37. Phil

    The true story here: Zac suggested to Vanessa that she pump the gas while he goes into the store to buy some Red Bull. A little while later she’s done and waits a few minutes then decides to go into the store and finds Zac in the bathroom giving the clerk a blowjob. Instantly, 100 more pubic hairs sprout. But still, she leaves with him and goes about the rest of the day as if nothing had happened.

  38. Using that thing instead of a DILDO is really LIFE-THREATENING, folks!!

  39. GuyHolly

    #37 this blog is about Vanessa. Not your stupid fugly ass.

  40. Zac is so BADASS like me. Except I’m badass because I have a lvl80 night elf rogue.

  41. Jrz

    OOOOP..Ba-ZING, GuyHolly!!

  42. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    $2.49 for premium! Yet another reason I am glad I moved out of that shit hole California. The fags, beaners and liberals can have the place. The weather just wan’t worth it anymore.

  43. jrz

    One would think with a raging fucking homo for a boyfriend she wouldn’t walk around with the world’s most loose ugly pleather strappy sandals. You’d think he’d say something to her like, “Oh my GAHD Vanetha! Look at thothe thrapth! They’re tho big and gapey….like my anuth! Tee hee! Theriouthly though….take them off take them off!”

  44. GuyHolly

    #41 only lame ass jockeys or 10 year olds have night elfs. Which are you?

  45. Smarg

    She got some big ass feet fo sho.

  46. Venom

    That’s a bad chick.

  47. michelle

    chix pumping gas is always hot. (unless they are fatties)

  48. @45

    Hey you don’t play WOW for 4 years and not learn a thing or two about courage, so I’d STFU if I were you.

    So did you mean “lame ass, jockey” or “lame, ass jockey” ?

  49. Thanks Guy… I think…

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