Vanessa Hudgens and some girl hit the gym

November 19th, 2007 // 41 Comments

Vanessa Hudgens and her “High School Musical” co-star Ashley Tisdale spent Saturday morning working out at the L.A. Fitness gym. Last time Vanessa hit the gym she had her dad and his trusty water bottle for protection from the paparazzi. But being with Ashley Tisdale does have its advantages: “Whoa, there’s Vanessa Hudgens! Snap a pic. But who’s that other chick? Ashley who? Has she ever taken scandalous photos of herself that ended up on the internet thus shedding her good girl Disney image and ultimately boosting her celebrity status? No? Lame. Let’s go take pictures of something exciting before we die of boredom. I think I saw some old people eating bagels across the street. Yeah, dude, with butter. I know, let’s roll.”

Photos:, Pacific Coast News

  1. First Time

    NIce ass!

  2. First Time

    NIce ass!

  3. lizzee

    She looks good and healthy!!! Recently, she was said to join in a millionaire dating site. I guess it may be meetrich, millionairematch? wealthymen?who cares. Charlie Sheen has found his perfect match at

  4. combustion8

    that “some girl” is much cuter than vanessa.

  5. First Time

    I was referring to the Porsche…and I was FIRST!

  6. sicasso

    she found that car at
    her ass at
    and her friend at

  7. veggi

    you can also find her at SHUT THE FUCK UP.COM

    just sayin……..

  8. Binky

    These celebs sure get thirsty.
    They seem to think they’re constantly trekking across the Sahara.

  9. veggi

    It’d be funny if it was “hit the bong” or “hit eachother”

    otherwise….b to the oring!!..

  10. c-mob

    I believe that the other girl with her Be the Sexy Ashley Tisdale….any takers on that?

  11. bb

    There’s nothing LESS INTERESTING as two stupid teenagers walking into a gym with bottles of water. Do you seriously have nothing else for us???? What’s Britney doing??? Oh wait…she’s not awake yet…damn it…

  12. alex

    i really have no desire to see pictures of high school girls on their way to practice running the mile for gym class

  13. It is pretty sad when the girl looks better fully clothed than she does naked.

  14. D. Richards (Slob. Racist.)

    Fuck Vanessa. She’s a skag. Plus, I couldn’t fuck a girl with a dad that looks like a homosexual bear. It would be like fucking him, through the daughter. Now, Ashely Tisdale. I’d enjoy giving Ash a spanking that would permanently scar her tanned and arrogant looking ass. Look at her. Ripe for the punishment. So ripe. Like a lemon, just ready to be beaten. Just ready to be abused. I’d scar her ass. I mean it. I’d spank-beat her so hard even her anus would be bruised.

  15. Ted from LA

    That’s very romantic.

  16. D. Richards (mother fucker)

    I only say those things because I have no penis.

  17. Pete

    “Oh my god did you hear what Jimmy said to Suzie at that party last night?!? Oh my god!”

    yeah they’re really interesting

  18. Ted, I am sure he makes his momma proud..

  19. Lame

    Ashley Tisdale has a man-face.

  20. Real Chad

    sicasso…hilarious. I agree with you too, veggi.

    D. Richards, I’d hardly call Vanessa Hudgens a skag. But , hey…opinions are like as$holes…everybody’s got one and they all stink. Anyway…

    If you can’t screw a girl with a butt ugly dad, I’m guessing that knocks you out of screwing >60% of the female population. But then again, if your approach to Ashley is any indication, I’m guessing that your right hand and a porno are your best friends anyway.

    Must be a really tough life for girls like Ashley (and Vanessa). Making all kinds of sick money for singing and pretending…I mean, acting…and owning a Porsche at what, 20? That must just suck, huh?

  21. BaconMessiah

    Ashley Tisdale sounds like the name of a new line of douches geared towards young women. Or a dating site for amputee’s.

  22. bob

    Ashley Tisdale is thousands of times hotter than than Vanessa could ever think of being.

  23. PunkA

    Both these girls have done nothing, and lack talent. High School Musical have such poor production value, it is frightening. An 8-year old with a camcorder could have done it. Both fade out in the next few years, unless they do some naked spreads to stay on the radar.

  24. D. Richards (Slob.)

    #20? What-a sense of humor on that guy! You are so serious. Isn’t he serious? He’s such a serious guy. And intense. Intense! So serious! So sensual. A real feeler. A good guy. A great guy! So serious! Ladies? Follow #20. He’s so nice. He’s so nice that he wouldn’t even fuck you.

    Look at her father, Johnny. They share almost the same saliva. You wanna fuck her father? Ugh! All I could imagine is his burly prison-face while slamming Vanessa’s pooper. Maybe you like that sort of thing.

    As for the other bitch. My calused hands would tear through her asscheeks like tofu.

  25. Jimbo (Fancy.)

    I just returned from getting my nails manicured and saw what Dick Richards wrote. God, he is so rude. And senseless. Just disgusting. I mean a guy that talks so much should just go and get fucked. Literally. Teddy, don’t you agree? We should both just fuck his ass ’til it’s rimless!

    I was telling “Kim” (the Asian gentleman that does my hair) about Dick. Kim told me that I should pull my soap-box out of the closet (no pun intended) and “take-it” to the streets, girl! That’s what I’m doing. No more of this madness. I’m putting an end to Dick. Well, the name! Lord knows I can’t give up my meat.

  26. D. Richards (Hands.)

    @20? “Chad” (teehee). What’s the point of the dollar sign in the middle of the word “asshole”? Are you trying to insinuate Something? Are you an anal call-boy? Shaven? No, you’re just clever. That’s it!

  27. Bebe

    The girl that’s with Vanessa Hudgens is Ashely Tisdale. Fucking Cutie! Vanessa Hudgens lost her appeal! She has her moments! But Ashely Tisdale…..a Fucking Goddess!

  28. Sir Michaelus Finch, Esq.

    It’s funny because they said “let’s roll” in regards to bagels.

  29. Real Chad

    Lame and Bob are pretty much right. Ashley has a strangely masculine face:

    Its probably no wonder why D. Richards fantasizes about anally abuse her. Oh…speaking of D…

    Hey D, I must have really touched a nerve there with you, huh? I’m just a tad bit nicer and not nearly as vulgar as your monkey ass, which is why I used the “$” in the middle. Why don’t you go beat your meat and wear off some of that tension? Or better yet, go out in public and meet with actual people instead of staying in your mother’s basement and talking to your pet cockroaches.

    Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!

  30. another great comment by me


  31. Desperate


  32. She is more than hot . Her nude profile and some of her nice nude photos were found on a nudist date site named . I was curious why she was there . Is she a nudist ? Anyone can advise ?

  33. NOIR

    I think the nude photo thang was her real way into over exposure.before then i didn’t know who in the hell Vanessa was.but it’s pointless.:P

  34. Dick Richards (Father.)

    #31? My little-boy? You don’t posess the honestly to “touch” a “nerve” in me, sugar. Who the fuck says that besides thirty-five year old used-cunt housewives anyways? “Touch a nerve”? Now, I don’t wanna get too personal, but, you don’t ever fantasize about fucking women, Chadrey? That’s kind of strange. I mean, surely you.. I get it. You like boys. It’s cool. Now I understand the name. And the heart. “Real”!

    P.S. Your phrasing sucks. No movement. You’re very stale. Maybe you should try again?

  35. The Real D. Richards

    I’ll tell you guys a secret.

    I have no penis and 1 ball. I look like a twinkie down there.

    P.S. I spend all my time giving people a hard time cause i’m an e-toughguy. I don’t mean to be. It just sucks workding all day as a professional fluffer. One can only take but so much cock ya know.

  36. D. Richards (Slob.)

    #37? Who you taking-up for? And why don’t you give-a real name? Oh, and yeah. Hilarious. What you did. You pretended to be me. See. You turned this whole thing upside down! What a twist! Amazing. What you did. Genius?

    You wanna know how I know it wasn’t really me? I’ll tell you. Not enough wit. Plain. Simple.

  37. Real Chad

    D, Dick, whomever you are…your line #36 was a decent comeback, but I’m not the one that is stale here. You are the stinky one past your expiration date and it seems many other commentors in this post have the same opinion that I have.

    That being said, I am bored with the exchange because there is nothing more of substance here…you might even call it…Superficial.

  38. jason

    u know its fkn funny 2 read ur smart ass comments.
    I wonder how long u spent thinking them up?

    All i know is that nessa is $$fkn$$ hot
    If u don’t agree u have no dick


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