Vanessa Hudgens and some girl hit the gym


Vanessa Hudgens and her “High School Musical” co-star Ashley Tisdale spent Saturday morning working out at the L.A. Fitness gym. Last time Vanessa hit the gym she had her dad and his trusty water bottle for protection from the paparazzi. But being with Ashley Tisdale does have its advantages: “Whoa, there’s Vanessa Hudgens! Snap a pic. But who’s that other chick? Ashley who? Has she ever taken scandalous photos of herself that ended up on the internet thus shedding her good girl Disney image and ultimately boosting her celebrity status? No? Lame. Let’s go take pictures of something exciting before we die of boredom. I think I saw some old people eating bagels across the street. Yeah, dude, with butter. I know, let’s roll.”

Photos:, Pacific Coast News